I Trained Like Ashley Tisdale – Here’s What Happened

Over the years, I’ve tried many different exercises: spinning, running, HIIT, yogaAnd the pilates, you name it. I’m always open to trying a new form of exercise. But after trying so many different exercises, I started to wonder which one was actually the most beneficial for my body. The truth is that every movement is good, but every body is different. When you look deeper into your overall health, you can better understand what type of exercise is best for you.

Ashley Tisdale came to this realization when Her doctor told her she had thyroid problems. The Thyroid It plays an important role in providing the body with energy by secreting hormones and balancing metabolism. Ashley used to swear by CrossFit, but it requires a lot more energy in short bursts rather than a lower-impact workout that would require the same amount of energy over a longer period of time. Short workouts, like CrossFit, can put more stress on your thyroid gland. After learning about her health concerns and addressing her with her coach, Harley PasternakThey came up with a new exercise routine to help balance her hormones.

the exercise

The exercise is a combination of walking 14,000 steps a day and incorporating low-intensity workouts three days a week. This exercise may seem a lot easier than a HIIT class, but don’t be fooled. Just because it’s low-impact, it doesn’t mean you won’t sweat. While there are a variety of files Low-impact exercises you can do at home With minimal equipment, Ashley’s workouts include a cable machine, a seated abduction machine, and weights. I started doing 10-15 reps of oysters on one side. Next, you move on to do 10-15 reps of Triceps push-up with a reclining cable. After that, she did 10-15 reps of Sitting kidnapping Before moving on to a three-move circuit. This circle includes 20 reps from Resisted hip blowsAnd the lying dumbbell triceps extensionsAnd the weak cable hijack. I repeated this circuit five times.

my experience

My doctor told me that low-impact exercises like yoga, pilates, and Walking Useful for me because of my body type. So, needless to say, I was very keen to try out Ashley Tisdale’s routine. I started the week with the goal of hitting 14,000 steps. (I usually aim for 10,000, so I knew it would be a challenge.)

If you’re like me and work a desk job, you can relate to the lack of time in the day to get in your steps, let alone a workout. To achieve this, I decided to disassemble it. The morning before work, I woke up a little earlier than usual and started my day with half an hour of walking, which is the equivalent of 4,000 steps. Throughout my workday, I tried to incorporate walking whenever I could: take a meeting on foot, take my lunch break to walk, or simply get away from my desk for ten minutes to walk around the office as a mental health vacation. By the end of the day, I had taken another 3,000 steps. After work, I put down an audiobook and went for a long walk. This led me to finish my day with less than 14,000 steps.

As someone who doesn’t usually enjoy going to the gym, Ashley Tisdale’s strength training has been a bit out of my comfort zone. I took my time navigating through each exercise and found that while the machines were new to me, the exercises were easy to understand. By the time I came to repeat the circuit, I was definitely feeling the effects and confidence in my movements. In the end, the exercise took about 45 minutes to complete, and while I wasn’t sweating like I would in a class, I still felt tired and achy.


If you’ve learned anything about taking your steps, it’s important to spread them out throughout the day. Fourteen thousand steps can feel overwhelming, but by taking them apart, their achievement becomes much more achievable. I also thoroughly enjoyed starting my day with some fresh air and movement. I was able to go to work feeling fresh and mentally active. But the highlight of the Ashley workout experience was taking as many opportunities as possible to move around during the workday. sitting at the desk For eight hours is very harsh on the body and brain. By choosing to walk into meetings and breaks, I got more work done and ended the day feeling better than I did in the past.

Ashley Tisdale’s low-impact workout was a great combination for targeting different muscle groups. Plus, it made me feel like I was working my body without the hormonal effects I sometimes get from high intensity workouts. I didn’t repeat her strength training three times during the week because I like to switch it up. Instead, I did other low-impact exercises, including going to a yoga class and doing exercises at home fitness obĂ© Pilates exercise. In the end, I learned that just because exercise may seem less effective, it doesn’t mean it is. And if you’re looking for a way to stick to an exercise routine that doesn’t spike your hormones, Ashley Tisdale’s workout is a winner.

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