The amazing attraction is an obstacle to the development of safe, clean and carbon-free energy

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Scientists have discovered the observed effect of reversing a standard method to combat a major obstacle to fusion energy production on Earth. Theorists at the US Department of Energy’s Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) have suggested doing exactly the opposite of the described procedure to sharply improve future results. rupture holes … Read more

Newly discovered magnetic interactions may lead to new ways to manipulate electron flow

Graphical representation of the crystal structure of TbMn6Sn6 at the atomic level. Here the Mn and Tb atoms are shown as blue and green spheres, respectively. Lines connecting near neighbors reveal triangular clamps Mn Kagome and Tb. The magnetism present in this element is represented by the arrows on each individual atom. The magnetic interactions … Read more

Where do you see the Northern Lights?

North LamScenes from the coast of Scotland in February 2021.picture: Peter Summers (Getty Images) If you live in the northern tip of the United States, and aren’t completely overwhelmed by ambient light pollution, you may be To participate in a heavenly light show that only happens once in a lifetime, although a lot of things … Read more

Never shower during a thunderstorm. A physicist explains why: ScienceAlert

The Met Office has issued several “yellow thunderstorm warnings” for the UK, highlighting Frequent lightning possibility. While your chance of being beaten Lightning Low, it’s important to know how to stay safe during a thunderstorm. Globally, there are about 24,000 people every year lightning killed him And injured 240,000 others. Most people are familiar with … Read more

Astrophysicists ‘resolve a fundamental gravitational fingerprint around a black hole’

The emission from M87 has now been resolved into a thin, bright ring (orange), originating from the infinite sequence of additional images of the emission region, and the more diffuse raw image, produced by photons coming directly toward Earth (in blue features). When looking at the imaging resolution of the Event Horizon Telescope, the two … Read more

Finding a theory of everything: Top physicists gather in Vancouver to discuss quantum mechanics and general relativity

From left, Concorde Pacific CEO Terry Hoy meets 2019 Nobel Laureate Jim Peebles, venture capitalist and former President of Electronic Arts Paul Lee, and University of British Columbia Professor of Condensed Matter Theory Philip Stump, during a conference to promote to the new Institute of Quantum Gravity in Vancouver in August. .16.Jimmy Jeong/The Globe and … Read more

Microneedling unlocks the therapeutic potential of curcumin

The dermal-directed curcumin delivery system synergistically combines albumin binding, extracellular vesicle encapsulation, and soluble microneedle arrays. Credit: College of Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University While turmeric root has been used medicinally around the world for centuries, science has found that its main chemical component, curcumin, is broken down in the body before its ultimate benefits are … Read more

Two quantum memory systems that are 12.5 km apart are entangled

An image representing the layout of the nodes on the map. Credit: Lu et al. Quantum computing technology can have significant advantages over classical computing technology, including high speed and the ability to tackle more complex problems. In recent years, some researchers have been exploring the possibility of creating a “quantum Internet,” a network that … Read more

2D array of electronic and nuclear spin qubits opens new horizons in quantum science

Researchers have used light and electron spin qubits to control nuclear spin in a two-dimensional material, opening new frontiers in quantum science and technology. Credit: Secondbay Studio By using photons and electron spin qubits to control nuclear spin in a two-dimensional material, researchers at Purdue University have opened new frontiers in quantum science and technology, … Read more