Evolution research: NCSU study, Duke researchers say don’t ignore DNA ‘gaps’

Raleigh – A simple statistical test shows that, in contrast to current practice, ‘gaps’ within a DNA protein and sequence alignments commonly used in evolutionary biology can provide important information about nucleotide and amino acid substitutions over time. The findings could be especially relevant to those studying distantly related species. Biologists who study evolution do … Read more

Gynecological Diagnostics Company Nanopath Makes $10 Million for Rapid Platform

Nanobat – Diagnostic Project Says It’s “Founded by Women, for Women” – Recently Closed $10 million in Series A funding round. Co-lead the tour Norwest Venture Partners And the SV Health Investorsshared by GingerBread Capital And the Green D Ventures. The Cambridge, Massachusetts startup is creating a point-of-care diagnostic platform for women’s health screenings. The … Read more