Another arbitration avoided: New Jersey Devils Re-Sign Miles Wood to 1 Season at $3.2 Million

The New Jersey Devils Three arbitration sessions were scheduled for August. In order to avoid a hearing, a contract must be agreed between the player and the team. Tice Thompson, whose hearing was scheduled for August 11, was Re-sign NHL minimum two-season deal On August 2nd. Jesper Pratt, whose hearing was scheduled for August 3, was It was re-signed right before the August 3 hearing for one season for $5.45 million. The last remaining judging session on Miles Wood’s schedule was on August 6. Not the opposite. Now this hearing does not happen. Demons announced this evening that Miles Wood and the team agreed to a one season total of $3.2 million.

I figured the team refereeing was a way for the Devils to defend a lower contract next season. Wood made $3.5 million in salary last season. With team-elected arbitration, the arbitrator can award a deal worth 85% of that. He ended up taking less anyway out of court. Not a lot of savings, which is guaranteed given that Wood was injured all last season and only appeared in 3 games. It remains to be seen if Wood is healthy and can return to his previous level of performance. Obviously, this is not a contract based on last season but on past seasons. However, it is a huge amount of money for a third / fourth line wing.

It could be argued that Wood’s peak season was in the 2021 season that has been cut short for the pandemic. In 55 matches, Wood scored 17 goals and 25 points. If he was able to maintain that rate of appearance and production over a full season of 82 games, that would be 81 games, 25 goals and 37 points. It could have been a career year for the ward. His rates on the ice in 2021 weren’t good but not that bad, according to the natural stats trick. Definitely better than the terrible 2019-20 season, but he’s behind his 2017-18 campaign. Numbers 5 out of 5 are more important to Wood because they The work of his own teams is often a secondary role in the power game He can fill in as needed if players are not available. But he was never chosen to be in a higher unit unless it was necessary.

The issues with Wood are evident from the way he plays the game and how he is used. His equal ice time in each game was in the 11 to 13 minute range. Wood was and still is a sixth-place player. Wood is quick at chasing pucks, so much so that his streak often deflates the puck in the rear to get him to chase after her. Wood isn’t too quick when he turns and checks back, although he’s made a more consistent effort in recent seasons to at least get into the Demons’ Territory. Wood 6’2″ and 195 lbs Call Draw (which it does, 44 in second place over the past three seasons He missed nearly 2021-22 and was tough; Although this also means that it takes its fair share of calls (37 total penalty kicks, the third most over the past three seasonsAnd toughness is one of those things that people like to talk about as important but no one in the NHL actually treats as important. (See: Mason Geertsen.) The wood fires the disc slightly; But it tends to shoot from anywhere when attacking rather than looking for a better location or position to shoot. Given that he’s 26 years old, Wood is unlikely to change. Given that he’s actually coming out of hip surgery, there are real questions about whether he can play the way he did. This does not mean that the wood is peeled; More than a limited player. That’s the kind of player you put in the third or fourth line and that’s exactly how the Devils have used him since breaking into the NHL. And they will continue to use it that way.

Miles Wood and the Demons avoid arbitration and that’s a good thing. Wood seems to be loved by demons and that’s fine. It’s a one-season contract, so if Wood falters, he can be left as a loser in the free market. However, this is a lot of money for a guy who will only be in the bottom six. They gave him $3.2 million for 2022-23 to see if he still has it at age 27 (his birthday is September 13), after hip surgery and, ideally, repeat the 2021 season. If not, it can be dealt with him or leave him to go to the market. We’ll see how this bet plays.

As for the cover, the demons are about to come out right now. Friendly Cap It has Devils at $73,735 in cap space now. Of course, that’s with Jonathan Bernier not in the injured reserve for long. If it is true that he is unable to play, he can be placed on LTIR and this will allow the use of $4.125 million. This is more than enough to take care of Fabian Zetterlund and leave some space for summons and possibly an unexpected move to appear. And that’s pretty much it for the Devils in this off-season: sign Zetterlund and get ready for training camp and pre-season.

I think there is another option: takeover. A second purchase window now opens for Demons with all of their arbitration cases settled. This can also provide relief for the cap. It isn’t used much, but we’ll see.

What do you think of this new deal for Wood? Do you think Wood will live up to $3.2 million for a 2022-23 deal? Do you think Wood will be a demon by May 2023? When do you think Zetterlund will be settled? Please leave your answers and other thoughts on this signature for Wood. thank you for reading.

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