New Call Of Duty: Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 leaks to the surface

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been confirmed to arrive later this year, and with the reveal date likely approaching, more leaks and rumors are emerging about the upcoming version of Infinity Ward.

a The latest report suggests Activision’s official unveiling of Modern Warfare 2 is set for June, while a multiplayer beta will likely arrive in August. However, that doesn’t stop the leakers from revealing some of these details ahead of time.

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On May 18, Call of Duty TheMW2Ghost was leaked Tweeted a claim They’ve seen an upcoming map they think will be used in both Warzone 2 and the rumored DMZ mode coming to Modern Warfare 2, which leakers are suggesting is an escape from the Tarkov-inspired survival mode. TheMW2Ghost Share a simplified map layout on Twitterwhich they say is drawn as a remake based on an actual map image.

The drawn image of the lane doesn’t really provide much detail, but it does reveal a large river running along the map with a lake in the east. There are a few lock and weapon icons marked on the map, but it’s unknown what exactly they will represent for this new title.

On May 17, YouTuber NerosCinema Possible leaked information He talked about Warzone 2 on his YouTube channel, claiming there will be a change in how loading drops work in the Battle Royale sequel. While the gear is expected to remain in Warzone 2, NerosCinema believes the way it is secured will change with the introduction of a new feature called Strongholds. According to this leak, loadouts will be locked behind the Stronghold feature, and players must complete a set of missions or objectives to access their gear. Regular ground loot will still be available, but the leak indicates that strongholds will provide the only way for players to get their own custom gear in this Warzone sequel.

Therefore, it is possible that the locks on the map image drawn by TheMW2Ghost will determine the locations of the possible stronghold of Warzone. NerosCinemas has also been leaked Supported by journalist and leaker Tom Henderson. “I’m not going to beat around the bush, but a lot of it is true,” Henderson said on Twitter. “I suppose there are some inconsistencies because the source can’t remember the exact details…but there appears to be an excessive inward leakage.”

Additional leaks from NerosCinemas suggest that the battle royale sequel will be more like Black Ops 4’s Blackout than Warzone in Modern Warfare 2019. Armor coatings will still be available, but a YouTube source says players will need to find a bag to carry them, leaning more toward the Blackout armor system. . Like Blackout too, it is suggested that players have a gear bag with limited inventory space. NerosCinemas notes that additional weapons can also be stored in the bag, but it will take up more inventory space than other items, tempting a more traditional inventory management ownership experience.

Warzone 2 will likely be developed as a hybrid between Blackout and Warzone, but as always, rumors should be treated with caution and details can always be changed before launch. Here we detail all the details of Modern Warfare 2And This highlights everything we know so far about Warzone 2.

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