Jeremy Renner’s latest accident: The Marvel star is still in critical condition after being hit by a snow plow

Jeremy Renner is in ‘critical but stable’ condition after ‘weather-related’ accident

Actor Jeremy Renner has undergone two surgeries at a Nevada hospital after suffering serious injuries in a snowmobile accident.

the Heart convoy The star is said to be “conscious, stable and talking” and has undergone surgeries as part of his “long road to recovery,” to me additional.

Renner is listed as in a critical but stable condition after a snowmobile accident in Nevada over the weekend.

“We can confirm that Jeremy suffered blunt trauma to the chest and orthopedic injuries and underwent surgery today (January 2nd),” Renner’s family said in a statement. “He has returned from surgery and remains in the intensive care unit in a critical but stable condition.”

New details appear with TMZ We reported that Renner was plowing the road about a quarter mile from his home in Nevada to get his family out after a New Year’s Eve snowstorm.

A neighbor said the plow, a Snowcat, accidentally rammed into one of the actor’s legs, despite a slew of safety features, resulting in massive blood loss.

Another neighbor, a doctor, puts a tourniquet on Mr. Renner’s legs until the paramedics arrive. Police arrived at the scene around 8pm on Sunday night and took into custody Snowcat, which the actor showed himself using on social media.

In their statement, Renner’s family thanked “the Carano and Murdock families.”


How did Renner’s accident happen?

On Monday (January 2), Reno said Nevada Mayor Hillary Chevy Reno Gazette Journal that the actor had got out of snow plows to help a car stuck on the side of a snowy mountain when he was accidentally run over by a plow.

“He was helping someone who was stranded in the snow,” Schieve said of Renner, whom she calls a friend. “He always helps others.”

However, the next morning (January 3), the Reno sheriff’s department did not comment on the sheriff’s account.

Law enforcement authorities are currently investigating the terrible incident.

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What shows and movies has Renner starred in?

Many of Renner’s fans may know him better as the bow-and-arrow-wielding Avenger Hawkeye, but the 51-year-old actor has had a decades-long streak of starring in a slew of other popular movies and shows.

His first screen credit was leading the 1995 teen comedy film National Lampoon Seniors Trip. And as most actors do, he appeared in one episode of the original CSI in 2001.

Amidst minor roles in films such as The heart is deceptive above all (2004) and City (2010), among others, he finally landed his breakout role in Marvel in the first The Avengers (2012).

Other major Renner movie titles include the 2012 action-thriller legacy target2013 action fiction Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters The science fiction movie of 2016 Arrival.

Jeremy Renner in Hawkeye

(Disney Plus)

He has since reprized his role of Clint Barton/Hawkeye in at least two Avengers films and Captain America: Civil War (2016).

In 2021, Disney Plus released a six-episode mini-series focusing on Renner’s Avenger, titled hook.

Currently, he is leading the exciting Paramount+ series Mayor of Kingstownwhich begins its second season on January 15.

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The rapid collapse of the actor’s family

With Renner’s family recently releasing a statement, I thought it might be helpful to share a quick summary of his family tree.

Renner was born in 1971 to his parents, Valerie Surly and Lee Renner, who divorced when he was 10 years old. He is the eldest of seven children, as his father welcomed his younger brother Renner in 2011. The actor was 40 years old when his younger brother Theo Boy!

He welcomed his only child, daughter Ava Berlin Runner American pie Actor Sonni Pacheco in 2013. Renner and Pacheco later married in 2014, before finally divorcing a year later in 2015.

In a previous interview, he talked about being a father, revealing his willingness to give it up hook To devote more time to his daughter.

“You taught me how to be crazy to say, ‘Everyone, dammit. It’s time with my daughter.’ I said, ‘Okay, rephrase me. I’ll be here with my daughter.'” Renner said.

“Acting and everything else goes out the window until my daughter says, ‘I want to hang out with my friends, and I don’t want to be around you so much, dad. “

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Latest update: Renner remains in ‘critical but stable’ condition

Not much has been released since yesterday’s update following Renner’s two surgeries to treat the “extensive” injuries he sustained in the crash.

His family wrote in a statement that the Marvel actor “remains in the intensive care unit in a critical but stable condition” after operations.

They also confirmed that Renner had “blunt force trauma to the chest and bone injuries”.

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Oscar-winning actress Marlee Matlin sends “wishes of happiness” to Renner

Deaf activist coda Co-star Marlee Matlin sent “well wishes” to both Renner and NFL player Demar Hamlin, who is also currently in critical condition after a cardiac arrest on the court.

“Sending wellness wishes to Damar Hamlin @HamlinIsland and Jeremy Renner @JeremyRenner. I can only imagine how difficult this day must be for their families,” Matlin tweeted.

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“General Hospital” co-star Sarah Joy Brown is “worried” about Renner

Public Hospital Actress Sarah Joy Brown joins several celebrities who have expressed concern about Renner after the accident.

“I am worried about Jeremy Renner and pray for his full recovery,” the three-time Daytime Emmy winner wrote.

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Let’s not forget that Renner is also an amazing singer

Renner may be best known for his onscreen lead roles in hookAnd the Mayor of Kingstown and the Avengers series, but he’s also a talented singer.

He released his latest release in September 2020, titled Live in the moment.

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Renner’s last post on social media before the accident

days before hook Star’s horrific accident, he participated in a trailer for the upcoming Disney Plus series titled renewal.

“There is no better way to start the new year than to give back to those who need it most!” He commented the post.

Renner’s new four-part series will showcase the actor’s “lifetime passion for giving back to communities.”

No release date has been announced.

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All the celebrities who sent Renner well wishes

Find out who shared their thoughts and prayers.

(Getty Images)

Renner was reportedly “conscious, stable and talking” before he underwent two surgeries.

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People condemned for cracking jokes about an accident

While the majority of fans have expressed concern about Renner, sending him prayers and well wishes, there have been a select few who have instead chosen to make jokes about his accident.

Others came to the actor’s defense, condemning those who found humor in the situation.

Hailee Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner in ‘Hawkeye’

(Chuck Zlotnick / Marvel Studios)

“It’s so fishy that some people are using this horrific news about Jeremy Renner to make jokes in the MCU,” one wrote.

Inga BarkelleJanuary 3, 2023 15:20

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