Georgia Tech SBNation has Q&A ahead of Saturday’s showdown with Ole Miss

SB Nation is fortunate enough to attract good people in From the Rumble Seat to write and bemoan the condition Georgia Tech football.

One of their authors, Josh Brundage, is also a purveyor of all the good places to get a cold beer, a hard drink, and generally have a good time in the Georgia Tech/Midtown area. So we emailed this Helova engineer to get some A to our Q about Saturday’s match between Ole Miss Georgia Tech plus some opinions on where to eat, drink and enjoy.

1.) How hot is Jeff Collins’ seat right now? Does beating the Ole Miss guarantee him another season at this point?

For starters, introduce a few of our biggest boosts shooter interview At the end of last season about his future. One of our boosters actually volunteered to pay the entire takeover to get rid of him, but our ad hired him, betting his career on Collins’ success this year. There is no way to hold either of them without at least 6 wins and a pot berth, no matter how crazy that pot is. It’s hard to see a world without a new head coach and head coach next year, especially with our schedule.

Vegas has a Tech gross of 3.5 this season, and I’d bet a mortgage payment if I were a gambler. We have one of the toughest dates in football this season and our best players and coaches have left this past season. Collins is a walking dead man.

Most of us fans are torn between wanting technology to play well and winning, as well as wanting to launch Jeff Collins into the sun. It took until the second week of his fourth year in office for him to score his 10th win here. As you will see by the GT fans in attendance on Saturday, his tenure was very poor and created a lot of apathy from the fans.

In addition to the field producer, he is very hostile towards the local media, has repeatedly thrown Paul Johnson under the bus for his struggles in the first two years, and has a tendency to block anyone who says anything negative on Twitter. This post is above his head, and it shows.

2.) GT appears to have had some success running the ball against the WCU. What’s your offensive plan this week if you’re playing the OC?

My game plan will be to install Flexbone this week while training so as to burn off as much possession as possible from the Triple Option and reduce Lane Kiffin to 7-8 offensive possessions of the game.

If we don’t, I hope we live through to the mid-range completion that gave Sims so much success against Clemson’s vaunted defense. Tech couldn’t run the ball at all against Clemson, so I’d be interested to see how much success they had on the ground against the Ole Miss after last week’s success against the WCU.

In short, Tech lost a game she was supposed to win and won a game she was supposed to win, and offensive play looked very different to both. We don’t really know Tech’s strengths yet, and I think we’ll learn a lot about this team on Saturday.

3.) What was working for GT vs. Clemson?

The defense actually played really well and received somehow more pressure in that match than against the WCU. It was a tight match for three quarters, and the bottom line doesn’t show how much Tech stuck with them for most of the match until they were caught by a lack of depth.

As I mentioned earlier, our attack had a lot of success in the mid-range passing game. Our offensive streak isn’t great, but it looks like they’ve given Sims enough time to find those shorter completions. Besides the opening play interception, I don’t remember Tech attempting another deep ball in the game.

Tech runs a basic 4-2-5 defense, but moves in and out of a 3-3-5 they’ve had some success against against happy passing teams. Again, the opponents Tech played this year were on opposite ends of the spectrum, so this will be a “show me” game for Collins’ future as Tech’s HC because we still don’t quite know what to do with the 2022 Yellow Vests.

4.) What players can change the course of this game for Georgia Tech?

This may sound counterintuitive, but Ole Miss has more talent and is a huge favourite, and I think Georgia Tech’s hopes are entirely on Dart making so many bad decisions. I don’t think Tech’s attack can go on penalties, and the Ole Miss would score a bunch of points against our defense otherwise.

If the Tech defense can force Dart to pick early to excite him a bit and maintain defensive pressure, I think the homefield advantage could come in handy, and we could have reasons to be upset. It probably takes defensive touchdowns or special teams for Tech to get a surprise shot.

However, if Dart is sitting there with the time to throw and hit open receivers, it’s going to be a long day at Bobby Dodd for the Jackets.

5.) Transfer DE Jared Ivey has 1.5 sacks through two Ole Miss games after leaving Georgia Tech. What do you think the rebels expect from him on Saturday?

Knowing how it goes here in Atlanta and Georgia Tech, he’s probably going to have the game of his life… I don’t think there was any drama with him in the transition – like a bunch of other players and coaches, he was just leaving a ship. I was expecting two kisses and a forced stumble on Saturday from Ivy alone. Sure enough, he was underutilized in his time here.

6.) For Ole Miss fans traveling to Bobby Dodd, what advice would you give when going to a match there?

You were right to come to me for this. Eating and drinking in Atlanta, and specifically Midtown, is one of my greatest hobbies.

The back door scene is very unique, as the tech campus has been broken into downtown, the densest part of Atlanta. Find an open spot of grass and set up a place that looks out over the horizon. If you’re buying a local beer for your back door, 3 Taverns is my favorite brewery in town, as well as a book’s favorite in From seat rumble.

If you’re feeling more rowdy, the 5th St Bridge is also a fun back door sight.

Off campus…

For starters, don’t under any circumstances be fooled into wasting a meal at The Varsity. Yes, it’s a popular Atlanta staple, but it’s trash, and no one who lives here actually eats there.

If you’re in that vicinity, craving a dive bar, and want some wings, let me direct you to another Atlanta staple, the JR Crickets. Don’t be alarmed by the armed guard outside – he’s just the host.

If you have a car and are able to drive after the game, The Local on Ponce has some of the best suites in town. You should get wings while you’re here, if you haven’t caught that yet. Actually, this is my Atlanta Pavilion Guide for easy reference.

If you’re looking for more seating, Cypress St Pint and Plate is a stone’s throw from campus and is the perfect combination of a dive bar and vibey fun restaurant. Don’t miss our $3 home drafts. This place can also get noisy and crowded on game days, but in a fun way.

One of my favorite spots in the whole city is Ponce, a viet-cajun restaurant called Bon Ton. They also have an excellent cocktail program that specializes in tiki drinks. It’s more expensive than a dive bar, but not bad. If you are looking for a unique and exotic place in Atlanta – this is for you. It is always the first place I take visitors. There is also an excellent brewery across the street with games inside called Torched Hop.

There are also a few great bars in Westside, across from Midtown that include Ormsbys, Monday Night Brewing, and everyone’s favorite night dive, the Northside Tavern.

If none of these tickle your fancy or if you want to experience a neighborhood not directly adjacent to the stadium, hit me on twitterI’d be happy to share some recommendations!

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