Glenn Heights Thanks Communities for Helping with Fires; Determines the special election

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Glenn Heights Mayor Pro TM Sonya Brown called the meeting at 7:07 p.m. on Tuesday, August 2nd. I started by telling visitors that there are two important events coming up. The first is a back-to-school celebration that will be held at Red Oak High School in association with Red Oak ISD from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, August 6th. ISD will be held from 9 a.m. to noon at DeSoto High School on Saturday, August 13.

City Manager David Hall began the public comment portion of the meeting saying he needed to tell the council, the public, city employees, the fire department, the police department and the public works group how grateful the city is for everyone’s response in bringing the hundreds of acres of fires that broke out the previous Friday and Saturday. Hall also expressed his thanks and appreciation for the regional response with assistance coming from agencies surrounding the extensive Glenn Heights. Keith Moore, director of public safety, also thanked. Moore was next to address the citizens and council.

Moore also began by thanking everyone who helped with the lawn fires, and went on to name dozens of agencies in the communities around the metroplex. On Friday, 23 fire departments assisted with more than 60 pieces of equipment to fight the fires. When the fires broke out again in the same area on Saturday, six departments came back to help.

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Pro Mayor Tim Brown echoed his thanks and said the cooperation received is indicative of the progress the city is making in the capital. As indicated by it Senator Royce West He was instrumental in getting some forest equipment to help clear all the bushes. Carl Sherman has also helped with social media and in sharing information to the public. Council members Shaunt Allen and Emma Ebay also expressed their gratitude.

Glen Heights August 2 City Council Summary

Ms. Penny Storey then addressed the board about the need for the bond and her feelings that it had to be “the right bond”. She said an architect was proposing a plan cost between $1 million and $1.3 million. Storey said there will be a meeting to get the opinions of citizens and urged everyone to come and express their views. She noted that the meeting will take place on Wednesday at Red Oak High School. She also discussed the possibility of selling the old Shields Elementary School to raise funds and allow companies that pay taxes to come to the site.

Tina Arjanin spoke about Procurement and Bidding Policy and whether Capital Expenditures are approved in Budget Bids may not need to come to the Board for award and if this is true and there could be clarification. She also wondered if the city manager could approve change orders totaling less than $50,000.

Robert Rodriguez thanked everyone for the fire-related efforts to repair the old areas of the city. He thanked the staff, the board and the former Mayor of Lyon Tate For contributions when he was in hospital and how his family was helped during that time.

Council member Ipaye moved to convey approval of item number 2 of the agenda. The proposal was approved and passed unanimously. CM Hall asked for a rationale for bringing up this issue. She was told that the case had nothing to do with the bidding procedure but was only discussing the authority of the city manager. CM Hall added that the goal was to simplify things and make the decree reflect what had already been done.

Clifford Blackwell, Deputy city manager Discuss the tax rate and agree on the proposed ad valorem tax rate for the next fiscal year. He noted that since the value of real estate has increased significantly, the effective tax rate required will decrease. Actual proposals should be published and discussed in future meetings, so keep an eye on your future Focus on the daily news For details on the city’s proposed new tax rates.

Then the council discussed the reasons for the absence of council member Alisha M. Brown. After the discussion, her absence was considered reasonable and she excused them.

Item 4 on the agenda was to take action on the automatic resignation of Council Member Shawn Allen So you can run for mayor in the upcoming November elections. She will continue in her position until a new replacement is voted on to replace her in fifth place.

Brandi Brown, the city secretary, has introduced item 5 on the agenda to approve Resolution R-19-22 authorizing elections on November 8 to elect a new mayor and council members for places 2, 4 and 6. A special election for the council will be a place 5 to fill the remaining term of Mrs. Allen.

The meeting adjourned at 8:02 pm.

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