In addition to his outline iPhone 15 lineup predictions Today, technology analyst Jeff Bowe said that Apple will likely launch two high-profile products in 2024, including the first Apple Watch with a small LED display and low-priced AirPods.

Apple Watch Ultra 1 1
In a research note for Hong Kong investment firm Haitong International Securities, Bo said the new high-end Apple Watch will likely adopt a small 2.1-inch LED display measured diagonally, which will allow for increased brightness compared to current Apple Watch models with OLED screens. This model is supposed to be a new version of the Apple Watch Ultra, which was launched last September and has a 1.92-inch screen.

Pu has referred to his lower-priced AirPods as “AirPods Lite,” but it’s unlikely that Apple will actually use that branding. He said that the prices of these AirPods will be lower to compete with wireless headphones from other companies, but he did not disclose any other details. Currently, the $129 second-generation AirPods are Apple’s cheapest option.

Pu has a mixed track record in terms of predicting Apple’s future plans, and these AirPods and Apple Watch details have never been rumored before, so this information isn’t confirmed yet. Apple’s product plans for 2024 could also change over time.

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