Mesmerise opens its first US office, deepening investment in North America as growth in the Enterprise VR market accelerates

With the expectation of surpassing the global virtual reality market 10 trillion dollars By 2030, Mesmerise’s expanded presence in the United States will help the company drive growth while supporting a local customer base that includes Mainetti and Morningstar.

Santa Monica, CaliforniaAnd the September 20 2022 /PRNewswire/- mesmerizingToday, the company that helps global businesses make the most of virtual reality has announced the opening of its first office in the United States. located in Santa Monica, CaliforniaThe new office will help the company deepen its support for existing clients in the United States while accelerating expansion into the region’s growing corporate market.

Mesmerise logo (PRNewsfoto/Mesmerise)

Mesmerise logo (PRNewsfoto/Mesmerise)

As a leader in the enterprise virtual reality category, Mesmerise works with global companies to host virtual meetings, conferences and trainings. Industry leaders like Mainetti and Morningstar are turning to Mesmerise — and its proprietary software platform, Gatherings — because the company offers a virtual experience that gives executives all the benefits of co-existence and in-person collaboration while eliminating travel costs and reducing companies’ carbon emissions.

Mesmerise’s pioneering work has helped the company grow rapidly since its founding in 2016. The company has increased its headcount by six in the past two years as it continues to gain new business and drive innovation in the field. With Los Angeles recently establishing itself as the third largest tech ecosystem in the United States, Mesmerise Santa Monica As its headquarters in the United States in order to take advantage of the city’s extensive technology market and unique talent pool to advance recruitment efforts in the United States.

The company is also excited to add two new members to the advisory board, Juan Bogadasformer head of global consulting at PWC and member of the Wells Fargo board of directors, and Derek Connellformer vice president of Microsoft.

“We are proud of the momentum we have built so far in the UK and EuropeBut we are very excited about the demand we have seen in the US market.” Andrew HawkinCo-founder and CEO of Mesmerise. “It is clear to business leaders that virtual reality and metaverses are no longer virtual far-fetched possibilities. Instead, they represent seismic shifts across every dimension of the economy. We are eager to help companies navigate these changes by using virtual reality in productive, across-the-board ways. their institutions”.

Mesmerise’s award-winning work includes a long-term collaboration with Morningstar, a leading provider of independent investment research. Mesmerise hosted the VR component at its flagship annual conference, The Morningstar Investment Conferencefor three consecutive years. Mesmerise’s work has allowed virtual attendees to participate from anywhere in the world, while enjoying virtual networks, live-streamed presentations, and exclusive “Meet the Analyst” sessions, all within the virtual Morningstar ecosystem.

In conjunction with the annual conference, Mesmerise has also built two VR games, bee game And the sustainable city, which allowed attendees to wear an Oculus headset and explore the impact of sustainability. Proceeds from in-game success metrics have been donated Openlandsa non-profit organization focused on promoting conservation in the Northeast Illinois.

Mesmerise’s focus also includes custom events, such as recent events Take risks. Nothing can replace experience Class Reunion 2017. Through VR, Mesmerise hosted 90 CEOs in 28 countries at the Metverse meeting, saving 180 flights and resulting in a 90% reduction in carbon footprint.

In addition to creating virtual corporate experiences, Mesmerise has sponsored virtual reality educational opportunities for under-resourced high schools in Los Angeles And the Chicago Throughout the 2021-2022 school year. Working in partnership with nonprofit educational institutions, students have been able to explore real-world lessons such as “the social and emotional impact of urban trauma” and career path opportunities in virtual reality.

As hybrid work and learning environments become the status quo, the need for dynamic solutions that establish co-existence, the feeling of being in the same room with someone, is only increasing. Mesmerise is dedicated to providing global expertise that offers much-needed alternatives to 2D collaboration software and video conferencing.

In addition to Santa Monica Office, Mesmerise employees extend to the United States in various major cities including New YorkAnd the AustinAnd the DetroitAnd the Seattle. To learn more about Mesmerise, visit

About Mesmerise

Mesmerise helps leading organizations, including Morningstar, Well Fargo, and Allianz, host immersive meetings, conferences, trainings, and events in virtual reality. With Mesmerise’s gathering platform, global companies can bring their teams together to host customized virtual experiences for any occasion. Mesmerise was founded in 2016 by Andrew Hawkin and Daglar Cizmeci, originally launched in the UK today, the company’s immersive virtual reality experiences are spreading around the world with their US headquarters at Santa Monica, California Helping bring their custom activations around the world.

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