Explanation of the famous ‘Don’t Worry Baby’ Garbage Fire

It’s an equally rare and happy occasion when celebrities publicly feud, because it never happens. Usually, when stars hate each other, it turns out that it’s either a Jimmy Kimmel gag or an ad for HelloFresh. Otherwise they keep their grievances so far so secret that my 10-year-old son needs two hours to get them out of the box.

The last time I saw real grudge among Hollywood fans bleeding into the public’s eyes, it was that time “Mad Max: Fury Road“Debut in theaters. Who – which Movie Still a masterpiece, Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy remain determined never to work together again for as long as they live. If you don’t count the Oscar night slap fights, we haven’t had a good beef since. I cried a lot one night over this. But dear reader, that all changed this week, when not one but six famous people entered into a battle royal that gives me hope for the meat industry as a whole. This was a bit of an old Hollywood blockbuster that we just don’t get anymore, featuring cheating husbands, passive-aggressive digs, on-screen orgasms, heated talk moments of sputum, and even BIGFOOT. This is a damn right. Bigfoot.

It’s all about the upcoming domestic sci-fi movie Don’t Worry Baby, which tells the story of a young woman whose perfect marriage in the 1950s—say it with me—is not what it seems. This movie doesn’t have as good a shot as “Fury Road” but it has now given Americans more beef than In-N-Out does in any given week.

So it happened for him. Let me answer all your questions about this Earthly Infinite War, starting with introducing you to its principles.

Olivia Wilde at the Venice Film Festival premiere

Olivia Wilde at the premiere of “Don’t Worry, Baby” at the Venice Film Festival on September 5, 2022.

Luca Damicco

Who is Olivia Wilde?

A former A-list actress (“The OC,” “House,” “Tron: Legacy”) went behind the camera to direct “Booksmart,” which was my favorite movie of 2019. After “Booksmart” received glowing reviews, Sony and Marvel Using Wilde to direct an undisclosed movie that will likely be “Spider-Woman”. this is bother me Personally, because I’ve seen what comic book movies do to promising directors whose names don’t ring true to Vestopher Pollan. But money is money, and Wilde still has to channel a second advantage before he can feed on the Marvel wood chipper. This movie is “Don’t worry baby.

Who is Harry Styles?

Justin Timberlake from One Direction. Gorgeous dresser. Mom loves it. Her favorite song in the world is “Watermelon Sugar”, and you better believe that I will never tell her about this song. Around. I’m not sure if my mother knew that Harry Styles is in Don’t Worry Baby. Either she is tragically ignorant of this fact, or she pre-ordered tickets for her on Fandango four months ago. You can go either way.

Florence B as Alice V

Florence B as Alice in Don’t Worry Baby.

Courtesy of Warner Bros . Pictures

Who is Florence Pugh?

An incredibly talented young actress also gets the Olivia Rodrigo treatment on Twitter, where people shout OMG A LEGEND any time she tells the press she’s having fun, like eating upscale yogurt. He played the role of a Russian killer in the movie “Black Widow” and was, in the end, the only thing redeeming from this movie. She also won the Greta Gerwig adaptation of Little Women, a movie I never expected to see, let alone enjoy.

Who is Shia LaBeouf?

No, it’s not a classic French stew. LaBeouf started out as a talented child actor. He anchored Michael Bay’s “Transformers” films and was the presumptive heir to the “Indiana Jones” series, but LaBeouf also struggled with alcoholism, and had performing art Stage Which even Joaquin Phoenix found annoying, and publicly stolen A comic book about a short film he made. Most damn, it was lawsuit Musician FKA the twigs for allegedly assaulting, strangling her, verbally abusing her, and reportedly giving her about an STD while they were in a relationship. That trial is scheduled to begin next April. Johnny Depp fans are already excited about it.

Who is Chris Pine?

Handsome actor many people remember from big ass movies like “Star Trek” and “Hell or High Water”. A decade ago he was also a recipient of sex From actress Olivia Munn that was later leaked to the bigger internet that I’ve never read, by any means. She currently has one of the most tragic dye jobs I’ve seen it before on anyone, man or woman.

Who is Jason Sudeikis?

Ted Lasso. He used to be in a long-term relationship with Wilde but now he’s not.

Olivia Wilde, Nick Kroll and Chris Pine

Olivia Wilde, Nick Kroll and Chris Pine in Don’t Worry Baby.

Courtesy of Warner Bros . Pictures

How are they all related?

Wilde directed Don’t Worry Baby and also plays a supporting role alongside Pine. Styles and Pugh are the main couple, with Styles taking a role that was filled by LaBeouf, who was Reportedly fired Just as the cameras started to roll, but before the FKA twigs made their accusations.

According to an interview given by Wilde miscellaneous Elizabeth Wagmeister, LaBeouf was fired from the set because the actor “has a process that, in some ways, seems to require combat energy, and I personally don’t think that leads to the best performances.” I’m going to be the freelance translator here and say he likes hitting people a lot.

Wilde also told Wagmeister that in order to empower women on screen, “The guys don’t come in this movie. Only the women are here!” because nothing drives heterosexual men like me away from the movie more than the prospect of seeing a woman go down.

Should we believe Wilde when she says she fired LaBeouf for being LeDickhead?

no. LaBeouf says he quit the movie and that Wilde never fired him. And fetch receipts. Wrap the video…

Nothing says “I’m interested” like sending someone a video you filmed while they were driving. This is how I plan to wish my wife a happy 20th anniversary two weeks from now. Do you invoke this directive, lady? This video is sure to make it sound as though Wilde was more interested in getting Bowie clenching her teeth and muscles during days of filming with LaBeouf – much like Theron had to deal with Hardy’s aggressiveness during ‘Fury Road’ – rather than making Bowie feel ‘safe’ Wilde later claimed. The truth is perhaps more messy than all of that, but it’s also less interesting. Especially when you think about what happened next.

Florence Pugh in

Florence Poe in “Don’t Worry Baby.”

Courtesy of Warner Bros . Pictures

what was that

LaBeouf was replaced by Styles, which Wilde claims she had always wanted for the role but couldn’t hire due to Styles’ ongoing commitments as one of the biggest pop stars in the world. Styles had acting experience, most notably in Christopher Nolan’s World War II epic “Dunkirk”. I don’t remember which character of Styles played in this movie. I don’t remember any character from that movie, really. Probably because none of them rebounded in front of the camera. Who says?

So hiring tactics puts an end to all the drama, right?

[Bart Simpson voice] Au contire, mon frère. After Styles boarded the ship, he and Wilde got on with it. There was a spike in sugar in watermelon. Wilde and Sudeikis eventually broke up, as the Sudeikis members were presenting Wilde’s custody papers to their children while she was on stage at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. I wish Liz Smith, the New York Post gossip columnist, was still alive to report this news, and use the word “canoodling” five times in each paragraph.

Talking about another, their sixth page Reports (grain of salt) that Pugh was pushed back by Wilde and Styles’ affair, which may or may not have started when Wilde was still in an affair with the Sudeikis. In addition, Bog said Harper’s Bazaar She had never felt so empowered by “The only girls in the Wild crack nuts here!” Filming policy, given that her on-camera orgasm was the main attraction of the first “DWD” trailer.

Florence Pugh takes a selfie at the world premiere of the movie

Florence Pugh poses for a selfie at the world premiere of “Don’t Worry Baby” at the Venice Film Festival on September 5, 2022.

Luca Damicco

Did they all end up settling their differences in the appraiser?

I hope. But unfortunately not. No, instead they all agreed to meet in Temecula, and I mean in Temecula Venice. There, Pugh skipped a “DWD” press despite being often in town for it (and is said to be Skip the New York premiere). Patterns have arrived Away, aloof, alone From Wilde, which must mean something because no two lovers are allowed to travel separately. Styles also announced that the movie was a “film”, which surprised many in the audience and gave birth to a pineapple me me that has already been ground into dust. wild Internet accused From being mean and curious (us? Never). And Styles was captured on camera appearing to spit into Pine’s lap at the premiere, although no spit was visible anywhere in the show. video from the accident. Split it Zapruder-style as you like, but I’m pretty sure my mom’s favorite pop star wouldn’t openly spit on one of his co-stars in a place where everyone on the cursed planet could see him do it.

Where does this all leave?

Nowhere. But I would like to direct you to This series of tweets He explains how Wilde’s mother once ran for Congress in Virginia against the confusingly named Denver Rigelman, accusing Rigelman of being a troll for Bigfoot. Perhaps Riggleman would like to see a Bigfoot orgasm on camera one day. However, to this day, Riggleman Negates accusations. He also defeated Om Wilde in that particular election. This doesn’t really have anything to do with “don’t worry baby”, but are you going to leave it out of this blog post? of course not.

Florence Pugh and Harry Styles in

Florence Poe and Harry Styles in “Don’t Worry Baby.”

Courtesy of Warner Bros . Pictures

OK, but is the movie any good?

That’s really the question, isn’t it? After all, “Fury Road” was so good that it managed to bypass the controversy behind its production. If “DWD” coming out at the end of this month was a good movie too, no one would care about petty affairs or grudges or spit it wasn’t. But I didn’t get a screener for the movie from Warner Brothers, so for now I have to rely on other critics to give me an idea of ​​what the store has in store for me. This is what is one of them, Richard Lawson of Vanity Fairthink about it:

“[A] A pile of faded versions of things that were better done elsewhere, years ago.”

Lawson wasn’t alone in making that opinion, and that’s the real tragedy here. I suppose all celebrities hate each other all the time. The overall issue of Olivia Wilde Versus Her Cast is good and interesting, but not exactly shocking. The biggest surprise, and certainly the worst, would be for the better part of Wilde’s directing career to be behind her, rather than in front of her.

But good directors are allowed to fail, and so I hope, in all seriousness, that this whole scandal will end in limbo. Not because Wilde wanted to be forgotten, but because she ended up with a more memorable movie compared to him.

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