Clovis Student Journalists Talk About Mental Health

At the core of education are students.  While teachers' voices are essential to education, so are students' voices.  Student journalists who are part of the Youth Media Collective, a boot camp for student journalists, address mental health — and in some cases, a lack of support.  (bee file photo)

At the core of education are students. While teachers’ voices are essential to education, so are students’ voices. Student journalists who are part of the Youth Media Collective, a boot camp for student journalists, address mental health — and in some cases, a lack of support. (bee file photo)

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At the core of education are students. While teachers’ voices are essential to education, so are students’ voices.

Student journalists who are part of the Youth Media Collective, a boot camp for student journalists, address mental health — and in some cases, a lack of support.

Using their peers to guide their stories, the Clovis students produced stories about the students’ mental health. For example, the story of December Delnor Ryar How does post-pandemic burnout manifest in these Clovis area adolescents? Integrated interviews with colleagues, supported by national research.

The story even calls the Clovis Unified School District for not doing enough.

“Our school thinks they are doing something by Mental Health Awareness Month, but in reality, we are all already aware that mental health is a serious problem in this generation,” one student told Ryar. “I’ve never seen them take any action to help me or anyone else with depression/anxiety.”

The story does not end there. Ryar spoke with CUSD County officials about available resources, then presented a school-based model that is being used in Santa Clara to support students’ mental health.

Ryar’s article is an example of how journalists can amplify voices, raise awareness, and seek accountability.

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Michelle Cantwell Cooper has been sworn in as the new superintendent of schools for Fresno County In early January. was her Elected to seat in June 2022 While serving as the Office Assistant Superintendent, he is responsible for educational leadership and development under the previous District Superintendent.

“Increasing access and opportunities to significantly improve the lives of children and families through transformative education is at the core of Dr. Michelle Cantwell Cooper’s beliefs,” the county office said in a statement. “As Superintendent of Schools for Fresno County, her mission is to provide leadership and foster engagement to unite all sectors in support of public education.”

Fresno Unified continues to offer its teacher residency program For people interested in obtaining teaching credentials to educate students in the school district. the 12 month programme It provides participants with a one-year place of residence and a teaching position in Fresno Unified, the school district detailed in its e-newsletter.

K-6 Charlie Keyan Armenian Community School in Fresno recently received a $1 million donation From the Ellen Hamparson Fund, said a media release.

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The media release said the school, founded in 1977, is the only Armenian school in Fresno but hopes to expand by building a new campus in Fresno.

“This donation will undoubtedly be a catalyst for our next phase of growth, and we are excited to see its effects in our Armenian community,” said Christopher Shamlian, Chairman of the School Board.

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