Sea urchins wreak havoc on kelp forests in Tasmania. How can we stop this environmental disaster?

Every year, a supercharged ocean current due to climate change brings destructive and spiny species south from New South Wales to the rocky reefs of eastern Tasmania. Long-spined sea urchins are bad news for Tasmanian marine life, as this species can quickly gnaw through swaying kelp forests to bald rocks, forming underwater moonscapes known as … Read more

Nearly 14,000 Nigerians are suing Shell over the devastating impact of pollution | Nigeria

Nearly 14,000 people from two Nigerian communities are seeking justice in the High Court in London against fossil fuel giant Shell, alleging it is responsible for the devastating pollution of water sources and the destruction of their way of life. People from the Niger Delta region of Ugal, a farming community, submitted their claims last … Read more

California has cut off major cities in the Southwest off the waters of the Colorado River, sources said, before touching down on its agricultural supplies

CNN – In closed negotiations last week On the fate of the Colorado RiverRepresentatives from California’s strong water districts have proposed modeling what the basin’s future would look like if some of the West’s largest cities — including Phoenix and Las Vegas — were cut off from river water supplies, three people familiar with the … Read more

Auckland floods: City clean-up begins after ‘biggest weather event’ in New Zealand history | Oakland

Insurers say devastating floods in Auckland were the ‘biggest weather event’ in New Zealand’s history, as rain eases after days of precipitation And the process of cleaning the city has begun. Friday was the wettest day on record for New Zealand’s largest city, as torrential rain sent floodwaters sweeping into streets and down highways, killing … Read more

Study: The split of emissions is now greater within countries than between greenhouse gas emissions

The data shows that the difference between the carbon emissions of the rich and the poor within a country is now greater than the differences in emissions between countries. This finding is further evidence of The growing divide between the “polluted elite” of the wealthy around the world, and relatively low emissions responsibility among the … Read more

Why California and other Western states face increasing pressure to reduce water use – The Hill

Story at a glance Despite the heavy rains that hit California earlier this winter, more water conservation is needed to help the West meet the challenges caused by decades of drought. Thanks to climate change, reliable water sources are under threat from unpredictable weather. In the future, the cuts will fall heavily on the agricultural … Read more

Move towards sustainable alternatives

Karachi: The most valuable quality that a responsible and socially conscious business can demonstrate to stakeholders is that it understands that profits cannot be achieved without integrating people and planet into its purpose. A rise in this approach can be seen in how organizations are rethinking their approach to traditional CSR. They seek to inculcate … Read more

It’s a long time coming to stop jigging carp from infesting more of Minnesota’s rivers

You remember gas carp, right? Creatures with fins swimming up the Mississippi River towards Minnesota? Some are called grass carp, others are called bighead or black carp, Is the really terrible carp jumping? They are silver congrats. Silver is that which has already filled rivers throughout the center of the country. Illinois. Ohio. Wabash. These … Read more

Bill Maher Calls Environmentalists “Hypocrites”

“Real Time” host Bill Maher went public Friday night about his environmental sin while addressing the urgency of fighting climate change. During his closing monologue, Maher told his viewers that “asking people to be good” when it came to going green didn’t work, so he took a different approach. Maher turned to the camera: “My … Read more