How Artificial Intelligence Is Making Starting A Business Easier Than Ever

There has never been a better and easier time to start a business.

Artificial intelligence Technology is removing barriers to entry for aspiring entrepreneurs, who represent a meaningful segment of the US population. 2021 exploratory study A Harris Poll survey found that 61 percent of Americans have an idea for a business, but are frustrated by the lack of access to business tools and knowledge about how to get started. The founders behind a new set of AI-powered platforms envision a world where, rather than needing an MBA, you can leverage technology to help start your business.

For budding entrepreneurs looking for an all-in-one platform to provide guidance and help starting a business, there is sewing brandsthat was launched In 2014 as a simple logo creator before adding additional features designed to help entrepreneurs start small businesses. Requiring just a brand name and some basic information about the state of the business, the system can create a custom to-do list for founders, including items such as securing a domain name, launching a website, registering as an LLC, and obtaining trademark approvals.

Tailor Brands CEO Yali Sarr hopes that by providing a framework for people to build their businesses, entrepreneurs will have more time to spend perfecting their specific product or service. “We try to create a world where building your business is easy, and you are actually measured by the quality of your product or service,” says Sarr.

One service that Tailor Brands does not currently offer is copywriting. Making sure your social media content and advertising is SEO friendly and precisely formatted for your target audience is key if you want to increase your brand awareness and growth. One of the companies that provide such services is pluralisma Content Intelligence Solutions platform founded in 2020 to help companies discover their “brand voice” and ensure that their messages are always defined to engage their target audience.

The Pluralytics algorithm assigns a “value” to each single word in a given post, such as “confident” or “active,” and then scores those posts against a custom benchmark set up to replicate the post’s target audience values, according to co-founder Alyssa Miller. Business owners can Then turn their writing into science, using the data to make sure every word is as effective as possible in converting ad viewers into customers. As an example, Miller says that an algorithm can identify subtle differences between words that have the same meaning, such as Give Reverse Donates.

While Pluralytics can be useful in improving content that has already been written, jasper, which bills itself as an “AI Content Platform”, goes even further by creating completely original materials from scratch. Founders can choose from a large variety of forms, such as a ‘video text’ or a ‘property listing’, and then submit a brief description of the intended message. The software then crafts a customized version in the style chosen by the founder.

According to CEO and co-founder Dave Rogenmoser, Jasper hasn’t been able to create completely perfect flyers yet, with most needing to do some editing and cleaning up after the event, but he estimates that the software gets most customers “about 80 percent of the way there.” For some entrepreneurs, Rugenmoser says, the most useful thing than automating copywriting is simply Eliminate the feeling of staring at a blank page and not knowing where to begin.

What is the broader impact of these types of tools on the business world? According to Tailor Brands’ Saar, “We’ll see freelancers become a larger part of the economy because of these AI platforms, which allow freelancers to do whatever they need to do themselves.”

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