India is considering excluding some products from a proposed law that would require select consumer electronics to adopt a USB-C port. Among the potentially exempt devices, AirPods can be included.

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According to a report from MintCiting a senior Indian official, the government is considering exempting feature phones, wearables, and hearing aids from the ban proposed law This may require USB-C on devices. The official cites device makers and stakeholders as having shared concerns that requiring these products to adopt the universal port would drive up costs for consumers.

While the exact definition of excluded devices has yet to be determined, the definition of audiophile could include Apple’s line of AirPods. The European Union has Act has already been passed requires that devices sold in the region have a USB-C port by 2024, Including AirPods. Under EU regulations, Apple will be required to switch the AirPods to USB-C, even if Indian requirements say differently.

Apple Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Greg Joswiak, previously confirmed That Apple would have to swap a file Iphone to USB-C. While reports indicate that iPhone 15 Later this fall, he may make the switch away from Lightning, according to EU deadline for USB-C lawApple could wait until the ‌iPhone‌ 16 release in 2024 before moving to the faster and more comprehensive port.

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