Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers is not guaranteed to play in 2023

Miguel Cabrera He doesn’t like to talk about his right knee.

But on Thursday, the 39-year-old did not hesitate to discuss the topic. A few reporters approached Cabrera’s locker at the club after Detroit Tigers DH sat at the conclusion of the final episode on Wednesday in Minneapolis. To understand what was going on, the 20-year MLB veteran – a lock for the Baseball Hall of Fame – met them in the middle to talk about his health.

There is a chance Cabrera will play his last season.

He’s hesitant about his 2023 status.

“I’ve spoken with my agent, I’ve spoken with the general manager (general manager Al Avila), and I’ve spoken with everyone to see what the plan will be for next year,” Cabrera said. “Right now, we’re focused on today. We’ll go day in and day out and see what happens. I’m not thinking about next year right now. I’m thinking about trying to end the health situation this year, and we’ll see.”

Tigers eye hitter Miguel Cabrera in the dugout during the first half of the Tigers' 4-3 win over Padres on Wednesday, July 27, 2022, at Comerica Park.

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Cabrera owes $32 million from Tigers for next season. He has spoken several times over the past two seasons about his goal of winning the world championship with the Tigers and his plan to retire after his contract expires, but this time, he will not commit to 2023.

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