“And Then… Glenn,” New Bedford Children’s Book To Be Published

New Bedford – There’s a herring gull named Glenn who flies around the whaling town, and he’s about to make his debut in an upcoming children’s book.

“New Bedford has so much history, so much future, and so much to offer as an artist,” said Margo Connolly-Mason, author of And Then… Glen.

The children’s book is about following the feathered citizen into downtown in hopes of catching him causing a nuisance in the city. Instead, society embraces him and makes people laugh with his wit and charm.

“It’s just about exploring the places where he lives,” said Connolly-Mason. “We realize that he belongs here as much as anyone else—how the city belongs to everyone here.”

Margo Connolly Mason pulls out some of the final pages she's illustrated for a children's book she claims to be writing

Respecting the seagulls of New Bedford is one of the many priorities of the New Bedford Wheeling National Historical Park. In July 2021, the park Signs have been posted asking drivers to watch out for little seagulls on the street.

“People just fly out of here!” said Jennifer Smith, superintendent New Bedford Wheeling National Historical Park In the previous Standard Times Article. “I felt there were a lot of little seagulls around and we needed to look for them.”

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