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Augmented Reality Solutions Companies They are product vendors that focus on augmented reality and facilitate the business relationship with customers through turnkey immersive solutions or custom application development. Social media, insurance, healthcare, and even auto and manufacturing brands can now integrate or build AR-enabled products that simplify internal initiatives such as employee training and external activities such as marketing campaigns.

When it comes to enabling an existing business solution or developing a new one, finding a reliable partner often becomes a complex process. If this addresses your current pain point, keep reading the full blog post to find out the top 4 best-in-class augmented reality companies and market leaders that dominate the current landscape of augmented reality solutions.

4 Market Leaders for Augmented Reality Solutions to Contract in 2022


Banoba Limited It is among the game-changing augmented reality solutions companies that were founded in 2016 to change the way companies meet the needs of their customers with products focused on augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

The seller has already filed >27 technology patents, secured over $18 million in funding, and assembled a team of more than 150 mid- and high-level professionals. Backed by these facts, the brand has launched multiple technology solutions with augmented reality in mind, including:

  • Face AR SDK
  • Video Editor SDK
  • web
  • Beauty AR SDK
  • Virtual experience
  • Augmented reality video conferencing
  • and others.

Banuba Face AR SDK

Face AR SDK is a prepackaged, unit-oriented software development kit designed to enable existing or launched mobile, web, and desktop applications through seamless integration. Trusted by Gucci, Meta and Samsung, the product has evolved and currently offers advanced functionality, including:

  • 1000+ filters and face effects ready for augmented reality
  • Real-time experience of face wear
  • virtual reality makeup
  • Features of changing hair and eye color
  • Augmented Reality Touch Capabilities
  • Background removal
  • SFX and Audio Equalizer
  • Face tracking and segmentation techniques
  • Filter editor + scripting
  • Sample filters and documentation.

Customers are using Face AR SDK

Gucci, Mita, Samsung, BermudaAnd the YogaAnd the MNFSTand Tango are the core companies at the enterprise level and SME level that have integrated Banuba’s AR-enabled solutions to deliver AR-based experiences for both internal users and external customers.

Facing AR SDK Prices

Banuba offers a 14-day free trial that allows you to test the product’s features from the inside out with all the premium features. Once you are all set, the price depends on the number of operating systems, users, features, etc.

Video Editor SDK

Video Editor SDK is all about facilitating mobile-based applications with pre-built AR features for video editing. It’s a must-have solution for brands aiming to speed up and simplify the creation of TikTok-like short video content, unleash the creativity of creators, and empower video content-based apps with advanced features.

The SDK is also based on the integration model, which is rising very rapidly in the marketing period and enables brands to stop spending fortunes on developing custom apps.

The augmented reality product facilitates many business sectors such as live broadcasting, social media, video conferencing and chatting, and even educational fields. Real-time video effects and post-processing, AI-powered 3D face masks and masks, animated backgrounds, and multiple top-notch filters make it real for brands to grow user-generated content, increase user engagement, and increase in-app purchases (if any). ) and revenue.

Banuba Video Editor SDK features include but are not limited to:

  • Real-time 3D effects and mask overlays
  • A must have video filters
  • Gif and text overlays
  • Time effects (slow and fast)
  • audio editor
  • Slideshows and Stories
  • Video export.

What brands adhere to the Video Editor SDK

shangariAnd the WetJalsa and PlayU are world famous brands that adopt Video Editor SDK on daily basis.


Atheer is an all-in-one augmented reality solutions company serving a purpose in the automotive, manufacturing, mining, front-line and even aerospace businesses looking for game-changing capabilities. Founded in 2012, the seller launched several premium augmented reality-enabled products that facilitated the needs of Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche and IAG by training internal staff and AI-based analytics along with external marketing activities.

Furthermore, Atheer launched the Atheer platform – a leading interactive technology platform designed for frontline workers and teams. Powered by augmented reality, it advances supply chain management processes from the ground up with remote assistance solutions that deliver time-efficient, hardware-independent automation capabilities.

The leading core functional modules of the product include:

  • Virtual collaboration in real time
  • Device neutral approach
  • Central Asset Management
  • Performance and predictive analytics
  • Augmented Reality Video Help
  • Enhanced workflows for front line operations
  • Remote assistance for in-house specialists.

Magic Lip

Founded in 2010, Magic Leap is a leading augmented reality solutions company established to solve the requirements of healthcare, defense, and manufacturing organizations. Backed by $3.5 billion in funding, the provider launched an unprecedented solution focused on augmented reality and hardware to facilitate the way companies visualize and access data through immersive experiences.

This means that brands no longer need to spend fortunes on multiple third-party tools or develop custom apps because augmented reality technology will do the heavy lifting. Mobile-based computing and dynamic dimming solutions enable vendor optics to deliver best-in-class quality content.

For example, Magic Leap has revolutionized the way Taqtile, a progressive augmented reality-enabled platform, has approached in-house front-line team training. Augmented reality capabilities combined with expert automation algorithms now allow experts to adopt AR headsets to create interactive 2D and 3D content in real time and use it to train trainees.

Full immersion training sessions help professionals guide their employees through an interactive learning experience by adopting pre-recorded learning videos and informative real-time feedback with interaction capabilities to learn more in one place.

spinning tale

Talespin is an unconventional XR-based and augmented virtual reality solutions company founded in 2015 to help brands improve workforce transformations. The seller launched an earlier Talespin platform which includes 3 far-reaching components: CoPilot Designer, Dashboard and Propel.

Each module helps customers create avatar-only virtual content to prepare realistic digital scenarios, manage produced content, analyze skills in an AI-driven way, and create simulated experiences on the go.

Many leadership, insurance, and healthcare organizations such as USAA, PWC, and Nestle have already embraced the provider platform, helping them save their fortunes when developing custom applications and reap the benefits as quickly as possible.

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The augmented reality corporate landscape is booming, which makes it a real hassle for businesses to choose a reliable technology partner. Most of the AR-powered startups and providers offer complementary pioneering products that meet the brief of ever-changing challenges in multiple areas such as healthcare, automotive, entertainment, social media and many more.

Take advantage of our list of the top 4 augmented reality solutions companies to learn about market leaders, their solutions, pros, and cons.

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