Sports Story Review – Over Average

Developer Sidebar Games’ sophomore effort, Sports Story, builds on previous golf-focused RPG successes by adding more sports to take part in and additional considerations for the golf experience. However, these efforts veer away from the path that made Golf Story as special as it is, creating an experience that often suffocates under the weight of … Read more

Serena Williams was baptized as a Jehovah’s Witness

23-time world champion Serena Williams was baptized Sunday as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, in a historic moment for the tennis great who recently retired. The baptism took place at the Society of Jehovah’s Witnesses in West Palm Beach, Florida. Williams, 41 years old He was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness by her family. For starters, … Read more

Damar Hamlin’s collapse sparks NASCAR concerns, chili bowl cheerleader, Lightning Strikes Dale Jr. team. Suarez Birthday – OutKick

The NFL regular season is over, college football has wrapped up tonight, and I spent eight hours yesterday watching a NASCAR Daytona 500 commercial every five minutes on FOX. This, folks, is when you know racing season is almost here. But, of course, not here yet. We still have a few Mixed drink remaining out … Read more

The latest Qualcomm Snapdragon firmware flaws need attention

A security company leads the coordinated disclosure of multiple high-risk vulnerabilities at Qualcomm snapdragon Slices. Vulnerabilities have been identified in the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) firmware reference code and their impact on laptops and ARM-based devices using Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets, According to Binarly Research. Qualcomm revealed the vulnerabilities on January 5, with links to … Read more

Artificial intelligence will be critical to the growth of renewable energy

The digitization of oil and gas has been well documented, with almost all energy companies relying on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other innovative technologies to improve their operations. But what role does artificial intelligence play in renewables? Just like in oil and gas, AI is being adopted for use in wind, solar, and other … Read more

DOE: $56 Million for Training Courses to Support Historically Underrepresented Groups and Institutions HPC News Analysis

January 9, 2023 – Today, the United States Department of Energy (DOE) announced $56 million to provide research opportunities to underrepresented groups and institutions in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. Funding, through the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy’s Access to a New Energy Science Workforce (RENEW) initiative, will support training, mentorship, and … Read more

Demar Hamlin released from Cincinnati hospital ‘neurologically intact’

Hamelin’s devastation He was released from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and returned home to Buffalo after spending a week in intensive care. Hamlin was taken to Buffalo General Medical Center, where, according to his doctors, he will continue his recovery. Doctors at the University of California Medical Center made the announcement Monday, saying … Read more

Whipping, battery and sexual assault: The new lawsuit against Mexican pop singers Gloria Trevi and Sergio Andrade | United States of America

Mexican pop singer Gloria Trevi is facing a new child abuse civil lawsuit in the US, along with her former partner, producer Sergio Andrade and choreographer. The accusations are not new. In 2014, a Mexican judge acquitted Trevi of rape, kidnapping and corruption of minors. After four years in pre-trial detention, Andrade was found guilty … Read more

Global connections inspired the Minnesota small business owner to write a book

Gail Shore, who rose from reservation agent to director of sales and communications for Northwest Airlines, left corporate life to start her own communications practice 33 years ago. Eventually, I also started a small non-profit organization that makes the world a little better. She traveled extensively during her northwest years. Her business, Shore to Shore … Read more