Meet the Best Player in Medicine in Michigan – Michigan Medical Addresses

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The main takeaway:

  • More than 80 faculty and staff members were recently nominated by their colleagues to be MVPs at Michigan Medicine
  • 10 randomly selected to win a great prize, courtesy of Michigan Medicine Human Resources.
  • Winners should expect to hear from an HR representative later this week.

A few weeks ago, we asked you to nominate superstars in your area and name them the best in Michigan Medicine. And like most winning teams, it’s clear that the organization gets outstanding performance from all areas of the team.

Whether you affect patient care, education, research, or shared services; Whether you work on our main medical campus, off-site locations, or at home – you go above and beyond to help Michigan Medicine advance health to serve Michigan and the world.

Congratulations to the following individual nominees, who have been randomly selected to win a great prize! Winners should expect to be contacted by a Human Resources representative later this week.

All other nominees and winners are listed at the end of the story.

Individual winners

LaShawn LaFleur, Director of Ambulatory Care, Tubman Neurology

What can I say about a manager who puts herself on the same level as her subordinates when it comes to teamwork? She is always fair, professional, helpful and a good listener. LaShawn can have a thousand emails to process, but when her team gets overwhelmed or something goes wrong, she’ll put the work aside and make sure we’re okay. The first words that come out of her mouth are “What can I do to help ease the burden?” Thanks for the best boss in the world!

Alexis Snyder, Assistant Pathologist, Autopsy Ward

Alexis is a senior member of our autopsy service. She trains new residents from the ground up, offers her hands-on experience and great commentary written on the reports. We are fortunate that she is part of the Michigan Medicine team and we firmly believe she is the true best player!

Mallory Newsted, Clinical Research Coordinator, Cardiology

Mallory is an exceptional fellow and study team leader. They ensure that our team is organized, well-prepared, and aware of the ethical and scientific conduct of clinical research. Her work ethic knows no bounds! Mallory makes sure that all of our patients remain our top priority. I am proud to call her a colleague and an honor to work with her.

Dion Butcher, psychiatric assistant and nurse

Dion figured it out by giving our patient a haircut and beard and giving his skin a good scrub and lotion. Our patient looked like a completely different person and you can tell someone give him personal attention to make him feel good about making a huge difference in his recovery. We need more people like Dion who help improve the overall health of our patient!

Shantosh Patel, Application Systems Analyst/Programmer

In every circumstance, Shantosh puts our customers and systems first; Handles out-of-office employee coverage while managing its own workload; Assists and participates in a positive and healthy discussion regarding the pros/cons of solutions, vendors, and systems; Serves as a mobile encyclopedia of facts/options/aspects of technical systems; It helps others to understand everything. And all the while, Shantosh was the most positive, cheerful, and uplifting voice on the team. Thank you, Shantosh!

Timothy Reynolds, MD, assistant professor of anesthesiology

The MVP is a star player who also elevates the team’s performance, and Dr. Tim Reynolds is definitely a top clinical player. He is one of the most helpful colleagues during critical moments in the operating room. This week alone, he’s had an intravenous injection and a critical airway where the others have failed. His humility and clear thinking during crucial moments is exceptional and he is a skilled team player.

Abby Wheeler, Nurse Practitioner, West Ann Arbor-Parkland Plaza

Abby Wheeler is the best player in West Ann Arbor. She is the dependable “go-to” person who makes any and all appointments from orthopedics to “urgent” care. Patients consistently claim that they “favor Abby” due to her professionalism and friendliness. Thank you Abby!

Janelle Burley, Administrative Assistant, Health Sciences Learning Division

Regularly, Janelle:

  • She can do literally anything you ask me to do
  • You’ll do anything you ask (and even things you don’t ask for), whether it’s in the “job description” or not
  • It is, without exception, 100% reliable.

You can always count on her to be there and get things done. In addition to her exceptional daily performance, she often volunteers to take over work when someone is out or to fill in gaps. And she does so modestly and without fanfare. Thanks Janel!

Lamia Maarouf, Senior IT Project Manager

Lamia constantly provides the best customer experience. In the past year, she has driven several institutional drivers. These projects have significantly improved overall patient care at Michigan Medicine and UM Health West. She works tirelessly to meet deadlines and is very skilled in deciding who and when to engage the various stakeholders. She is respectful, polite and lively. Thank you Lamia!

Susan Price, Director of Compliance

Susan always goes the extra 15 miles! She is ready to help everyone and always takes on difficult tasks. People from all areas of UM Health rely on her for help with questions and concerns. She is a reliable, trustworthy and friendly person who believes strongly in building a culture of integrity and shared values. UM Health is lucky to have Susan on their team!

Team winners:

Brenda Kelly and Diane Bellomo, Canton Health Radiology Center

Thank you, Brenda and Diane! I have proposed an innovative idea to rearrange the radiology lobby chairs in Canton in order to provide a smoother check-in process for patients. Moving one row of chairs also created more space for patients with ambulatory challenges and reduced the incidence of hearing other health information for other patients. I appreciate your creative thinking and process improvement to enhance the patient experience!

Management Professionals, Communications Division (Christy Barnes, Asia Battle, Tracey MacLean, Amy Van Brussel)

The dedicated management team in the Communication Department deserves the Best Player award! The team consistently excels in delivering strategic, value-added work to the division that contributes to its overall success and excellent reputation. Individually, each member has built a set of core competencies and an area of ​​expertise while remaining focused on ensuring the success of the team. It is an absolute honor to see them grow as leaders.

Other candidates:

  • LSS Payroll Team (Amy Watson, Anna Wilson, Carin Cole, Nicole Tselios)
  • Vanessa Albee, Financial Specialist, Psychiatry
  • Sarah Andrick, Senior Patient Services, Adult Bone Marrow Transplant and Leukemia Clinic
  • Asia Patel, Management Specialist, Communications Department
  • Michael Bogman, Labor Relations Representative, Human Resources
  • Ingrid Bergin, VMD, ULAM
  • Nicole Buford, Physiotherapist
  • Linda Bauer, Cyber ​​Security Risk Manager
  • Karen Boring, GME Program Director
  • Sherry Brydon, MD, General Practitioner
  • Jennifer Breitner, Call Center Representative, Radiology
  • Michelle Brown, Social Work Supervisor
  • Laura Bird, device sterilizer and processor
  • Pamela Chapman, technician, olam
  • Garrett Collins, patient services broker, injection center
  • Michael Cooper, Managing Director
  • Jimmy Crowe, Consultant
  • Mylene David, Hits
  • Bernadette Deddeh, Patient Financial Adviser
  • Patricia DeVost, Senior Project Manager, MM Compliance
  • Michele Drenthe, technician, olam
  • Brian Doddets, MRI Technologist, Ultrasound
  • Teron Erchenbrecher, technician, ULAM
  • Kelly Francis, pediatrician, Brighton Center for Specialty Care
  • Heather Gillespie, Clinical Pharmacist
  • Brian Hammond, End User Computing Expert
  • Gazmin Hart, Call Center Representative, CVC med/Surge
  • Angela Hubbard, Customer Service Representative, Hospital Care at Home
  • Erin Hughes Krieger, Intermediate Project Manager, Child Psychiatric Services
  • Marilyn Irwin, Call Center Supervisor, Ophthalmology
  • Alison Ganda, MD, assistant professor of anesthesia
  • Nicole Jones, Physician Assistant, West Ann Arbor-Parkland Plaza
  • Staci Joseph, Pharmacy Technical Coordinator, Mobile Pharmacy
  • Kayla Kleiman, administrative assistant, pulmonology
  • Lucy Kennedy, DVM, ULAM
  • Laura Claan Davenport, Pharmacy Technician, Mobile Pharmacy
  • Tricia Lash, Security Reporting Systems Analyst/Coordinator
  • Angela Lee, Administrative Assistant, Mind Clinic
  • Katie Letts, Call Center Representative, General Pediatrics
  • Alison Lewin, RN, CVC
  • David McIntyre, Senior Director, Nursing Services
  • Michele Matuska, Patient Services Intermediate, Injectable Essence
  • Stephanie Muttner, technician, olam
  • Tracy MacLean, Management Specialist, Communications Division
  • Cassie McNulty, Director of Communications, Human Resources
  • Kathleen Michael, RN, West Ann Arbor-Parkland Plaza
  • Emily Miller, Nurse Practitioner, Congenital Heart Center
  • Lynette Miller, Call Center Supervisor, Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • Mardella Moseley, Medical Assistant, Tubman Medical Specialties
  • Rajan Nair, Ph.D., Associate Research Scientist, Dermatology
  • Stephen Orlovsky, End User Computing Specialist
  • Jessica Ricciardi, Talent Acquisition and HR Specialist
  • Christopher Savoy, Rehabilitation Engineer, Wheelchair Seating Service
  • Pamela Schultz, unit guard, environmental services
  • Julia Scott, Administrative Assistant, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Madison Schaeffer Smith, patient services intermediary, Corn Cancer Center
  • Cassandra Sheedy, Clinical Documentation Specialist, Otolaryngology
  • Laura Simon, Medical Assistant, Plastic Surgery
  • Amy Spencer, Call Center Representative, General Practitioner
  • Philip Stewart, Senior Research Associate, Dermatology
  • Claire Swinton, technician, olam
  • Jessica Taylor, Anesthesia Technician
  • Katherine White, Botox Referral Coordinator, Neurology
  • Timothy White, End User Computing Specialist
  • Michelle Williams, End User Computing Specialist
  • Karen Woetke, Management Specialist, MM Compliance
  • Zhaolin Zhang, Research Laboratory Specialist, Dermatology

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