Big man Johnny Broome transferred “totally belongs” to Auburn

Auburn, Alabama – as was the case with KD Johnson In Georgia in 2021, Bruce Pearl He was well acquainted with one of the transfer gate’s best players, thanks to Auburn’s match against him.

Pearl called Moorhead state Johnny Broome The top goal on the Tigers board this off season, Auburn got to see his abilities first-hand at last year’s season opener. Confrontation Walker Kessler In the central position, Broome, at 6 feet 10 and 235 pounds, was the “big focus” of the Auburn Scouts report.

“He’s very skilled,” Kessler, who is now in the NBA with the Utah Jazz, said, speaking to reports about Broome before Auburn practice. “Going into that game and just understanding how great he is and his skill. A banger, good touch about the rim, a left.”

“He will do great things for Auburn.”

Auburn’s only transfer this season, Kessler’s immediate replacement Broome is expected to be fifth this season. He has been on campus all summer and will be speaking with his new colleagues for the first time this week during Auburn’s overseas tour of Israel.

“The tempo is so much faster, the match is so much faster,” Broome told reporters on Thursday before Auburn’s practice. “More physical. I would say that the most important thing is only the level of communication. There is a lot of talk. You have to talk about each possession, for yourself and your teammates. And Bruce and guys, we’re just creating a family atmosphere. Everyone gets along. All coaching staff is engaged and energetic. They bring energy every day.”

Broome, the best defensive player in the Ohio Valley Conference last season, averaged 16.8 points, 10.5 rebounds, and 3.9 blocks per game. He finished the season with 23 doubles and shot 55.5% from the ground.

His block clip was in Game 3 of college basketball, with Kessler, National Defense Player of the Year, taking the lead. Broome said that when watching Kessler’s highlights, he liked the amount of freedom he was able to play in defense – which was one of the reasons Auburn was such an attractive option for him in the transfer market.

“On the defensive side, they allow him to influence the match,” Brum said of Kessler. “And that’s, like, why I wanted to see. It affected the game on the defensive end, on the offensive end, they let him ground and shoot 3-so many shots, so many chances. They just let him play, and he seemed to be having fun there. So that’s what I saw, and that’s why I wanted to join in.”

Brom chose Auburn over Florida, marking Pearl’s first win over his former assistant, Todd Goldenin the SEC.

Last season in the Ohio Valley Conference, Brum, formerly a three-star recruit from Tampa, routinely dominated the basket; He ranked fourth in college basketball with 23 doubles in the season, and has only been less than posting two doubles all year.

“He’s hard on himself,” Pearl said. “He likes to come in here and dominate every day in practice like he did at Morehead State and in OVC. But he’s playing at a higher level now. He totally belongs. … Will he continue to dominate on the inside like he did at that level? He’s working on it.

“He’s quick to get on his feet, so he can protect multiple positions. A big can that can switch and guard, that’s excellent….He has a strong mid-range jump, and he works to extend the triple ball.”

From the early morning sessions, Broome said he’s already developed a strong relationship with the experienced backcourt trio at Auburn: Wendell Green Jr.And the KD Johnson And the Zeb Jasper. Kessler was all-American last year not just because of his defensive capabilities, but in large part because of the way his guards fed him the ball at pick-and-roll or in an alley. Brum is a different player, of course, with more polished skill from returning to the basket when attacking, but the same front and back court chemistry will still need to be in place in 2022-23 for Auburn to chase the SEC Championship again.

“Even if it’s 6:30 in the morning, just getting into the gym with these guys and seeing what kind of shots they can do – it gives me confidence,” Broome said of the Auburn backyard.

Auburn’s first match in Israel will be against The Israeli under-20 team on Tuesday (CST appeared, SEC Network).

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