The United States spent six lost decades in the climate war. It finally gained ground | climate crisis

Scientists’ warning to the US president about the climate crisis was stark: the nations of the world were conducting a vast and dangerous experiment with their massive release of the planet’s heat emissions, which threaten to be “harmful from the point of view of humans.” They urged some kind of remedial action. This solemn warning … Read more

Massachusetts passes massive climate and clean energy bill

Placeholder while loading article actions Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker (right) on Thursday signed a major climate and clean energy bill that contains sweeping policies targeting renewables, transportation and fossil fuels — a move lawmakers and advocates say is critical to supporting the state’s goal of Reach net zero emissions by 2050. Baker’s decision to sign … Read more

Greens urge Labor to reject international carbon offsets as ‘accounting tricks’ | carbon offset

The Green Party has called on the Albanian government to reject advice that Australia should allow greater use of international carbon offsets, arguing that it will delay reductions in domestic greenhouse gas emissions. A review of international offsets by Climate Change, a policy advisory body, urged the government to develop a carbon market strategy as … Read more

Nonprofit says recycling center has been burdened with residents for years, and needs stricter oversight from NJ DEP

Harmful smoke billowing in the southern part of the city. Explosions can be heard throughout the city centre. Vibration of walls in buildings located on the waterfront. Camden residents have all had problems over the years, which they say are related to the practices going on at the nearby Eastern Metal Recycling facility. Eastern Metal … Read more

‘El Jefe’ Jaguar, famous in the United States, was filmed in Mexico

MEXICO CITY (AP) – They call him “Jevi,” at least 12 years old, and his crossing of the tight US-Mexico border has drawn celebrations from both sides. “El Jefe” – or “The Boss” – is one of the oldest recorded tigers along the border, one of the few known to have crossed a border partially … Read more

The Anti-Inflation Act puts our oldest climate-fighting technology in action

The Senate passage subordinate The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, the most comprehensive climate legislation in US history, puts our nation on the right track to combat climate change from every angle. You may have already heard about how the bill would take an economy-wide approach to cutting emissions, accelerating the transition to clean energy, … Read more

Climate change stress is causing lizards to age prematurely

Comment on this story Suspension With temperatures rising rapidly, some lizards give birth to young, already old. In central France, temperatures are accelerating so rapidly that many lizards are entering the world with their already damaged and aging DNA, according to new research published Monday, reducing their chances of survival. The findings add to the … Read more

“What else can we do?”: Intruders demand the right to roam the Minister’s 12,000-acre property | Access to green spaces

It’s hard to tell what Nature Secretary Richard Binion usually finds in his gigantic home in Berkshire when he strolls around on a Sunday afternoon. However, it is unlikely that it was a loud singing group of energetic trespassers, disguised as psychedelic animals and fully escorting Morris’ dance troupe. But that’s what galvanized his leadership … Read more