Summary: nuggets of the missile landing

The Denver Nuggets And the Houston Rockets Their game hastily started. They traded baskets early on, and the two teams combined on 25 points four minutes into the game with the Rockets leading 14-11 behind some hot shots off the arc. Midway through the first quarter, Houston led by five points while shooting over 70 … Read more

The Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins is playing the best basketball of his career, but he’s going to have a grueling All-Star climb

When Andrew Wiggins was named an All-Star last season, the conversation around him turned a little ugly. He was an amazing player the Warriorsbut the moment he was awarded what many believed was an unwarranted slot normally reserved for the game’s elite, all talk turned, at least for a minute, from Wiggins’ legitimate merits to … Read more

In the Warriors’ easy win over the Timberwolves, Jonathan Kuminga is a bright spot

These days, the sight of anything Timberwolves It seems to add a few inches to Andrew Wiggins’ vertical. In the first eight seconds of an early Sunday afternoon game in Minneapolis, Wiggins went from blowing his hands into the half-court logo to smashing into a left-handed alley over Rudy GoubertOne of the greatest shot-blockers in … Read more

Clippers’ John Wall exceeded expectations, seizing the opportunity after battling it out in his darkest moment

San Francisco — drenched in sweat from pre-game practice, John Wall entered the Chase center’s visitor locker room energetic and energetic, audible along the bars banging into his earphones. He made his presence known to everyone within earshot, a habit that is perhaps more important to Wall than to most NBA players. He wants you … Read more

Rest “matches” in Farce NBA mean the season has to be a very long one

It was the perfect night and the perfect place to get tickets to the perfect NBA game. Kicking off Thanksgiving week, Monday, the Pelicans are at home against the star-studded NBA champion Warriors. There was a home-only crowd in attendance—18,589 in an arena with a listed capacity of 17,900. And it was a costly bait-and-switch … Read more