The Philippines gives the US greater access to bases amid concerns from China

The Philippines and the United States have agreed to add four sites under EDCA The agreement comes amid tensions in the South China Sea, over Taiwan EDCA allows the United States access to Philippine military bases MANILA (Reuters) – The Philippines has given the United States expanded access to its military bases, Philippine defense chiefs … Read more

Russia’s Wagner Prison Fighter used its ride-sharing feature to escape the war in Ukraine

Prisoners recruited by Russia Wagner Group to fighting in Ukraine They seem increasingly aware that they have been tricked, and that no one counted on bringing them back alive. One guest Recruited by the group in November, he deserted his team in Ukraine’s Luhansk region and fled to Russia via a bus and ride-sharing app, … Read more

“Hands off Africa!” Pope attacks the plundering of the Congo from the outside

KINSHASA, Congo (AFP) – Pope Francis demanded Tuesday that foreign powers stop plundering Africa’s natural resources for “the poison of their greed” upon his arrival in Congo, greeted by Congolese with boisterous gratitude as he focused the world’s attention on their forgotten plight. . Tens of thousands of people lined the main road into the … Read more

The death toll from the suicide bombing at a mosque in Pakistan has risen to 74

The death toll from the previous day’s suicide bombing at a mosque in northwest Pakistan on Tuesday jumped to 74, police and a rescue official said, after rescuers pulled 15 more bodies from the rubble. They are still clearing the rubble after the roof of the mosque collapsed in the aftermath of the attack, said … Read more

Advocates say the federal proposal for a “Middle East or North Africa” ​​category is long overdue

Advocates say the Biden administration’s proposal to add a “Middle Eastern or North African” identifier, or MENA, to official documents like the census is the latest advance in a decades-long battle to secure representation for a historically statistically invisible community. in Federal Register Notice The federal Interagency Technical Working Group on Criteria for Race and … Read more

Apparently Israel was behind a drone strike on an Iranian factory – US official

Drones target a factory near Isfahan, and there were no casualties Iran: “cowardly” attack will not slow down nuclear activity Israel refuses to comment DUBAI/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A US official said on Sunday that Israel appeared to be behind a drone attack on a military factory in Iran. Iran claimed that it had intercepted drones … Read more

Iran says a drone attack targeted a defense facility in Isfahan

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (AFP) – Bomb-laden drones targeted an Iranian defense factory in the central city of Isfahan, causing some damage to the plant, authorities said early Sunday, amid escalating regional and international tensions gripping the Islamic Republic. . Iran’s defense ministry gave no information on who was suspected of carrying out the attack, … Read more

An “older” mummy and one that is “not digitally wrapped” in the flag

Egyptian archaeologists and researchers recently uncovered a treasure trove of artifacts, including what may be the oldest and largest mummy ever found. On Thursday, a team of Egyptologists announced the discovery of several ancient tombs in a pharaonic cemetery outside the capital, Cairo. Zahi Hawass, director of the excavations, said in a post dated Instagram. … Read more

3 dead and one missing due to rain in New Zealand’s largest city

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — Three people have died and at least one is missing after record levels of rain battered New Zealand’s largest city, causing widespread disruption, authorities said Saturday. Prime Minister Chris Hepkins flew to Auckland on a military plane after declaring a state of emergency in the region. “Our priority is ensuring … Read more