Cerebras Systems and Jasper are partners in pioneering generative AI work

SUNNYVALE, CA, NOVEMBER 30, 2022 – jasperthe class-leading AI content platform, and Cerebras SystemsThe leader in artificial intelligence (AI) computing acceleration has announced a partnership to accelerate adoption and improve the accuracy of generative AI across enterprise and consumer applications. Using Cerebras’ newly announced Andromeda AI supercomputer, Jasper can train its very intensive computer models … Read more

A chilling glimpse into our future if we survive another million years: ScienceAlert

Most species are transient. They become extinct and branch into new species or change over time due to random mutations and environmental changes. A typical type of mammal can be expected A million years. modern humans Homo sapiens, has existed for nearly 300,000 years. So what will happen if we reach 1 million years? Science … Read more

Cardinality.ai has been named AWS Regional and Global Partner of the Year 2022

Named Government Partner or Local Partner of the Year, Cardinality.ai is one of many AWS Partners around the world helping customers drive innovation Las vigasAnd the November 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cardinality.ai is pleased to announce that it has been named the recipient of the 2022 Regional and Global AWS Partner Award, recognizing leaders around … Read more

Building a sustainable future with digital twins and artificial intelligence

Brought to you by Keysight Technologies By Cheryl Ajlouni Cheryl Ajlouni, Director of Industry Solutions at Keysight Technologies. Image: Keysight Technologies Sustainability is a top priority for all organizations today – for example, a third of Europe’s largest companies have pledged to reach net zero emissions by 2050, According to Accenture. However, the company also … Read more

Comprehensive AI supports federal task groups

Advanced IT tools support the AI ​​pipeline Advanced technologies help bring algorithms closer to data. These technologies include high-speed processors, large memory capacities, and AI accelerators—all of which can support an efficient AI pipeline. For example, high-speed processors with built-in quantization, distillation, pruning, and other AI acceleration technologies work with 5G connectivity To deliver more … Read more

Creative AI creates some messy problems

Comment on this story Suspension A tense scene in the 2004 movie iRobot shows Will Smith’s character arguing with an android about humanity’s creative ingenuity. “Can a robot write a symphony?” he asks, rhetorically. “Can a robot turn a drawing board into a beautiful work of art?” “can you?” The robot answers. In our current … Read more

AI aims to democratize the high-quality video industry

What would you dream of building as an entrepreneur if you had unlimited time and money? For two Indian Institute of Technology graduates, Ashray Malhotra and Nisheeth Lahoti, who have gone through the pain of shutting down their first startup, their answer is simple, yet daring: build a magic box — a magical AI system … Read more

Artificial intelligence in connected cars has reduced rush hour congestion

Travis Lawler Associated Press NASHVILLE, Tennessee – As millions of people travel the interstates this Thanksgiving, many more will encounter patches of traffic that are at a standstill for no apparent reason – with no construction or accidents. Researchers say the problem is you. Human drivers don’t do a good job of navigating in heavy … Read more