Aaron Carter’s tragic last words to best friend before death and unusual moves are revealed

Aaron Carter’s close friend and manager has revealed the former child star’s touching last words before his death – and how he tried to save him from the vicious cycle of drug addiction.

Melancholic Taylor Helgson, who was also a collaborator with the pop star, says he was “scared” because he saw the artist derailed again after years of fighting with Substance abuse issues.

Taylor Helgeson, Aaron Carter's close friend and manager, has opened up about his death


Taylor Helgeson, Aaron Carter’s close friend and manager, has opened up about his deathCredit: Taylor Helgson
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Singer and Taylor “Lakeside Louie” Helgeson at Flamingo Las Vegas in 2017credit: Getty

Despite focusing on new music in the days and even hours before it his deathHe says Aaron34, was still living in denial of his drug use and behavior.

I want Candy Singer, who is already He claimed to have suffered more than 100 epileptic seizures from inhaling the aerosolHe was found tragically dead in the bathtub of his home in Lancaster, California On November 5.

Aaron’s final hours saw a text for Taylor about his enthusiasm to create a new album, with a plan to record the tracks next week in Los Angeles With producers who were traveling from Denmark.

In his first exclusive interview with The US Sun, Taylor said, “He was so excited, he was so upbeat. It’s been a few years since we released Love, and he felt ready to make another one.”

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The family believes that Aaron Carter's death

“I got these amazing producers from Denmark to travel to produce his album and it was the first time in a while that I had seen him so excited. He had more [to give]And he did not resign.

“Last night, he texted me and said, ‘Brother, these songs are great.'” And I said, “I know, I can’t wait for you to score it.” And he said, “I promise, this is our best job yet.”

“He was really upbeat and felt like he was dealing with a lot of problems, but he felt he could handle them.

“This album was his everything. He was going to take responsibility, and he felt that would be the best way to do it.”

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AaronThe last text conversation with Taylor, full of hope about the future, was around 6.32pm on Friday, November 4.

The star sent a message saying “Check in!” Whose friend asked him “Hi, how are you?”

Helgeson said:[He replied] I just got home. I was in Los Angeles, everything is fine. Things are getting better. And I said: I know that.

“He said, ‘Holy s***! New album, what’s that f***? That’s definitely a Grammy!” And I said, ‘Yes, and you deserve it.’ And he said, ‘Huge! Our best work yet.” And that was 6.32pm.

“We don’t know what happened. We know he called me.

“I was on a plane, and he called my friend, and his friend too, and told him to come home to record some music, and start tracing those sounds, and from what I heard it was about 9:30 in the evening.

“But he never got home.”

Although he seemed happy to record, Taylor admitted that he had been anxious in the weeks leading up to his death because he missed concerts and live meetings.

“Aaron was a huge fan of the Queen, and lived by this saying, ‘The show must go on.'” He told The US Sun he wouldn’t miss a show for anything if he could help it.

Deans is seen outside Aaron's home in Lancaster after his housekeeper finds him tragically dead in the sink.


Deans is seen outside Aaron’s home in Lancaster after his housekeeper finds him tragically dead in the sink.Credit: Katie Forrester for US Sun
The pair were close for years and wrote together before Taylor, 31, began working with the singer


The pair were close for years and wrote together before Taylor, 31, began working with the singerCredit: Taylor Helgson

“In the past few weeks, he’s missed some things, and that was unfamiliar to him, and I was upset.”

Taylor tragically admits that the pair have been somewhat “at odds” in his later days, with Aaron refusing to admit fans have seen him “hear” on camera while Live broadcast on social media.

When confronted by his stunned manager over the phone, the star refused that he was using it again, saying it was “not real.”

His close friend decided to give the singer the silent treatment as a “wake-up call” to show his annoyance and anger, which had been at work in the past.

Taylor admitted, “It’s very hard to explain. It was complicated and tough, and so was I.

“If I don’t answer the phone for two days, I’ll get thirty calls and ask ‘What’s wrong? what is wrong? what can I do? Not many friends do that.

“We were talking several times a day, and I would feel it if I didn’t respond to him [then] He would understand how seriously he took these things. I felt, if you just keep replying and keep doing it, you’re going to keep getting a pass for yourself.

“So in the last two days, after that conversation, in particular, it was the first time we had talked like four days because I was so upset.

Hufeng video

“It was the last time we went back and forth, but he texted me a few times after that, and I left him because I was upset, and I was afraid for him, and I just wanted him to feel like it was real, you know?

“As upsetting as it is to admit, we were… I wouldn’t say we were fighting, but I can say I’ve been at odds with him for the past days and weeks.”

Taylor sadly revealed that Aaron viewed his attempts to get him to focus on hygiene as a “game” and although he has been open about smoking cannabis, he has been secretly taking other drugs.

“That was what was kind of confusing, the lie that was being questioned [the huffing video] You know, everyone went crazy, when they thought he was doing things – that was totally crazy to me.

“I called him, and he told me the same thing he said to everyone—it wasn’t real. And I say, ‘Dude, come on man, stop it, be real.'”

“I had strong fears about what he might or might not do, but I was never able to prove it. I could never come to him strong enough, ‘What are you doing?'” “


His manager recalls: “I told him I was afraid for him and he texted me and said, ‘Don’t be afraid, I’ll always be here. Do not worry about me “.

“I can’t help you,” Taylor replied, but Aaron insisted he was fine.

The star allegedly acted lucidly, professionally, and “knowledgeable” after his episodes, which meant that intervention was difficult.

Taylor, along with Aaron’s PR team, set up the rehab center with addiction counselor Brenden Borroman, who co-founded Substance Abuse Treatment Center of Utah ReBoot – But the star continued to procrastinate.

I told him I was afraid for him and he texted me and said, “Don’t be afraid, I’ll always be here.”

Taylor Helgson

His manager admitted, “I know enough to know that you can’t stop an addict.”

“You can help by trying to show them what’s going on and you can try to take care of them, but you can’t force anyone to do anything.

“That doesn’t mean I don’t back down in my head and sometimes.

“I mean, I don’t know what people expect of us. To hook it up? I’d be lying if I didn’t say that, maybe at this point I hope we do — but it’s not reality.”

“Aaron was a grown man who took matters into his own hands the way he chose, and no matter what we wanted, we couldn’t force anything.

The struggle for custody

“Aaron had this aversion to being a child,” Helgeson explained. “It was one of his pet’s biggest annoyances if you will. I think it came from his childhood that he lived a life that was kind of meant for him.”

His powerful interview offers the first insight into the mentality of the troubled singer-songwriter in his later days.

Taylor, 31, refuses to speculate on the cause of his friend’s death until the autopsy report is released, but insists Aaron was not suicidal.

TMZ law enforcement sources said that Air cans were found in the housealong with prescribed medications.

Aside from his open battles with mental illness, anxiety, and addiction, the singer tormented He loses custody of his 11-month-old son Prince earlier this year.

“The losing trusteeship part…was really big. He was injured but it wasn’t hopeless,” his friend said.

“All he wanted was a child. He wanted a child and he wanted a wife. He wanted a normal life, and that was his dream. That was what he always talked about, but it wasn’t true.”

He told his aides that his life revolved around rebuilding his family and getting his son back before focusing on rehabilitation.

‘Devouring the white for his addiction’

“He felt that was the priority, and that he would get to that when the time came,” Taylor revealed wistfully.

“He was telling me that once that was done, as soon as we figured out what was going to happen with Prince, I’d take care of that. You could basically tell he was holding on to the white thing.”

On top of custody issues, Aaron was hoping to heal his relationship with him Ex-fiancé Melanie MartinAfter months of disturbing accusations and fiery arguments.

Taylor also spoke of his deep love and affection for his backer Aaron, who bet his songwriting skills years ago when they first became friends.

After a friend hooked them up, they spent two hours in a car before the star hired him to write music for his love album.

Helgeson, who left Minnesota For Los Angeles in 2011 to pursue a career in music, Carter admits he was his “guru” in the industry and the two became friends during a time he felt defeated.

Three years ago, his friend built a management company that the star eventually hired eight months ago.

magic like a child

Taylor, who was nicknamed “Louis” by Aaron, had a weird “baby-like” sense of humor, even laughing at his friend crashing a new $100,000 car after he loaned it to him.

Not only did Aaron stand up for his friend by fighting to write credits on his music with Sony Records, but he also took him on tours as a solo supporting act.

He described the troubled star as having a good sense of humor for a while and a “courageous outlook on life”.

Taylor recalls, “He was one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. He had no limits. He loved to have fun with others.”

“It was strange and his perception was different because he had seen so much. He had an appreciation for life like a child.

“He loved to see people happy. He had a fit like no other. He was. 34 years old doing backflips on the drum on stage – who does that anymore?”

He also said that Aaron loves candy, which his most famous song centered around, saying he would eat “sh**tons of it” which is why he has so many dental problems.

“If you walked into his house and opened the pantry, it would look like the home of a 10-year-old if he had a million dollars.

“He was going shopping and wouldn’t come back with anything but candy and milk – thousands of dollars.

“That was part of his charm. His inner child was very much alive.”

Aaron and his manager with NSYNC's Lance Bass together in a social media photo


Aaron and his manager with NSYNC’s Lance Bass together in a social media photoCredit: Taylor Helgson
Aaron Carter vowed to get custody of his baby son again in the star's heartbreaking last interview by


Aaron Carter vowed to get custody of his baby son again in the star’s heartbreaking last interview byCredit: INSTAGRAM / aaroncarter

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