The Horizon League offers mental health grants to member organizations

Story links *Released with permission of Horizon League* Indianapolis – The Horizon League, in conjunction with its Board of Directors, announced this week a historic $550,000 investment of league resources to address mental health issues at every Horizon League organization. “Our student-athletes are often more prone to mental health concerns than the average college student. … Read more

One day, you may be able to eat your way out of the cold

When it comes to curing disease with food, quackery goes too far. Over the centuries, raw garlic has been touted as a home remedy for everything from chlamydia to the common cold. The Renaissance included cures for the plague Figs soaked in hyssop oil. During the 1918 influenza pandemic, Native Americans Onion wolf or raucous … Read more

The future of strength training

This article originally appeared trail runner Getting stronger is simple: Lift heavy things, put them down, and repeat. According to a new review led by researchers from the U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, you should use heavy weights that you can lift one to five times through a full range of motion, and … Read more

12 Oregon Insurance Companies Failing to Pay Full Cost for Qualified Reproductive Services, Audits Find – Oregon Capital Chronicle

Oregonians got free reproductive healthcare coverage, including abortions, under a law that took full effect in 2019. But at least a dozen insurance companies charged consumers anyway, state officials said Wednesday. . The Department of Consumer and Business Services released reports of abuses by 12 health insurance companies covering nearly 1 million Oregonians. The audits … Read more

Superintendent Vargas makes references to quality of life and mental health during his county’s state speech

Superintendent Nora Vargas. Photo by Chris Stone Chairman of the County Board of Supervisors Nora Vargas He focused on improving life for families, a stronger economy, better infrastructure and mental health care, and fighting homelessness in his county’s state address Wednesday night. Speaking to a full crowd at the West Plaza County Management Center, Vargas, … Read more

Can science help customize your diet?

Those of us who have a friend who can eat sugary foods every day and not gain an ounce or a relative who has developed heart disease despite avoiding saturated fats know that one-size-fits-all dietary recommendations don’t reflect how differently we respond to food. But now one of the most comprehensive and ambitious new studies … Read more