Tom Brady doesn’t look very happy these days

Tecmo Bowl games in Tom Bradyfirst apartment In Massachusetts they used to get so fierce and competitive that the loser would have to sneak naked through the flat of the quad. Brady himself has suffered this punishment at least once, running naked through the cold northeastern night among slices of pizza, cans of beer, and … Read more

Landowners urge Environment Minister to commit to reformulating pledges | Rebuilding

president natural england The head of England’s largest landowners’ organisation, is due to meet the new environment minister to urge him not to give up or ease up on rebuilding schemes. Tony Juniper, who will meet with Ranil Jayawardena with CLA President Mark Tofnell on Tuesday, noted that swaths of prime land were being used … Read more

Einstein’s mental-bending theory of relativity passed another huge test

What is happening Scientists have sent a satellite into space to meticulously test Einstein’s weak equivalence principle. why does it matter The weak equivalence principle is an integral part of general relativity, so these test results provide further support for the fundamental theory of our universe. In 1916, Albert Einstein dared to state that Isaac … Read more

Eli-Cel from Bluebird Gets Expedited Approval for Boys with CALD

Credit: Highstars Photography/Getty Images Only a month after their arrest Zynteglo approved for the treatment of beta thalassemiaBluebird SKYSONA (elivaldogene autotemcel), also known as eli-cel, has received rapid approval from the Food and Drug Administration. The company says the drug slows the progression of neurological dysfunction in boys ages 4 to 17 who have early … Read more

Wildlife biologist saves wildlife from San Antonio airports

Wildlife biologist Marcus Macheimel was off duty when he got a strange call. “Bring your net,” said an American Airlines representative. “Little Monkey Lodge – You have to get up here!” A rhesus macaque named Dawkins was running out in the non-public baggage claim area at San Antonio International Airport. The president was on his … Read more

New Report: Current State Policies Fail Michigan Schools and Rural Communities Today

David Arsen, Professor of Education Policy and Educational Administration from Kindergarten to End of Secondary Education a new report of Michigan State University found that Michigan education policy reforms over the past two decades have largely ignored rural schools, and thus failed to support needed community development. The three-year study asked supervisors in 25 rural … Read more