‘Miracle Workers’, ‘Cube’ and ‘The Lazarus Project’ premiere pushed – Deadline

There are hardly any other networks that have been in more turmoil over the past nine months than Warner Bros. Discovery’s. TNT And TBS After the merger – and it’s not over.

TNets just saw their first major shows back in January – previously announced and already promoted – canceled at the last minute. Includes the fourth season of TBS’ miracle workersAnd which was scheduled to open on January 16; The second season of the Unscripted Network series cube, which is scheduled for January 8; In addition to the British drama acquired by TNT Lazarus Project, which is set for release on January 23. You can watch miracle workerpromo below.

TNets scheduling has made some adjustments to its January 2023 programming slate. Affected series include cube (TBS), miracle workers (TBS) and Lazarus Project (TNT),” a TNets representative said in a statement to Deadline. “These strategic scheduling shifts will allow us to better support all three series later in the year.”

while the The same thing happened with TBS’ second season. Chad Before the show was dropped completely (since It landed on Roku), it appears that TNets leadership intends to air the three shows at a later date. It’s unclear why all the premieres were paid for, though TNT and TBS got better promotional and trading opportunities in the spring with NCAA Men’s March Madness basketball and the latter stages of the NBA season.

But, miracle workersThe upcoming fourth season may be the last. While the decision to renew isn’t expected to be made until the season airs, I’ve heard that TBS no longer has cast options, led by Daniel Radcliffe, so new deals will have to be made for a potential fifth season — a daunting proposition, which networks rarely turn to. However, I hear the show’s creative team has an idea for a possible fifth season that Radcliffe is excited about, so, if season four does well in terms of ratings, it’s possible the show could continue with Radcliffe, who would need to make a new deal.

With TBS pushing its January debut, the network is getting some additional content for its prime schedule, which is currently dominated by repeats of radio comedy shows. The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon And friends. In corporate synergy move, impractical jokers, TNet’s third flagship series, TruTV, will air its entire 10th season on TBS starting February 9.

TNT and TBS have gone through turmoil since the Discovery merger that included a string of executive departures, first the exits of the former lead – general manager Brett WeitzSVP of original programming Adrian O’Ryanand the head is not written Corey Henson – followed several months later by Discovery Nancy Daniels, who was responsible for networking under Kathleen Finch. In addition, a large number of shows have been canceled, previous pickups have been reversed, or both. The list includes TBS’ Chad And Kill the orange bearTNT Snow hole In addition to the TBS reality series big D, With a number of big development tickets he left it too.

As the list of original assets of the two networks was reduced after the merger, with miracle workers As the only remaining original scripted series, the new leadership has yet to reveal its programming plans.

on deadline Report Last fall, word was at the time that, on the scripted side, the focus would be on TNT, while TBS would be a largely unwritten brand. Executives were clamoring for cost-effective scripted series that complemented the sports/unscripted programming on TNT—as well as the rest of the WBD’s suite of line networks under Finch.

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