Dead By Daylight Devs announces killer dating sim hooked on you

Promotional artwork for Hooked On You shows the Dead By Daylight killers frolicking on the beach.

Come on, the water is fine.
picture: interactive behavior

Yesterday, the ever-evolving 2022 bingo card became unpredictable when Behavior Interactive, the developer behind the popular asymmetric multiplayer horror game, became unpredictable. died in broad daylight, She revealed that she makes a casual game in which you can have romantic relationships between your favorites Died in broad daylight killers.

hooked on you: dead by sim daytime dating, It is an upcoming dating simulation that finally lets you talk about romance Died in broad daylightKilling the couple and the loyphos, they become platonic friends, or suffer the inexhaustible fate of deadly embarrassing silence. The game has multiple “unique endings” where, if you play your cards right, you’ll discover “very intimate” aspects of the game. Died in broad daylight The killer characters are hard to read.

How did this little dating sim come about? A representative for Behavior Interactive said Kotaku who – which Died in broad daylight It ran a community survey last year to ask players if there was any other type of experience within the game world that players were interested in. It turns out that dB The fandom’s top choice was dating.

“Because he’s totally there and crazy, we thought we’d have to do it right away,” said the delegate. kotaku, Noting the hilarious looks and laughter the idea aroused in meetings before they stopped and realized it was “actually genius”.

“We’ve known for years of our fans’ thirst and some of the more intense fanfic that was created. We want to give them what they want but we also need to present this the right way, with all the seriousness it deserves,” the spokesperson said before noting that the dating sim is being developed in collaboration with Psyop, the folks who brought us the KFC dating sim I love you, Colonel Sanders!

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for: Qualified Assassins hooked on you. First up is Evan MacMillan, also known as the hunter. You should call him a Thirst Trapper because he stood out in a body-hugging one-piece swimsuit that leaves nothing to the imagination in his outfit. hooked on you Repetition. This is the “fab five– A cool upgrade from a pair of disgusting bloody suits he’s wearing Died in broad daylight. Do you know what we call that? growth. Ignoring the red things on his hands, he was clearly smashing berries before a beach picnic.

Next is the ultimate meat bun and the huntress. I don’t have any slick note on deck for her as I got tweaked by her biceps, although I do note that she also smeared berries on her bunny mask. I think great minds think alike. The second dB The Bachelor is the Nigerian dream boat, Philip Ogumo, also known as and the ghost. He’s wearing a matching button-up shirt and Hawaiian swim trunks that I’m 90 percent sure bought from The Gap. I preemptively deduct points for The Wraith’s basic fashion sense, even though he has a winning smile. Last, and certainly not least, we always have that out of reach spiritRin Yamaoka, dressed in a smooth silk kimono and an elegant black sun hat embellished with a red spider lily that symbolizes the “last farewell” to your single life.

When asked if the hooked on you It might get more romantic characters in the future, the spokesperson said, “A lot of our fans have their favorite character and are really looking forward to spending some special time with them. We got it. And although this is the first visual novel in Died in broad daylight Universe, I feel like it’s definitely not the last time we’re telling this kind of story. We’ve opened a box here that our fans will never let us close again. We don’t want that anyway.”

Personally, I’m scrambling for the end hooked on you/the silent Hill Crocs with thicc pyramid head doll Shakes Virgin Killer jacket. It’s not like Konami does anything with him. This is what it deserves.

hooked on you It is scheduled to be released this summer on Steam.


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