‘Fire Country’ Synopsis: Season 1 Episode 12: Did the Bode/Gabriela Kiss?

This week on CBS’ Sunday special. fire countryIn the midst of getting the big news, Freddy finds time to play the (re)match maker, while a mysterious new threat emerges….

The catalyst for Sunday’s AFC Championship post-game was a plane flying into the sky and it exploded, blew an engine or something, and it went all the way to the ground. The parachutist was found alive and well, hanging out in a tree, but his plane exploded shortly after crashing, starting multiple fires on the mountainsides.

Manyy’s Three Rock inmates team up with the crew of Vince Station 42 to fight the fires, with recurring concerns being Michael’s “forever” house. instinctive anatomy shooter” O’Neil. Despite Vince’s pleas (and some failed PSYOPS for Jake and Eve), Harlan Denbaugh insists he stay put, instead charging the firefighters with protecting his house.

Amidst all this, Freddie learns from Sharon that his pregnant girlfriend Cookie was on her way to visit when she went into labor but managed to make it to the firehouse to deliver her baby (as seen earlier).

Elsewhere, we meet a new “nugget” (aka a kid from Cal Fire alum) named Colin (played by Days of Our Lives / Y&RZach Tinker), who stepped on the wrong rock on his first day, in the midst of a crash fire, and lands a falling boulder that nearly crushes some of Manny’s crew. Gabriella took the blame, fearing her fellow “hunk” wouldn’t get a fair jolt from going off, but Coleen eventually countered the literal misstep.

Upon realizing that Gabriella and others have already seen the child he has yet to meet, Freddy breaks away from the crew and begins making tracks for town, but Bud, with Gabriela watching, convinces him to do the right thing and stay put. . Freddie’s perseverance will pay off, however, when Manny later drives him to Leon’s house, where Vince and Sharon offer to let Cookie and Crash the newborn overnight – allowing the proud new dad to see and spend time with his baby girl.

Speaking of Freddy: When he wasn’t itching to see his son, he was pushing Gabe to give Bode another chance (after Bode panicked her by hitting on that last biker ring). In fact, before he left to meet his daughter, Freddie definitely He advised Bodhi to go check his gear in the laundry – where he finds Bud Gabriella waiting for him. Bodie pledges his cause, luring Gabe into a passionate kiss. Gabriella breaks down to say that they each need to do some work and become their best selves, and once Bode has had his time, they can untangle the “gift” that awaits them. But… a hotter second kiss suggests that both of them are really inclined to loosen things up now, even though Gabi somehow dragged herself away from that hot second snatch.

So, Freddy is a new dad… We have a movement on the #Bodiela front… Harlan’s house was on fire, but not before he got his sick wife and then/he barely made it to safety…. And Manny told Vince and Sharon that he was going to take some extra time to sort out his finances and find him a place. This was the happy news.

Somewhere in between, the question of who Sharon will receive a donor kidney becomes complicated, since Bode is a match and willing (but Sharon is reluctant to accept his offer), while Jake claimed he is not a match but is actually an IS.

Unquestionably bad news front? A closing sequence revealed that an unseen figure is roaming the woods with a gas-powered torch, maliciously starting the flames…. It’s so easy to guess that Colin is the “nugget” that appears at random? Or maybe that imprisoned lady lawyer, caused an uproar because she couldn’t get Bodhi?

What do you think of the episode “Two Pink Lines”?

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