Better call Saul gives Kim the broken treatment

Spoilers follow Better Call Saul through Season 6, Episode 12, “Waterworks.” Whether it’s the black-and-white “future” tone of Gene Takovic’s Saul Goodman or the fact that he’s a shadow of his flashy past self, Better Call Saul’s Cinnabon timeline is a pretty bleak place. Ever since the Breaking Bad prequel came out with what happened … Read more

Season 4, Episode 7, “Metanoia”

Tessa Thompson in Westworld picture: Jon Johnson / HBO As we are nearing the end Westworld“Season 4, it seems clear that we’ve known the ending all along. We knew, for example, that Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) would always die, that the city would burn, and that the odds of everyone surviving were…well, let’s just say, bleak. … Read more

Best Movies & TV (August 5-7)

booking dogs; victim. Illustrative image: an eagle. Images courtesy of Hulu Another week, another handful of TV shows and movies of choice for all of you. It’s light, but we’ll just name it Quality > Quantity. The selections below may range from the standout to the frivolous fun, but that’s exactly how we like to … Read more

The Sandman from Netflix is ​​a terribly boring fantasy series

Plans to adapt the screen from Neil Gaiman The popular DC / Vertigo graphic novel series hypnotic It has been around for nearly three decades from the same time. After many starts and stops, Netflix finally delivered with hypnotica 10-part project (August 5) starring Tom Sturridge as the main character, also known as Dream (or … Read more

Lisa Rinna loves that Denise Richards is now on OnlyFans

Lisa Rina is keeping it real! while appearing on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Wednesday, and Reality Housewives of Beverly Hills The star, 59, played “No Way Rosé” in which the stars either answer provocative questions or take a rosy sip. In one of the questions, the host Andy Cohen54, I asked … Read more