In layoff update, Amazon CEO tells workers ‘we plan to remove just over 18,000 roles’ TechCrunch

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Hi, I hope you have had a great Thursday so far. For me, it’s the little things that get me excited, and today Delta Airlines’ announcement that my Sky Miles frequent flyers, including yours truly, will Get free Wi-Fi Starting February 1st, you may also find something that interests you today. Let’s get into the news. – Christine

Top Techcrunch 3

  • After more layoffs: yesterday it was sales force; Today is Amazon. Although these layoffs were expected in recent months, today the number of people who have been let go is surprising. I imagine science doesn’t take the sting out of employees. pee It takes you inside the cuts.
  • Secret secrets hurt someone: Secret secrets are not fun. Just ask CircleCI customers, who were urged to spin passwords and private keys after hacking into the company’s system, Carly reports.
  • Take a bite of this appleIt’s clear that you all made a decision to read more in 2023. Among the announcements Apple made today, the one that got a lot of clicks was the company’s new AI-powered book novelizations for select titles on Apple Books, Ivan reports. If fitness is more your goal this year, Apple Fitness + adds new featuressuch as kickboxing exercises and sleep meditation, ayishah Writes.

Startups and VC

Continuing what appears to be a trend in layoffs, Natasha MThe story is very important in getting the perspectives of ex-employees laid off from startups to see how they handle things and how their next jobs can develop. also ask the question, “Where do tech people go from here?” I won’t spoil it for you, but there seems to be a cycle going on.

Now here are four more:

  • This may be the following text from Fido: My dog ​​is having a hard time telling me when he needs to go out, so I’m looking forward FluentPet talk button system It has programmable buttons that, when pressed, speak voice commands and send you a text message. Sarah he has more.
  • Virtual reality isn’t just for the little ones: Rendever, a great startup in the field of virtual reality, I got Alcove from AARPshow “Virtual Reality Grows Up” Ingrid reports.
  • Neighbors don’t shake hands. Neighbors gotta hug!: Okay, well, maybe don’t hug, but if you live in an apartment complex and want to get to know others who live near you, you might want to check out my story on OneRoof grab some financing To help apartment dwellers relax with their neighbours.
  • Here is an optimistic metaverse: Starts the conversational AI MeetKai is expanding its offering With new room scanning technology and a metaverse creator with a focus on capturing objects and spaces, Kyle Writes.

Teach Yourself Growth Marketing: How to Set Up a Landing Page

Orange funnel on a bright background

Image credits: Light Star 59 (opens in a new window) / Getty Images

In the first article of a five-part series on the basics of growth marketing, Jonathan Martinez explains how to create an essential part of every startup’s sales funnel: a landing page.

This overview includes the basic steps of writing a clear headline, providing visitors with social proof that builds credibility, and crafting calls to action that drive results.

Next week, Martinez, who has helped scale startups like Uber, Postmates, and Chime, will share his tips for launching a paid acquisition channel.

Three more from the TC+ team:

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BigTech Inc.

If you couldn’t tell from your Twitter feed, CES is happening. Brian CES presents and how you can Get all the details for the rest of the conference. Kyle Also help you by rounding up a list of The best AI products seen at the conference.

One story that particularly caught our attention today was Kylestory Ring restores the peephole camera. It was something that was apparently ahead of its time, as Ring shut down the product in 2021. Now it’s back in full glory and it can be yours starting at $129.

Here are some of our favorites from the current batch of CES stories:

Our team wrote 51 Big Tech stories today, so I’m giving you one more than the usual five:

  • Back in the saddle again: Who has the The former CEO of Stitch Fix takes back the helm On their 2023 bingo card? no one? Cosmic He fills in some of the details surrounding Katrina Lake’s temporary return, adding to a CNBC report that featured another round of layoffs, this time 20% of the company’s 1,700 employees.
  • You must fight for your right to communicate privately: And WhatsApp is 100% behind you. ayishah Reporting that the messaging giant Launch proxy support for users globally To be able to maintain access even if the connection is blocked or dropped.
  • Art is in the eye of the beholder powered by artificial intelligence: Kyle reports on Picsart’s AI-powered SketchAI app Converts photos and blueprints into digital art.
  • And the broadcast crown goes to…: Lauren write about Roku ends 2022 with a new milestone – Over 70 million active accounts. The streaming company claims to be still #1 among streaming TV platforms in the United States, Canada, and Mexico in hours streamed.
  • Another byte of encryption dust: Jacqueline Reports that the New York Attorney General Filed a lawsuit against Alex MachinskyInc., the former CEO of Celsius, has been accused of defrauding cryptocurrency investors. the Cryptocurrency lender files for bankruptcy during summer.
  • ping privacy: like Natasha L Notes, Apple received a rare fine. France’s data protection watchdog group has fined the consumer tech giant $8.5 million over Apple’s practice of “failing to obtain local mobile users’ consent before placing (and/or reading) advertising identifiers on their devices in violation of local data protection law.” .”

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