At Global South Voice Summit, PM Modi gives mantra ‘Response, Recognize, Respect, Reform’

In his opening remarks at the Voice of the Global South summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Thursday that “the world is in a state of crisis” and told leaders of developing countries that “your voice is India’s voice” and “your priorities are India’s priorities”. .

Addressing the first session of the two-day special virtual summit, the Global South Voice Summit, which kicked off on Thursday, Prime Minister Modi said, “We, the Global South, have the greatest stakes ahead. Most of the global challenges are not created by the Global South. But they affect us.” more “.

“India has always shared its development experience with our brothers in the Global South. As India begins its G20 Presidency this year, it is only natural that our aim is to amplify the voice of the Global South.”

Prime Minister Modi also gave his mantra to deal with the challenges of the global south. “To reinvigorate the world, we must advocate together for a global agenda of responsiveness, recognition, respect, and reform,” he said.

Prime Minister Modi said countries need to respond to the priorities of the global south, recognize the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities, respect international law and territorial sovereignty, and reform international institutions including the United Nations.

He also referred to the issue of food, fuel and fertilizer shortages, attributing it to war, conflict, political tension and the effects of Corona Virus pandemic.

Under the slogan “Unity of Voice, Unity of Purpose”, the “Global South Voice Summit” envisages bringing together the countries of the Global South to exchange their views and priorities on a common platform. More than 120 countries are invited to participate in this summit.

The Global South refers to the developing and least developed countries of the world.

The officials said that India will work to ensure that the valuable inputs generated from the partner countries in the deliberations of the Global Voice of the South Summit receive due attention globally. They added that India’s current G20 presidency provides a special and powerful opportunity for those countries that are not part of the G20 process to share their ideas and expectations from the G20.

Officials said this was in line with Prime Minister Modi’s statement that India’s G20 presidency would be formed in consultation not only with partner countries, but also with fellow travelers in the Global South, whose voices are often not heard.

The summit envisages holding 10 sessions – 4 to be held on January 12 and six sessions to be held on January 13. Each session is expected to witness the participation of leaders and ministers from 10 to 20 countries.

Opening and closing sessions at Head of State/Government level, hosted by Prime Minister Modi. The theme for the opening session for leaders is “Voice of the Global South – for People-Centered Development” and the theme for the closing session for leaders is “Unity of Voice – Unity of Purpose”.

In addition, eight ministerial sessions will be held, dealing with the following topics:

  • Finance Ministers Session on “Financing Human-Centered Development”
  • Environment Ministers Session on “Balancing Growth with Green Lifestyles (LiFE)”
  • Foreign Ministers Session on “Priorities of the Global South – Ensuring an Enabling Environment”
  • Energy Ministers Session on “Energy Security and Development – A Roadmap to Prosperity”
  • Health Ministers session on “Cooperation to build resilient healthcare systems”
  • Education Ministers Session on “Human Resources Development and Capacity Building”
  • Trade and Trade Ministers Session on “Developing Synergies in Countries of the South – Trade, Technology, Tourism and Resources”
  • Foreign Ministers Session on “G-20: Proposals for India’s Presidency”

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