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American men have been everywhere world Cup So far… except for the last one, the 1938 edition, and every one between 1950 and 1990.

Some of the trips were momentous occasions that moved the sport in the United States forward. Some of them experienced a country that ignored football for a generation or three. And some may bring up painful memories, in which case American readers might be advised to skip to number six or so.

Here is the order of men’s World Cup trips to the US in reverse order.

10) 1934 (first round)

eyelash. You missed it. The second-ever World Cup took place in a knockout style, and the American men were out well and real, losing 7-1 to the host, Italy, in the opening match. The United States had barely mustered a team for the occasion and their participation was limited to A.J Four days whirlwind: Meeting Pope Pius XI, and winning the first qualifying match for the World Cup (4-2 against Mexico) against Benito Mussolini, and the hosts crushed it.

9) 1998 (group stage)

Casey Keeler tries in vain to prevent Iran from achieving one of its goals during its victory over the United States in 1998.
Casey Keeler tries in vain to prevent Iran from achieving one of its goals during its victory over the United States in 1998. Photo: Patrick Kovarik/EPA

Everything was going fine. The United States had acquitted themselves well at the 1994 World Cup on home soil before record crowds, defying expectations that the tournament would fail in a country apathetic to soccer. And they went on to beat Argentina in the 1995 Copa America and Brazil in the 1998 Gold Cup as well.

Then everything collapsed. internal opposition. Inexperienced aliens were inexplicably added to the list. John Harkes banished “captain for life”. Odd Tactics – 3-6-1 method produced ThreeSixOne satirical magazineits name is an homage to the British magazine FourFourTwo.

The United States went winless in France, including a 2-1 loss to a poorly regarded but highly motivated Iran, whom the team frequently teased. On the bright side, the sportsmanship between the two teams Despite the political undercurrents that have been well received. A small step forward for US-Iranian diplomacy, a giant step back for American men’s soccer, which would begin to endure taunts comparing the men to an American women’s team that was eagerly taking the spotlight.

8) 2006 (group stage)

Brian McBride's bloody face became the iconic image of the 2006 USA campaign
Brian McBride’s bloody face became the iconic image of the 2006 USA campaign. Photo: Ivan Secretarev/Associated Press

A team full of 2002 World Cup veterans, most of whom are still in their prime. Bruce Arena, the mastermind of 2002, is still in charge. A convincing run to first place in the CONCACAF qualifiers that included A.J dos sero victory over Mexico.

But the Czech Republic beat the United States in the opening match of the group stage, winning 3-0. A brutal and outlandish match with Italy followed, and the United States earned respect in world football for it Flexible score 1-1 and earn respect from the mainstream American media who watched Brian McBride’s bloody face, a product of Daniele De Rossi’s elbow, and realized that footballers are a little tougher than they thought. A win over Ghana would have sent the USA to the playoffs, but two critical errors resulted in a 2-1 loss.

7) 1990 (group stage)

The United States has overtaken Italy in 90, but it is back on the world stage after a long time
The United States has overtaken Italy in 90, but it is back on the world stage after a long time. Photo: PA Images/Alamy

Look, they did it, okay? The Trance “Paul Caligiuri”Shot around the worldTrinidad’s long-running circuit effort that ended the American men’s 40-year spell in the World Cup wilderness could not be undone by a predictable early ejection in Italy.

Czechoslovakia overtook the United States 5-1, with Caligiuri scoring the only goal for the starters. The 1-0 defeat against Italy was a moral victoryHowever, the team left with a 2-1 loss to Austria despite playing against 10 men for most of the match. But getting there before hosting in 1994 was the most important part. To ask more from a team with little professional experience would be too much.

6) 1950 (group stage)

If we classify the World Cup ToysAnd the 1-0 win over mighty England, who finally agree to play well and test their mettle against the rest of the world, will be near the top. After all, no other game has been made into a feature film starring Patrick Stewart. (Unfortunately, it was submitted Many historical inaccuracies which were not present in the book, and were Box office bomb.)

But it is difficult to rank the 1950 World Cup higher than the tournaments in which the United States advanced to the group stage. In Brazil, they didn’t even come close, after losing 3-1 to Spain and losing 5-2 to Chile, securing a win over England.

However, the United States led most of the way against Spain, and it’s hard to argue with that famous win over England. It would be another 44 years before the United States won another World Cup game. (Well, 41 — American women won it all in 1991, even though that was technically called the “First M&M Cup Women’s Soccer World Championship.”)

5) 1994 (Round of 16)

The United States celebrates their victory over Colombia in front of their fans
The United States celebrates their victory over Colombia in front of their fans. Photo: Sean Bottrell/Getty Images

In the face of global skepticism, the team, organizers and ticket buyers were handed over when the World Cup arrived in the United States.

Mixing two US-based players with a few pros in Europe, colorful coach Bora Milutinovic made the most of an understated group. Eric Wynalda, who was sent off in 1990, scored a stunning free kick to secure a 1-1 draw with Switzerland, earning the American men their first point in 44 years.

Next up: Colombia, one of the favorites for the tournament. The USA scored first with an own goal by Andres Escobar, who was killed Soon after returning home. Then Ramos, one of the brightest generation of American schoolchildren, repented. slid a pass to Ernie Stewart, born and raised in the Netherlands, for a medical termination. The 2-1 score gave the USA the points they needed to advance.

The rest of the run was unforgettable. The group match ended in a dismal 1-0 loss to Romania. The red card of the Brazilian Leonardo in the round of 16 match (on Independence Day) gave the United States some hope, but this mistake knocked Ramos out of the game. With John Harkes already out due to a pile-up of yellow cards, the midfield lacked punch, and Brazil won 1-0 to end the party.

4) 2010 (Round of 16)

all together now …

“Is things here in order United States of America? Can they do it here? Cross…and Dempsey was denied again…and Donovan scored! “

It wasn’t just that Goal went viral. The Interactions went viral. This video alone has 5.4 million views…

Yes, it was “only” a 1-0 win over Algeria, but context is everything.

Landon Donovan’s goal put the team who were fully deserving of a Round of 16 berth through. A year earlier, the United States had ended Spain’s 35-match unbeaten run at the Confederations Cup. In South Africa, The United States tied England 1-1, then fought back to tie Slovenia 2-2. After 90 minutes against a tough Algeria team, it looked as though the United States would go home to shady calls and missed shots. Tim Howard then sent the ball wide to midfield for Donovan, who kept running and was in a perfect position to take the rebound off a Clint Dempsey shot.

in knockout rounds, Ghana got rid of the United States for the second straight championship, winning 2-1 in overtime.

3) 2014 (Round of 16)

Tim Howard was in fantastic form against Belgium in 2014
Tim Howard was in fantastic form against Belgium in 2014. Photo: Ali Haider/EPA

Another cup, another viral moment. Or 16, is the number of balls saved by Tim Howard against a top-ranked Belgian side in the finale broke through in overtime to win 2-1leaving the United States to regret two chances to pull off their biggest World Cup upset since beating Portugal in 2002.

Howard set a World Cup record. Most importantly, it is became a meme. Creative Twitter users have broken down his image into various scenes where he stops the Titanic from sinking, saves fictional characters like Bambi’s mother, Ned Stark and Mufasa, and even stops Luis Suarez from biting Giorgio Chiellini.

The memorable loss should not overshadow what the United States accomplished before that, as they emerged from the Group of Death with a cathartic victory over rivals Ghana and a draw with Portugal (a solid performance that gave a late boon to Portugal’s goal). Germany defeated the United States 1-0, but goal difference remained close enough for the United States to advance to the match-up with Belgium.

2) 1930 (semi-finals).

The United States easily beat Belgium in the 1930 World Cup on the way to the semi-finals
The United States easily beat Belgium in the 1930 World Cup on the way to the semi-finals. Photo: PA Images/Alamy

How is a trip to the World Cup semi-finals, objectively speaking, the best result of the United States in the Men’s World Cup, and not in the first place? The caveat here is that only 13 teams entered. There was no qualification. Only four European teams could be bothered to make the trip to Uruguay.

But the United States was a legitimate soccer power at the time, having a thriving professional league through most of the 1920s – a fact easily forgotten by those who have inaccurately written off this team as a group of Englishmen and Scotsmen in red, white and blue. Yank thrashed Belgium 3-0 and did the same with Paraguay as Bert Patenaude notched his first ever World Cup hat-trick, even if FIFA didn’t recognize it as such. Another 76 years.

The 6-1 loss to Argentina in the semi-finals must have carried some asterisks, as Argentina benefited greatly from the referee’s indifference to the fact that the match was so. More street brawlsSome American players were left without a full set of teeth, a working knee, or an unbroken leg. In the days before substitutions, the USA could barely stand at end of the game.

1) 2002 (Quarter-finals)

The United States overtook old rival Mexico en route to the quarter-finals in 2002
The United States overtook old rival Mexico en route to the quarter-finals in 2002. Photo: Asahi Shimbun/Getty Images

You could say that this team was unlucky not to make it to the semi-finals after beating Germany, only to witness some heroics by goalkeeper Oliver Kahn and a missed handball on goal (from a shot by current US coach Greg Berhalter).

You could also say the 2002 team was lucky to get him that So far, thanks to a baffling Portuguese flames against South Korea that handed the United States second place in the group despite a shocking loss to Poland. Mexican fans may also have noticed that John O’Brien evaded a handball in the famous Round of 16 match.

But this team was a shining example of what the United States can accomplish when things go right. O’Brien and Claudio Reina were once healthy, and unfortunately each is rarely. Right-back Tony Sané was also at his best. And the duo of Landon Donovan and Demarcus Beasley, less than three years after taking the Ballon d’Or and Ballon Silver at the Under-17 World Cup, were ready to play at the senior level.

Unlike the 1930 World Cup, it was really the 2002 edition worldwide, with nearly 200 participating countries when you take into account the qualifying rounds. And the impact in the US was immediate with fans Filling sports bars In the middle of the night watching live, talking about games, over copious amounts of coffee at work after a few hours.

So the result is not measured only by victories – With a score of 3-2 on the golden generation in PortugalAnd the dos sero over Mexico. MLS, on the brink of collapse earlier in the year, has consolidated and moved forward. The massive mainstream sports media has just woken up to find itself in the soccer nation. finally.

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