E-book subscription service Kobo Plus combats “exposing books” with the phrase “Be a reader, not an affiliate.”

A new campaign from The Garden promotes unlimited titles worth sharing in the subscription service

Kobo Plus e-book subscription service fights back

Would you rather read an “indisputable Scottish detective thriller” like Old Bones Lie, or perhaps a “page-turning murder mystery” like A Lethal Deception, rather than read the latest fantasy or autobiographical-heavy novel? Then Kobo Plus might be right for you.

The e-book subscription service is urging readers to resist “distortion of books” in a new campaign from Toronto agency The Garden titled “Be a Reader, Not a Follower.”

Rather than touting Kobo Plus as the home of the book genres that dominate annual critics’ lists, the campaign leans heavily on the service’s reputation as home to hundreds of thousands of indulgent and festive titles from genres like murder mystery, erotic literature and paranormal fiction and celebrates readers who indulge in them. .

That includes titles like Bree Dahlia’s 2017 Love, Luck, and Clusterf*ck, which are the cornerstones of the 30-second superhero site. The spot follows a woman reading the novel happily on her kobo at various locations. However, every time you try to inform curious attendees of the book’s NSFW address, the word “offensive” is omitted from nearby sounds such as the espresso maker, hair dryer, or jackhammer.

The site concludes with the loud and frequently frustrated woman’s lameness as the most controversial word in the title, except that she did so this time during the after-school pick-up. “It’s this amazing new e-book I got on Kobo Plus,” she explains shyly.

“We took The Garden through their strategic workshop, which has been invaluable in taking us to new and impressive creations,” said Lindsey Gray, Director of Brand and Product Marketing at Kobo. “We were able to completely reframe our challenge and truly turn it into a real force “.

Accompanying the video ad is a series of outdoor and digital ads highlighting the different genres available on Kobo Plus with fun, easy-going messages, including “So what if you’re cozying up to criminals?” and “It’s okay if exorcism is part of the bedtime routine.”

“In the face of Amazon’s massive resources of Kindle Unlimited, we needed to stand out not just as an e-book subscription service, but for what Kobo Plus could truly have — guilt-worthy paperback books,” said Jane Munoz, Director of Strategy. the garden. “We wanted to celebrate readers who read for her love, not for influence.”

The campaign started last month and runs through September 4 across TV/OLV, digital and contextual out-of-home. The Garden began working with Kobo in February.

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client: Rakuten Kubo

Chief Marketing Officer: Marian Hamilton

Brand and Product Marketing Manager: Lindsey Gray


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