Appointment of Emma Radokano as Russia’s coach will increase scrutiny | Emma Radukano

FOr most of the past few months, like Emma Radukano Traveling the world without a permanent coach and assuring everyone who asked that she could succeed with complete control of her destiny, her decisions were the subject of intense and constant attention. She may have addressed those concerns by now, but there will be no end to rummaging through her options.

Radokano this week enlisted the coaching talents of former ATP Top 20 player Dmitriy Tursunov on trial before the North American hard-court swing and her US Open title defense. Tursunov’s recruitment led to significant criticism of her decision to act on Russia’s side as the invasion of Ukraine continued.

It’s yet another example of the intense scrutiny that has surrounded Radocano’s every move since her US Open victory. If she had a chance to pursue her accomplishment and sustain a successful career, she would need to block it entirely.

Raducanu counts politicians among those who keep an eye on her. Labor MP Chris Bryant told The Telegraph: “The Kremlin will portray this as a PR coup and a signal that the UK doesn’t really care about the war in Ukraine, so it would be a real shame if Emma goes ahead with this.”

Three weeks ago, despite Wimbledon’s efforts to prevent Russian and Belarusian players from competing in the event, the decision led to heavy fines from the WTA and Legal Appeals In response, the tournament ended with a Russian-born player residing in Moscow winning the women’s singles title.

Dmitriy Tursunov
Dmitry Tursunov successfully coached Arina Sabalenka and Annette Kontaveit. Photo: NurPhoto / Getty Images

despite of The success of Elena Rybakina While the representation of Kazakhstan is a damning indictment of the Russian tennis system’s failure, Wimbledon has found itself at the mercy of the Russian propaganda that it has sought to avoid. “Well done Rybakina. “We won Wimbledon,” Shamil Tarbyshev said, disgraceful president From the Russian Tennis Federation.

It should have been a lesson for everyone. There are few things that Russian propaganda cannot twist to fit their narrative. In this case, an ordinary citizen who hires the private services of an independent Russian contractor, with the slightest hope of improving her career, should not be a cause for such anger or controversy.

What is clear is that Raducanu suffered a grueling first full season on the WTA Tour, with a string of injuries including a side strain that spoiled most of her grasscourt season. She’s won nine and lost 12 games this year, and now faces the pressure and difficulty of Grand Slam defense.

While heading to the United States, Raducanu chose a coach with a proven track record for testing. Tursunov achieved remarkable success in his short training period. In his first high-profile pairing, with Aryna Sabalenka in 2018, he led the Belarusian from the world rankings 45 to ninth before they split up at the end of the following year.

Tursunov last season had an even more impressive feat with Estonia’s Anett Kontaveit, taking her from 29th to the highest level of her career at the time of their split after last month’s French Open. Their partnership began with an astonishing run of 28 wins and two defeats at the end of last year, including four titles.

The reason for their separation should have been more important to Raducanu: Tursunov was often unable to travel with Kontaveit during the last months together due to visa problems.

As a player, Tursunov was popular and known for speaking out in interviews. Last November he presented His frank stance About Raducanu Training Status. “If someone from her team called me now and asked if I wanted to coach her, I would shiver with fear because you don’t know when she’s going to be fired,” he said. Finally, before the call.

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