MultiVersus is based on a great group of characters in the fun game Smash Clone

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MultiVersusAs its name suggests, it is a game in which characters from disparate worlds meet to get rid of them. To what extent, we’re not sure, but it makes for a very entertaining platform fighter. If you grow up you see Tom & JerryFor example, hearing The iconic cat cry Because he’s tossed off the scene, he’s almost guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Running closed alpha testing the past few evenings, there are several fun touches like this that give this free title some heart.

Really, the game’s main hook is its cast of playable characters, and it’s clear that Warner Bros. Don’t skimp on this front. The aforementioned cat-and-mouse duo is just the beginning; They are joined by Looney Tunes Bugs, Taz, Shaggy and Velma of Scooby Doo Fame and an array of DC heroes and villains including Superman, Batman and Harley Quinn. While players of a certain age will love some of these old faces, more modern characters are filling the alpha test lineup: Finn and Jake of Adventure timeSteven Universe, Garnet, game of thrones’ Arya Stark makes the list. When you look at the fighters together, you’ll find a really nice and varied range, even if there’s a bit of cohesion between them.

Fortunately, any questions about context fall by the wayside once you get into the match. The basic mode is 2 vs 2, with the game built first and foremost with a certain level of cooperation in mind. Characters have one or two moves that will also benefit their teammate, and the idea is that you increase your chances of winning by coordinating these abilities. It’s a neat twist in the fighting game subgenre, but in practice it’s not clear exactly how these moves work together. From our experience, everyone plays like this Super Smash Bros.which is fine, but the co-op corner is easily lost in the chaos.

It’s a shame, there are some great ideas in the mix. Shaggy can basically go to Super Saiyan, and when he does, he drops Scooby Snacks, which heal whoever catches them. Wonder Woman has a shield dash movement that blocks projectiles, and if they pass an ally with the shield raised, they receive shields. Tom can put a mousetrap, and this can be made even more powerful if an ally catches Jerry and then runs over the trap. There are many ways that you and your teammate can help each other out, but without thoroughly studying the navigation menus, you will feel a bit complicated.

Fortunately, the characters also do quite well on their own, and the action is surprisingly fast, engaging, and technical. Each character has access to various regular and special moves, and the best part is that everyone can feel special. The fighters are divided into different classes, but their movement combinations are unique and fun to explore. Most importantly, each character’s character comes through – eg, many Taz attacks render the enemy “delicious”, a mistake that will eventually turn them into a roast chicken, temporarily unable to attack. Some fighters are quite unusual, such as Velma’s reliance on her wits rather than a traditional attack.

A good balance is struck between deep combat and simple fun, resulting in a game that feels satisfying to play – there’s certainly a skill ceiling to strive for, but even casual players will enjoy the novelty of releasing Batman from the stage with Bugs Bunny’s hammer. The alternative modes we got include Free For All and 1v1 gameplay, all of which are fun variants. We should also mention that the online experience has been as smooth as butter for us. The network icon for undo seems to do the trick nicely, as we haven’t had a single issue with response time.

Being a free game, it is of course built on the idea of ​​keeping you limited by the experience. By playing matches, you are rewarded with in-game currency, experience points, and Battle Pass goodies. In Alpha, coins can be used to unlock more fighters, while completing daily and seasonal missions will offer a Battle Pass. You’ll earn XP based on each character, as their mastery level increases as you use them, and unlock more items. Some of these have gameplay implications; Perks can be applied to your fighter, giving you and your teammates many passive improvements. As an economy, everything hangs well enough, although the different menus can be a bit confusing. There are no microtransactions in alpha, although it will of course appear in the full game, so it remains to be seen if it will have any impact on the core experience.

On a basic level, then, MultiVersus seems to have what matters. From what we’ve played so far, the characters have been well handled with fun, unique moves, and polished presentation (voice lines, what a luxury!). The combat itself is fast paced stuff, and the matches finish fairly quickly, which also makes it addictive. We’re still a bit far from the final product, but it’s clear that there is potential for Warner Bros. To create a compelling, ever-expanding brawl that has massive audience appeal.

For more details about CSS Alpha Test MultiVersusClick through the link. Will you check out this early look at the game? Choose your fighter in the comments section below.


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