Donald Trump news today: Ex-president outraged by FBI ‘raid’ on Mike Lindell as MAGA’s hardline candidate leads in New Hampshire primary

Liz Cheney says the new revelations reveal the real “danger” to Trump

Donald Trump has come out strong in support of Mike Lindell, the 2020 election conspiracy theorist and CEO of MyPillow, who claimed Tuesday that the FBI confiscated his cell phone at a Minnesota fast food restaurant.

The CEO said it was Returning from a fishing trip in Iowa when his car got stuck in a Hardee’s In his hometown of Mankato in southern Minnesota.

“Breaking news: Mike Lindell, ‘The Pillow Guy,’ just broke into the FBI. We now officially live in an armed police state, rigged elections, everything. Our country is a laughingstock all over the world,” the former president wrote on Truth Social. .

The Department of Justice recently summoned several people in the former president’s orbit as part of its investigation into efforts to overturn his election defeat, and their devices have been confiscated.

Meanwhile, New Hampshire’s Republican Senate primary is still very close to being called, but the field is led by Don Boldock, a maga-leaning hard-line candidate who Democrats are betting will be the Republican with the most wins in November.


Trump mourns Ken Star

The death of Ken Starr, whose stint as special counsel in the mid-1990s led to Clinton’s impeachment, has left Donald Trump heartbroken. Mr Starr served on Mr Trump’s impeachment team in his first Senate impeachment trial in 2020.

Here is what the former president had to say:

Read more about the death of Mr. Star from Andrew Feinberg.


Who is Don Boldock, the likely Republican candidate for the New Hampshire Senate?

It is becoming clear that the most likely candidate for the New Hampshire Senate is Don Bolduc, the radical pro-Trump candidate whom Democrats view as a particularly weak opponent of Senator Maggie Hassan.

As news of his apparent victory family surfaces, people are sharing various examples of his tougher comments in several previous interviews – including this answer from A Q&A with New Yorker:

I hear a lot of Republicans in Washington talk about voter fraud or election fraud, but they don’t really mean it. They’re just trying to fit in with President Trump, because they think they need to do that to survive, but you seem to be more sincere about that, and you really feel that these things happened.

I do. I believe in it a lot and I think it’s there, I think it’s been happening and it’s been happening for a long time in this country. When you try to steal the presidency, a lot of people will go, “Okay, wait a minute. What the hell is going on here?”

The Waterville Valley, in New Hampshire, had a turnout of one hundred and ninety-four percent of the electorate. How could it be? How could more than one hundred percent of the people vote in Waterville Valley? [Bolduc told The New Yorker that he was citing preliminary statistics from a Facebook group of amateur canvassers.] You can not. This is impossible. That’s just one, and there are a number of places across New Hampshire that have increases in the number of people in their city, the number of people registered, compared to the number of people who voted. it does not make sense.

The Waterville turnout conspiracy is one of a number of false allegations circulated by pro-Trump Republicans in the state. In fact, participation in the region has never been close to 200 percent; The numbers that election deniers use are based on census data collected before the local population flourished.


More sections of Mar-a-Lago’s affidavit have been revealed

A federal judge has revealed additional sections of Mar-a-Lago’s heavily redacted testimony, agreeing with the Department of Justice that because Mr. Trump’s lawyers disclosed that a grand jury subpoenaed footage from security cameras near the Mar-a-Lago storage room, ” There is no longer any reason to keep it closed (i.e. redacted) in filings related to this matter.”

The footage itself appears to have been an important part of the impetus for a warrant search of Mr Trump’s property, apparently showing that storage boxes and/or documents were handled in the former president’s residence and office after his team assured investigators that they had been turned over. .

The video was apparently provided to the department on hard drive on July 6 — a month after a crucial visit the Trump team claims to have cooperated with investigators at every turn. The Justice Department says the team’s account of that visit is misleading, and that the former president’s team prevented his agents from evaluating the stored documents.


Trump invites extremist candidate to rally in Ohio

Among the list of guest speakers at Trump’s rally this Saturday in Youngstown, Ohio, is Congressional candidate JR Majewski, who is challenging veteran Democratic candidate Marcy Captor in the state’s 9th district.

Mr. Majewski not only Publicly hinted at the QAnon conspiracy theory And the He called on republican states to secede from the United StatesBut he also admitted to attending the January 6 rally and the attack on the Capitol – where he raised about $25,000 to move “60-70” fellow protesters there – and has since not only said he still believes the 2020 election was stolen, but may have been instigated. Violence in the Capitol by federal agents.


Pelosi rebukes “radical MAGA Republicans” for nationwide proposed abortion ban

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has condemned Senator Lindsey Graham’s anti-abortion legislation as “the clearest indication yet of the intent of the extremist Republicans in Maga to criminalize” health care for millions of Americans.

Legislation proposed by the Republican leader in South Carolina aims to ban abortion nationwide in the 15th week of pregnancy, with exceptions only for pregnancies of rape or incest or to protect the patient’s life.

House Speaker Pelosi said in a statement referring to Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan, which has been ridiculed by far-right Democratic officials, that the bill reveals how Republicans are “gleefully proceeding in their murderous campaign to punish decisions about women’s health and control.” your agenda.


Trump embraces QAnon meme ‘The Storm Is Coming’

Donald Trump I hugged him legalThe “storm is coming” meme while he went on a “retrograde” spree on his Truth Social.

The one-term president retweeted a photo He himself wears a Q pin on his jacket above the caption for “Storm” and “WWG1WGA.”

Mr. Trump has in the past promoted QAnon accounts, although the recent blogging spree has been Mr. Trump’s strongest embrace of the right-wing conspiracy theory movement to date.

Graeme Massey tells us the story.


Trump angry over FBI ‘raid’ on Lendl

previous president Donald Trump had attacked the FBI (FBI) He claimed that the United States is now a “police state” after his supporters Mike Lindell Apparently his phone was seized by federal agents.

The former president said, on his Twitter-like social media platform, the Truth Social, that Mr. Lindell had been “raided” by the federal agency.

Breaking news: Mike Lindell, “The Pillow Guy,” just broke into the FBI. We now officially live in an armed police state, rigged elections, everything. Our country is a laughingstock all over the world.

Your Majesty has gone. We cannot let this happen. Take back America! ” he added.

Read more from Sravasti Dasgupta.


House committee ‘concerned’ that Trump may have more stolen documents at other properties

strong chair House Oversight Committee The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) wants to determine whether more records should be given to the archives at the end of former President Donald trumpThe term is still missing.

In a letter to Actress Debra Wall, US Archivist Caroline Maloney He raised the possibility that Mr. Trump would continue to keep stolen government records at properties other than the Florida Beach Club where he maintains his private residence.


The Ministry of Justice escalates the investigation on January 6 by issuing 40 subpoenas

The Ministry of Justice Investigating the January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol and the former President Donald TrumpThe attempt to remain in office against the will of the electorate took a new turn with the issuance of 40 grand juries Summons For assistants and advisors during the past week.

according to New York times, The escalation in the long-running investigation also saw the confiscation of mobile phones belonging to two long-time Trump confidants: campaign strategist Mike Roman and Trump’s lawyer and occasional podcast host. Boris Epstein.

Details with Andrew Feinberg.


Pence was “angry” but not “afraid” during the Capitol riots

Mike Pence He wrote in his new diary that on January 6, 2021, “I wasn’t afraid, but I was angry.”

The Vice President’s Book Then help me God It will be released on November 15.

during the Capitol Building Riots, Mr. Pence was presiding over the joint session of Congress President’s Certificate Joe Biden Victory in the 2020 election as Trump supporters lay siege to Congress, with some chanting “Hang Mike Pence” in response to his refusal to try to overturn the results in the president Donald Trump favor.

We have the story with Gustav Killander.

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