Two quantum memory systems that are 12.5 km apart are entangled

An image representing the layout of the nodes on the map. Credit: Lu et al. Quantum computing technology can have significant advantages over classical computing technology, including high speed and the ability to tackle more complex problems. In recent years, some researchers have been exploring the possibility of creating a “quantum Internet,” a network that … Read more

Evolution research: NCSU study, Duke researchers say don’t ignore DNA ‘gaps’

Raleigh – A simple statistical test shows that, in contrast to current practice, ‘gaps’ within a DNA protein and sequence alignments commonly used in evolutionary biology can provide important information about nucleotide and amino acid substitutions over time. The findings could be especially relevant to those studying distantly related species. Biologists who study evolution do … Read more

New research highlights the importance of the evolution of wildlife tourism policies

Recent findings and the popularity of wildlife tourism show that tour operators must have an animal welfare policy along with other social responsibility protocols that must evolve as new information becomes available. Travel companies that need to develop or update such a policy can start with the tips below. in Malaysian BorneoAnd travelers who cross … Read more

Mess on the planet of bored apes

Are Nazi sympathizers washing over racist ideology with an army of digital monkeys and abusing the law to silence criticism of their treacherous plot? This may seem oddly inconsequential, yet it is exactly the position of the bat described in court papers filed Monday, in response to a recent lawsuit from Yuga Labs, the multibillion-dollar … Read more

2D array of electronic and nuclear spin qubits opens new horizons in quantum science

Researchers have used light and electron spin qubits to control nuclear spin in a two-dimensional material, opening new frontiers in quantum science and technology. Credit: Secondbay Studio By using photons and electron spin qubits to control nuclear spin in a two-dimensional material, researchers at Purdue University have opened new frontiers in quantum science and technology, … Read more

Gynecological Diagnostics Company Nanopath Makes $10 Million for Rapid Platform

Nanobat – Diagnostic Project Says It’s “Founded by Women, for Women” – Recently Closed $10 million in Series A funding round. Co-lead the tour Norwest Venture Partners And the SV Health Investorsshared by GingerBread Capital And the Green D Ventures. The Cambridge, Massachusetts startup is creating a point-of-care diagnostic platform for women’s health screenings. The … Read more

opinion | Protecting wildlife inside and outside our borders

Placeholder while loading article actions August 10 openingHelping stave off extinctionHe rightly endorsed the Wildlife Restoration of America Act, which can provide vital financial support for conservation across the country. Wildlife conservation is a bipartisan historical issue that has broad public support. Unfortunately, the proposed legislation ends largely at our borders, but the threats to … Read more