Take the Trolli® Sour Brite® reptile into an alternate world with the exclusive Rick and Morty Collector Series

The out-of-this-world collaboration presents the distinctive double-colored sour worms Trolli fans know and love, with a limited-edition package featuring Rick and Morty Characters can’t get enough of them. These interstellar bundles are available exclusively on Amazon for pre-order starting today and will be fully available for purchase on both Amazon and GoPuff for a limited … Read more

Is it possible to see what is happening in distant solar systems now?

(Photo credit: Tithi Luadthong / Shutterstock) This article was originally published on Conversation. The post contributed the article to Space.com’s Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights. https://www.space.com/topics/expert-voices If the distant solar system is millions of light years away and so we see it as it was millions of years ago, how can we see what it … Read more

Exhibited! The International Space Station tests living things and materials in space – parabola

The MISSE Flight Facility is on the outside of the space station. (Credits: NASA) HOUSTON (NASA PR) – Space may seem empty, but it has extreme temperatures, high levels of background radiation, minute meteors, and unfiltered sun glare. In addition, the materials and equipment on the outside of International Space Station They are exposed to … Read more

Book review “Before the Big Bang: The Origin of the Universe and What Lies Behind” by Laura Mersini Hutton

Comment on this story Suspension In the last century, astrophysicists coalesced around the idea that our universe was caused by the Big Bang, when our prenatal universe was so young, hot, and compact that matter and time didn’t really exist. Evidence for this comes mostly from calculating several known quantities of global expansion, chiefly its … Read more

The Tonga volcano sent enough water into the atmosphere to temporarily warm the planet

The eruption of the undersea volcano Hengja Tonga-Hung Hapai earlier this year sent so much water vapor into the atmosphere that it likely temporarily warmed the Earth’s surface, according to observations by a NASA satellite. This temporary point will not greatly affect the climate of our planet, but it shows how huge the volcanic eruption … Read more