Kurt Warner Provides an Honest Early Training Camp Review for 49ers QB Trey Lance

Stan Szito - USA TODAY Sports

Stan Szito – USA TODAY Sports

This is it Tree LanceThe first training camp as an NFL quarterback. Spent last season as a backup for Jimmy GaroppoloHe started only two games during his junior campaign. The San Francisco 49ers continue to pursue a business deal for Garoppolo, leaving Lance as the undisputed QB1 at Santa Clara.

Kurt Warner, an NFL network analyst turned NFL player, visited training and got his first good look at the 22-year-old quarterback. Submit a review through Rich Eisen turns out.

“A great kid,” Warner told Eisen. “I’ve never met him before. I’ve heard some great things. It was great to talk to him off camera and in front of the camera. Talking to everyone around the organization, [they are] Really excited to have him as their leader. Not a hit on Jimmy at all. Simply put, they love the baby, and say they have seen progress.

“Talk to men like George Keitel, saying it was fun watching the growth and seeing it improve. And so they are excited about what he can bring to the table. Watching the second day of training, I’d say the defense won the fight against Trey more than Trey did, but it’s also common early in the training camp, that defense is ahead of attack, especially with a youngster who hasn’t played much.”

Lance admits that his recent outings have been unremarkable and is keen to see how he and the crime will respond. As Warner noted, some growing pains are to be expected, given Lance’s inexperience.

“There will always be ups and downs,” Lance told CBS Sports HQ after Friday’s training. I thought it was a bit sloppy today, sure, for my part, but we’ll keep getting better. It’s only day three, so we have a lot of work to do.”

Colleagues and coaches were quick to praise Lance as the team moved from Garoppolo. The young midfielder jumped into his new role well.

“But just like his demeanor, I loved everything he had to say, the way he worked,” Warner shared, “and loved what I was hearing from everyone out there. Collectively, [they are] Really excited about the season. Now, it will be interesting to see where he is in his sophomore year. “

What’s the biggest challenge for Lance in his second season in the NFL? Warner pondered his own journey into the NFL, acknowledging his lack of collective experience, but credited the situations he faced in the Arena Football League and Europe.

Lance had only one full season as a rookie at North Dakota. That was in 2019.

“I would say his biggest challenge is just being able to manage the different situations he’s going to have,” Warner explained, “…how to deal with those things that he hasn’t encountered much in his career because he hasn’t played football much. And so, being able to handle and deal with the stress of those situations, I think, will be the biggest challenge for him.”

San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans and quarters Tre Lance and Nate Sudfeld spoke with reporters after Thursday’s practice, the second of training camp. Here is all they said. Copy provided by San Francisco 49ers communications staff. Did today feel like a really good day for defense? “Today was a good day for defence, just the energy that all the players brought in, the way they were working together as one unit. The day we had today was a really good day. I just love seeing the players excited, happy to play football, enjoying it and that’s what I saw there today.” The databases had a sequence there where, like every one of them, your first buddies,

Wednesday was the start of the 49ers training camp, as the smell of football returned to the air for the first time in 40 days. Quarterback Trey Lance has been seen improving with the quarterback, working with quarterback coach Brian Grace. #49ers QB1

Recently, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Robbie Gould expressed confidence in second player of the year Trey Lance as the team’s primary quarterback in 2022. “He’s more mature than people think and/or know,” Gould told NBC Sports Bay. Area. “…and I think you’ll see Trey Lance take the lead and be ready and more prepared.” Star quarterback Fred Warner is equally confident that Lance will lead the 49ers attack through next season, even though the quarterback is only 22 years old and lacks significant experience. Some doubt his willingness to lead the historic franchise. “I keep saying, man, how much I like the way you’ve taken Trey

It’s tempting to take the first two days of the 49ers training camp as a hint as to who will win the team’s open competitions at right-back and nickels, but 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan says it’s too early to get out of the process. Nothing is final. Veteran Darquis Dennard was getting first-team reps in the nickel position, while Rookie pick and fourth gore, Spencer Burford, was with the first-team in the right guard. Shanahan spoke about Burford before training on Friday, saying the Texas-San Antonio producer has adapted well to the NFL in a short time in the league but still has a long way to go before he cements a starting point. “He got a bullet,” Shanahan said of Burford. “I think a number of men got a chance. But

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