In a new interview with “The Metal Age Podcast”ex Dream theater drummer Mike Portnoy Talk about sharing with “Lost and Not Forgotten Archives”. Collaboration between band and record label InsideOut Music She has long witnessed the talented quintet records fit The catalog has been reissued, along with some brand new additions to this special Collector’s Series. (fits It is the imprint of the label Dream theater It has been used for years to release official copies of live recordings [“Ytsejam” is “Majesty” spelled backwards; MAJESTY was DREAM THEATER‘s original band name].)

Portnoy He said (as written by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “First of all, I was a 1 trillion percent subscriber to the originals. Actually, that was my project; I was the one who had the archive and I put together all these versions with pictures from my archives and extensive notes. So I was the one who put together the text the original fits bootlegs back – I don’t know – 15, 20 years ago. So there were about 16 or 20 titles that I brought back and then. So when they started reissuing these as new Lost and not forgotten series, I didn’t participate at all; They were doing it all themselves. But they were reuse Lots of original fits addresses. So yeah, I’ve been featured in a lot of these, but I haven’t been involved in any artwork or anything like that. And it kind of bothered me because I spent so much time working on the originals, with the liner notes. The liner notes are very important for people to have a context for what happened behind all of these demos or live shows or whatever. So I did not participate in these new re-releases. But then John [Petrucci, DREAM THEATER] And I started working together [again] in 2020. Played on his solo album, Then Me and Him and Jordan Rhodes [DREAM THEATER keyboardist] And Tony [Levin, bass]We did a third LTE [LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT] album. that once John And it started working together, inevitably bringing it up to him: “Hey, man, what’s new with that?” Why are there no more notes on the liner? And I noticed a few things wrong with some credits in the ones they released without my participation. So it was, like, “Hey, if you don’t mind a few credits and things like that,” just make sure everything is factually correct, because I’m very anal about it. So after about five or six releases to them, John She began to handcuff me to at least make sure that all the information was correct. Unfortunately, they still don’t use my artwork or line notes, but that’s their prerogative. And then once I got involved that level, he and the band’s manager asked if I’d be willing to contribute some more Things from my archives. And I said, ‘You know what the hell is this? Why not?’ There’s a bunch of stuff in my archives that it’s a waste just sitting here at my house. So I contributed a bunch of new titles. Like, they just launched our show at Madison Square Garden’s opening Iron Maid; This is a new one. Then there are a few more coming soon from my archives. that’s why I am little bit participate in this stage. Not as often as I was with the originals, but enough that I could give them some new titles to add to the collection.”

Asked if it appears on a few “Lost and Not Forgotten Archives” release, Portnoy He said: “Obviously I showed up on all of the original fits addresses. Then there are some new things that I contribute from my time, from my archives. But they also have a bunch of publicationsdeputy The things they bring up too.

“The only problem for me with the liner note is that I now think they’re streaming on some streaming service, and there’s no context to any of that stuff.” Mike I acknowledge. “Someone emailed me a few days ago, ‘Hey, what’s the deal with that song I just heard?'” And I was like, “Where the hell did you hear that?” And they were, like, “Oh, it works Apple Music or SpotifyAnd they didn’t know who it was on. They didn’t know who the singer was. There are some things that do demos with different singers. Without the context of my liner notes, it’s almost impossible for people to know what the hell those things are. But anyway, This is neither here nor there.”

records fit Previously played host to Dream theaterThe collection of official bootleg releases consisting of live performances, demos, and studio outtakes from the band’s prolific career. as part of “Lost and Not Forgotten Archives”The entire collection has been re-released on CD, as well as for the first time on vinyl and digital, with all-new artwork and packaging. The band has also been busy digging through their encyclopaedic vault to find some very special, previously unreleased material. The first all-new release in the Revitalized Archive series was a recording of the band’s performance from start to finish of their classic second studio album, Pictures and wordsTaken from her performance in Tokyo, Japan’s legendary Budokan venue in September 2017.

after this opening “Lost and Not Forgotten Archives” Edition, the comprehensive back catalog of records fit Shows have begun to be re-released. More previously unreleased material is being published, offering an absolute treasure of Dream theater Music for both old and new audiences to explore.

back in 2012, Dream theater vocalist James LaBrie He denied it records fit He died leaving Portnoy in 2010. Labri He said, “No, he’s not dead. I’ve been taking care of that, so I have recordings every night, and I’ve documented that. There’s a lot of stuff from around the world from this last tour that I’ve already documented and put on a master list for those very nights… What I did is that i took it from certain regions of the world, and it looks amazing.it’s just a matter of common sense to us,when i will release the next fits [recording]. But that will Happen or occur. I can guarantee you – that will Happen or occur. At this point, it’s not a priority. But the stuff is there. At the moment, we have more than enough to release a file amazingfits Release now – sure. So it would be when we, as a band, feel like, “Okay, let’s put it together at the end and let’s get it out there.” I have some ideas where it could be really… cool, some added features that would be really cool. And other people are also involved, so it’s very collective as to how we want to go first fits [release] – Mail-MikeWith all those ex fits [releases]… We want it to have a really big impact.”

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