Hands-on: Ecobee unveils Smart Thermostat range with air quality monitoring, premium design and more

Ecobee, the maker of popular smart home accessories, has acquired the coils of two new smart thermostats joining its lineup today. the new Smart Thermostat Premium and Smart Thermostat Enhanced Offers larger 4-inch screens, a completely redesigned interface, HomeKit integration, and more.

Head below for the full details on Ecobee’s new smart thermostat lineup, with some hands-on experience and feedback as well..

Smart Thermostat Premium

First , Smart Thermostat Premium It is the new advanced smart thermostat option from Ecobee. The Smart Thermostat Premium features an all-new design with a 4-inch screen and a design made with higher quality materials. The 4-inch screen has a 540 x 540 resolution, and one of the biggest changes is that the new design helps the screen blend into the edges so there’s less gap between the screen and the edges of the thermostat.

While the previous generation of Ecobee thermostats had a predominantly plastic design, the new Smart Thermostat Premium uses a zinc body, giving it a more premium design – especially on the side. There’s also what Ecobee describes as a “glass face and smooth waterfall edges that create a timeless look and feel.”

In terms of functionality, the new Smart Thermostat Premium distinguishes itself by incorporating a compact air quality monitor for the first time. The air quality monitor displays information about indoor air quality, including relative humidity, estimated volatile organic compounds, and estimated carbon dioxide levels. Air quality information can be viewed directly from the Smart Thermostat Premium screen and via the Ecobee app for iOS.

The Smart Thermostat Premium interface has also been redesigned to make better use of the larger screen and incorporate new data from the air quality monitor.

The more responsive screen is 50% larger than previous models and features a more vibrant and vivid resolution, while the updated user interface embraces ecobee’s signature circular shape and improves ease of navigation. Larger temperature sliders make changing the temperature easy, and an easy-to-find menu helps users discover and interact with new features.

Finally, Smart Thermostat Premium is fully integrated into the Apple ecosystem. This includes HomeKit support and “Hey Siri” support (as long as you have a file HomePod or HomePod mini on the same network), support broadcast. There’s also built-in Bluetooth, Alexa support, and smoke alarm monitoring, too.

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A more affordable alternative to Smart Thermostat Premium is the new Smart Thermostat Enhanced from Ecobee (improved

One difference with the Smart Thermostat Enhanced is that the thermostat body is made of the classic white plastic design of earlier Ecobee models. This means you miss out on the sleek new zinc look of the Smart Thermostat Premium.

The Smart Thermostat Enhanced features HomeKit integration, but it doesn’t have a built-in speaker or microphone to support Siri, AirPlay, Spotify, or Bluetooth. This also means that you miss out on the smoke alarm detection features as well. These integrations are exclusive to Smart Thermostat Premium, which features the hardware needed to power them.

Other than those limitations, the only other difference between the two new Ecobee thermostats is that the Smart Thermostat Premium includes a separate Ecobee Smart sensor in the box, while you’ll have to purchase one separately to pair with the Smart Thermostat Premium.

Take 9to5Mac

I’ve been testing the new Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium for the past several weeks, and it’s a really nice upgrade over the voice-controlled Smart Thermostat. Reviewed again in 2019. The real change to the standout in my opinion is the more premium design and larger screen. The difference in design is immediately noticeable as soon as the Smart Thermostat Premium is taken out of the box.

If you read my review of the Smart Thermostat with Voice Control from 2019, one of the biggest complaints (and one of the only ones) was the white plastic design. The Smart Thermostat Premium’s new zinc design and larger screen address these concerns with great success.

The built-in air quality monitor is a very useful addition as well. While other companies offer smart, stand-alone solutions for monitoring air quality, it’s a good idea to have the functionality built directly into your thermostat. I wish the air quality data could be accessed via HomeKit, but for now the only ways to view the information seem to be in the Ecobee app and on the thermostat itself.

As far as installation goes, the Ecobee’s guided process is as good as ever. I had no problems switching the Smart Thermostat with Voice Control and replacing it with the new Smart Thermostat Premium, although you should make sure you use the updated mounting bracket included with the new model.

As always, the real strength of smart thermostats like these from Ecobee are scheduling and automation, along with features like occupancy detection. With cross-platform support for HomeKit, Alexa, the Ecobee app, and the Google Assistant, Ecobee smart thermostats give you a number of different options in the business.

I’ll get more details in a full review soon, but the new Smart Thermostat Premium is a continuation of Ecobee’s range of HomeKit-compatible smart thermostats. With extensive support for HomeKit, AirPlay, and more, Smart Thermostat Premium and Smart Thermostat Enhanced are perfect additions to the Apple ecosystem.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium is Available to buy starting today for $249.99, while the Smart Thermostat Enhanced is Available for $189.99.

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