Under 30 Innovators Avoid Covid Brain Fog and Face a Triple Pandemic

InnovationRx is your weekly digest of healthcare news. to get it in your inbox, Subscribe here. Forbes Under 30 Lester Dina Radenkovic Tim Tuder Forbes an TuesdayAnd the Forbes Launched its annual 30 Under 30 list, we track some of the best young innovators across North America in 20 different categories. in Health CareWe tracked … Read more

Speaking out about stigma

People with psychiatric disabilities frequently face stigma, discrimination, and rights violations, including within and from the medical community, which reflects a broader societal stigma. One doctor shares his personal experience here and how he uses it today to challenge stigma. When Dr Ahmed Hankeer first experienced severe mental distress as a medical student in the … Read more

Study: ‘Green’ Mediterranean Diet Burns Fat Faster

distance The “green” Mediterranean diet A new study shows that burning fat is 3 times faster than normal healthy eating. Research published in BMC Medicine The journal found that eating a plant-based Mediterranean diet allows the body to burn a dangerous type of body fat three times faster than those who eat a “healthy” diet … Read more

Liver King, who is famous on the Internet for his natural body, has been accused of using steroids

A popular TikTok influencer has been accused of preaching the benefits of eating raw meat with stimulants by another internet personality who claims to have seen leaked emails from the man himself detailing the drugs he uses. Brian Johnson — better known by his online pseudonym “Liver King” — rose to online fame late last … Read more

China announces new vaccination efforts, but the “zero COVID” policy is not likely to end soon

BEIJING (AP) — A campaign to vaccinate the elderly has raised hopes that China will roll back the tough anti-virus controls that prompted protesters to demand President Xi Jinping resign, but the country faces daunting hurdles and up to a year of grueling work before “zero.” COVID “could end. Stock markets rallied after the National … Read more

Yale University was accused of discriminating against suicidal and mentally ill students in the lawsuit

Comment on this story Suspension Current and former Yale students sued the university Wednesday, accusing the school of systematically discriminating against students with mental health issues and pressuring them to drop out. The lawsuit, which is seeking class action status from the US District Court of Connecticut, includes accounts by two current students, three former … Read more

The HIIT workout for astronauts can benefit non-space travelers, too

Comment on this story Suspension Exercise like an astronaut, and you may avoid the unhealthy effects of sitting for long periods, according to recent studies on the benefits of space workouts. The research, involving astronauts on the International Space Station and volunteers in Houston, suggests that the right mix of scientifically tested exercise can stave … Read more

Theater Review: Good Medicine’s delightful ‘Uptown Scrooge’

I’ve always been a fan of Good Medicine Productions’ mission to bring high-quality shows to hospitals, nursing homes, and other situations that don’t get much of a stage. So I was thrilled to receive the invitation seeing that they took a chance Christmas carol Adaptation/fundraising uptown miser, Written and directed by Kristi Kohler Focolo. Charles … Read more