How to change your Apple Watch face

Several Apple Watch Series 8 units with different faces

Apple’s selection of faces has grown exponentially in recent years.

Image: Apple

Maybe you want to personalize the new Apple Watch you just got ready, or you want to rekindle your love for an old Apple Watch. Either way, the quickest way to do this is to swap out your current face for something new.

Not only is Apple always adding new faces, but new complications also provide the opportunity to get invaluable information with just a glance on your wrist. Let us show you how easy it is to completely change the look and functionality of your Apple Watch with just a few clicks.

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NB: The instructions provided here should work with any Apple Watchincluding series 1 up Series 8Beside Both generations of Apple Watch SEand the Apple Watch Ultra.

How to change the Apple Watch face

  • the required materials: Apple Watch, the iPhone it’s connected to.

Apple provides a large selection of faces that can be found in face gallery Department of Watch app on your iPhone.

Your first task is to find the person you want. This may take a minute or two, given the number available. Once you’ve found the theme or combination you’d like to choose from, tap on the specific face you’ve chosen.

Then, you will be shown the options available for that face. For simplistic faces, these may be limited to colors or fonts. For more complex faces, you’ll need to set up your own “complications,” small app-like components of your watch face that do things like show your activity progress, sports scores, different weather forecasts, and more. The complications available will depend on the facial you choose.

Once everything is set to your liking, just click Add next to the watch face preview at the top of the page. This will add the created watch face to the My Watch section of the app, and make it available to switch to on your Apple Watch.

Several screenshots of the Apple Watch app as seen when creating and selecting a watch face

The first and second screenshots show the different options, while the third shows the interface you’ll see once you select one and start customizing.

Michael Griveaux/ZDNET

For the second step, you will need an Apple Watch.

First, make sure you’re on the current watch face, and not inside any menu apps. Once there, tap on the screen and hold your finger there for about two seconds. You should get some haptic feedback and your current watch face will shrink, revealing the menu we’ll use to switch it on.

Here you can scroll through the default faces, as well as the ones you created in the first step. Once you’ve found the one you’d like to switch to, you can either tap it to instantly set it as your active watch face, or you can customize it further by tapping Modification Below is a preview of the face.

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Editing faces this way is great for quickly swapping out a complication or two, but it can be a bit cumbersome to make big changes. If you’re planning on completely revamping an existing watch face, it might be a good idea to go back to your iPhone for an easier time.

Once you are done editing, you can click digital crown To return to the face selector menu, where you can tap on your completed face to set it as active. If you change your mind at the last minute and decide you don’t like any of the faces you’ve created, you can also swipe all the way to the right and tap new For a way to see the full gallery of faces on your watch. However, this is another time I would recommend re-using your iPhone to make things easier.

3 Screenshots of the Apple Watch face swap menu

The first two screenshots show faces that can be set as your current face as is, or edited by clicking the button below it. The New button takes you to a full copy of the Face Gallery right from your Apple Watch.

Michael Griveaux/ZDNET

questions and answers

How do I delete a face that I don’t want anymore?

Example of steps to delete Apple Watch faces

The green circles mark the three buttons you’ll need to paste in to delete the face.

Michael Griveaux/ZDNET

Go to the Watch app on your iPhone and tap on File my watch to divide. There, you will see a file Modification Click the button and you’ll see a list of all the faces you’ve created, each displaying a Red delete button on his left. When you choose the person you want to delete, tap the red button, then tap Remove option that pops up. This will remove the custom face from this list and from the available faces on your Apple Watch. If you change your mind later, you can always recreate the face from the Face Gallery using the Watch app on your iPhone and the steps above.

Where can I find new faces for the Apple Watch?

A section of Apple's Face Gallery in the Apple Watch app

This is where you’ll find any new official faces Apple makes available.

Michael Jarivo/ZDNET

The easiest way to find new watch faces as they’re released by Apple is to look in the New Watch Faces section of the Face Gallery, as shown above. Any new offers released by Cupertino will appear here.

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If you’ve gone through a slew of first-party offerings made by Apple and still can’t find something that works for you, consider one of the customizable faces offered by the company, such as Pictures Flip, which allows you to set your own photos as wallpaper or layout painting Face, which is the same with some cool effects for faces, people, and pets.

If you are still I can’t find anything you like, Third party applications such as Facer They can be used to create user-customizable faces that can be added to the Apple Watch. However, there is a big catch when using third party options like these. Faces created by Facer and other similar apps basically work like an app, not an official watch face. This creates some issues accessing your home screen via the Digital Crown, and may require you to manually restart the Facer watch face occasionally. I’d recommend sticking with Apple’s first-party options unless you don’t like them all.

What are some tips for choosing a facial and complications?

Your watch face is a very personal set of decisions based on your daily activities, aesthetic preferences, and technical needs. There are so many variables involved in choosing, it’s impossible to create a guide that’s perfect for everyone. So, I’m just going to offer a few general tips below that should help narrow down the many options out there for something more manageable.

  • Choose a form or function from scratch Some users will want the maximum amount of information a face like the Modular series can provide, while others will prefer a more minimalist option like Vapor that fits their aesthetic or matches their existing look. First, figure out which end of the spectrum you’re on, or opt for a middling option like Metropolitan that offers some complexities without cluttering the entire screen.
  • Select the information you need most often – even on the largest Apple Watch Series 8 And Apple Watch Ultra Screens, space is limited. This means that you have to memorize the complexities available to get the information you need quick access to multiple times a day. Save anything less important for access via the appropriate app.
  • Consider setting up multiple faces to quickly switch between work and play Need constant access to your activity results, heart rate, and other metrics on gym days, but can’t care less about them on cheat days or while you’re at work? Just make two facials for each part of your routine. Switching between them only takes seconds, but can save a lot of time later.
  • Try the vertical watch face – This recently introduced face works like iOS 16 home screen, allowing the elements in the image of your choice to slightly overlay the time and date, creating the illusion that your chosen subject is in front of the time. Cool effects work better with some photos than others, so take a bunch of portrait shots of your kids, puppy, or partner and experiment with a few different positions for best effect.

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