An IU professor provides insight into the evolution of stars

As scientists’ understanding of the origins of the universe expands, IU Associate Professor Constantine Dilianis is working to explain inconsistencies with current models of star evolution in new research. Most astronomers today say that our universe emerged in a violent explosion known as the Big Bang, about 13.8 billion years ago. The whole universe was … Read more

Spot the King of the Planets: Watch for Jupiter | Environment

Jupiter is the undisputed king of the planets in our solar system! Jupiter is bright and easy to spot from our vantage point on Earth, aided by its massive size and reflective cloud tops and streaks. Jupiter even has moons the size of planets: Ganymede, the largest of them, is larger than Mercury. What’s more, … Read more

A mathematician leading a massive effort to better understand the four-dimensional universe NEWS USC Dornsife

Aaron Lauda of USC Dornsife has been awarded an exceptional $8 million grant from the Simons Foundation to mentor researchers from 11 prestigious institutions on a project that could turn science fiction dreams into reality. the main points: USC Dornsife manages an 11-institutional project to push the boundaries of knowledge about how the universe and … Read more

Governments will be major customers for Axiom Space private astronaut missions in the future

WASHINGTON — Axiom Space says customers for private astronaut missions to the International Space Station are dominated by governments, not individuals. On a call with reporters Jan. 30, Axiom Space executives said they were “very overloaded with training” the crew for the Ax-2, the company’s second mission to the station, which is tentatively scheduled for … Read more

Former NASA astronauts receive the Congressional Medal of Honor

Vice President Kamala Harris will present the Congressional Medal of Honor for Space to two former NASA astronauts at a White House ceremony on Tuesday, according to a White House and NASA official. “Their bravery on NASA’s SpaceX Demo-2 (Demo-2) mission to the International Space Station in 2020,” NASA said in a press release. The … Read more

Terrible predictions: Scientists used artificial intelligence to find a planet that could cross a critical global warming threshold sooner than expected

By Christian Edwards, CNN A new study using machine learning reveals that the planet could pass critical warming thresholds sooner than previous models predicted, even with coordinated global climate action. The study estimates that the planet could reach 1.5°C of warming above pre-industrial levels in a decade, and finds a “significant potential” for global warming … Read more

Winter Star Specimens, Evening Planet Parade

February 23, 2023: After sunset, three bright planets and a crescent moon are easily visible. The bright winter stars of Orion are in the southern sky after sunset. Chart Commentary – Late Winter: Winter stars in the southern sky after sunset. By Jeffrey L Hunt Chicago, IL: Sunrise, 6:35 a.m. CST; Sunset, 5:34 p.m. CST. … Read more

How did solar energy become the cheapest source of energy on the planet?

The roots of the solar epic go back to ancient times. There is a general perception in today’s world that using solar energy for our needs is a contemporary concept, but before civilizations used fossil fuels for heating and electricity, people relied on the energy of the sun. The sun has been worshiped as the … Read more

Grazing for the Planet | Financial Express

On a picnic in a village in Rajasthan some 30 years ago, Elsie Kohler-Rolfson ran into a caravan of camels grazing on the grass. At that moment, the visiting German veterinary scientist knew her life would never be the same again. Three decades later, Raika’s camel-nomads whom she met on a cold January morning are … Read more