Jim Carrey left Twitter in the wake of Elon Musk’s acquisition, signing off with recent artwork for ‘Crazy Old Lighthouse Keeper’

Jim Carrey just joined a host of celebrities who left Twitter in the wake of Elon Musk’s controversial acquisition. The actor-turned-artist used the social media platform as a springboard for his colorful, often politically charged art, but in a tweet posted to the social platform on Tuesday, Carey announced his departure, leaving his followers with … Read more

Ontario-based creators develop an online shopping platform for indigenous Aboriginal art and craft supplies

A new online shopping platform that connects shoppers with authentic Aboriginal art and experiences crafted by creators across North America. Biscan — an Anishinaabe word used to describe the act of making a fire — was developed by a trio of creatives in Ontario who were inspired to attract other Aboriginal artists and entrepreneurs. Founder … Read more

Dennis Scott Brown pleads for abandonment of National Gallery renovation

Architect Denise Scott Brown Urge the planners to refuse Selldorf Architects‘Controversial plans to remodel it’ Robert VenturiPostmodernism Sainsbury Suite at the National Gallery. Ahead of a planning decision due tomorrow, Scott Brown said that “declining these requests is the only appropriate decision.” Denise Scott Brown (above) criticized the planned renovations to the Sainsbury Wing (top … Read more

When absolute evil becomes an object of admiration

This series focuses on the art of Gustave Doré and began by looking at his illustrations for John Milton’s 17th-century epic poem “Paradise Lost. In this next article, Satan has just finished mobilizing rebellious angels after they have fallen into hell. He calls them out, shames them, and activates their passion to resist God. At … Read more