Former drummer DAVE LOMBARDO is collaborating with his wife on new project VENAMORIS

Legendary drummer Dave Lombardo (the killerAnd the fantomasAnd the certificateAnd the Mr. bungleAnd the bad behaviorAnd the dead cross) joined his wife Paula In a new project called Vinamores.

Founded in 2021 with what can only be called, the stellar impact, Vinamores It was launched as a result of some persistent persuasion on Davebit. “After several months of meeting Paula In 2010, she hesitantly shared with me her decade-long career as lead backup singer. Wayne Newton. She later played a role on some of the demos she had recorded over the years, and was impressed by her soothing, rich vocal tone and natural, instinctive ability to harmonize. I was determined to persuade her to return to her creativity. It’s been a very grateful journey to watch this music come to life.”

Canadian born singer/songwriter Paula Lombardo, who performs vocals and piano for this project, bursts with vulnerability and familiarity, dealing with a wide range of emotions: anger, healing, pain, and hope. it is obvious that Vinamores Founded on love, passion, communication, respect and trust. Someone thriving in music encouraged the other, who had given up on music to find his way again. It is the result of many late nights with much wine, and more exposed truth: the diary of a hearing couple being so generously shared with the world.

Last month , Dave He collaborated with his wife on a “love song” called “the gift”. On December 19th, the Cuban-born musician took part Andy WallisCreate a video of the track via his site Youtube channel, and wrote in an accompanying message: “A romantic love song for the holiday season that my wife and I wrote.”

“the gift” Written and recorded by him Paula And the Dave Lombardo And it was mastered John Golden From Golden mastery.

During a recent Q&A session with UK readers metal hammer magazine, Lombardo He was asked if he would join the killer guitar player Kerry KingThe new band Lou was contacted about it. He replied, “I knew it was coming. Right now I’m working on so many other projects that I won’t be able to accept it. New.” dead crossAnd the Mr. bungle… The pandemic has stopped a lot of things, so we need to do some catching up there. Besides, he has Paul Bostaff [playing with him]And I don’t think he should ask me.”

Lombardo He was also asked if he would play with him the killer again if the band got together and wanted him to be part of the line-up. He said, “I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. But, yeah, I’ll listen to everything they say. That’s it. You can’t go any further.”

Lombardowhich has spent most of recent years among the pioneers of the crossover suicidal tendenciesHorror villain icons bad behaviorhardcore supergroup dead cross And the Mr. bunglewas actually expelled from the killer After exiting the group’s Australian tour in February/March 2013 due to a contract dispute with the other band members. It was later replaced by Bostaffwhich was previously the killerDrummer from 1992 until 2001.

shortly after his dismissal, Lombardo He said he discovered that 90 percent of the killerTouring income was deducted as expenses, including management fees, costing the band millions and leaving them with about 10 percent to split four ways. While he and bassist/vocalist Tom Araya Auditors appointed to find out what happened, Lombardo He said he was never allowed to see any of the information obtained.

the killer It played its last ever show in November 2019 at The Forum in Los Angeles.

Lombardo is back certificate last year.

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