Is the sharp rise in gas prices good for America?

The average price of gasoline at the pump in the US last week $4.58 per gallon. It will undoubtedly rise to $5.00 before too long as it already is over 6 dollars in California.

Gas prices in the US are cheap compared to Europe. If you want to fly to London for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Party, the price is $5.79; If you love Paris in spring, $5.54; And if you want to see the Pope, Rome is $5.96. Some of the countries you might want to visit are even higher.

Gasoline prices track oil prices. Each $10 increase in the price of crude oil adds about 24 cents to the cost of each gallon of gasoline at the pump.. Oil prices rose. Since the first of the year, oil is up as much as 58 percent and retail gas is up 24 percent. The the main culpritAccording to some experts, it was not the Keystone pipeline or COVID-19 being canceled, but Putin’s move on Ukraine. It can be said, however, that oil prices It was already rising before the invasion.

Americans have always considered cheap gas an inevitable outcome, and have been lavishing on it. When I visited London in the 1970s, the price in New York was close to 60 cents a gallon, and after converting liters to gallons, and pounds to dollars, I was astonished to learn that the price in the UK was over $2.

There is a political problem with rising gas prices. They present a hardship to working Americans as prices generally rise in a bloated economy. Gasoline costs can run as high as $5,000 a year for a heavily taxed family.

But in the long run, the inflated price of gasoline is, I argue, good for the environment. He might encourage people to take a carpool to work, bike, and walk more. This will improve health and well-being.

Higher prices may spur the development of battery-powered cars. Both Ford and General Motors said they would have all-electric fleets by 2030. I never thought I’d live to see today.

True, the batteries need to be recharged, and their energy efficiency will power the “energy mix” in the local electricity grid. Most grids in the United States are powered by multiple sources of energy, including renewables such as wind and solar. President Biden has pledged to decarbonize the US power grid by 2035. A bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill Provides financing for electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Higher gas prices may intensify the search for alternative energy sources. Former President Trump claims Wind farms kill birdsBut they are a sustainable source of battery recharging. Hydrogen as an alternative transportation fuel stems from its ability to power fuel cells in zero-emissions vehicles, its potential for local production and rapid fuel cell fill time and high efficiency. today 95 percent of the hydrogen produced in the United States is made by reforming natural gaswhich is an advanced production process that relies on the existing infrastructure to connect natural gas pipelines.

Besides, hydrogen is much cheaper than crude oil and may also be a clean energy source. The Green New Deal has been anathema to far-right climate deniers, who have argued that environmentalists undermine the faith’s teachings.

Senator Jim Inhoff (R-Ok) has cited the Bible as his basis for denying climate change. Inhofe, the former chair of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, has He argued for years that only God, not men and women, can influence the climate. He said in a 2012 speech:[M]Point y is that God is still there. People’s arrogance in believing that we, humans, would be able to change what it does in the climate is outrageous to me.” The real basis cannot be that Oklahoma is an oil and gas country.

Rep. John Schimkus (R-Illinois), who has served in the House for 24 years, believes Global warming is nothing to worry about “Because God promised in Genesis that he would not destroy the earth after the flood.” God decides when “the earth will end,” Thunder. Shamkus forgot that the Promise of the Almighty was tightly enclosed: As long as the earth remains, sowing and harvesting, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, will not pass away. In the Shakespeare’s words: “Satan can mention the Bible for his purpose.”

But if the price of gas continues to rise, there may be the same kind of rejection of gasoline as a motor fuel as there has been with heavily taxed tobacco. No environmentalists claim that the planet will become uninhabitable unless we reduce emissions. It will land more forcefully on the gas that many Americans consume than on the end of cheap gas.

Will the country turn decisively toward renewable energy if the gas at the pump is $7 or $8?

James D. Zirin is a lawyer and author.


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