New Movies & Shows to Watch This Weekend: ‘Enola Holmes 2’ from Netflix + More

Secrets abound in this week’s new releases on Netflix, Apple TV +, Prime video and beyond! Want to do some detective work? Catch Millie Bobby Brown in Enola Holmes 2. Are you looking for a romantic story about a man who leads a double life? You’ll want to watch policeman Starring Harry Styles and Emma Corinne. And if you want something completely different, well, there are plenty of great new shows and movies to choose from, so let us here at Decider help you discover What are you watching this weekend and where it is broadcast.

New movies and shows to stream this weekend: policemanAnd the Enola Holmes 2And the Selena Gomez: My brain and me + more

This weekend is full of great stories, both real and fictional. On Prime Video, Harry Styles is starring policemanA tragic romance about a gay man who hid himself from the world, only to backfire when he’s exposed. On Netflix, Millie Bobby Brown is dating Enola Holmes 2She is ready to step out of the shadow of her older brother Sherlock to prove herself a detective in her own right. And on Apple TV+, Selena Gomez gives us an intimate and sometimes devastating look at what life is like inside her head as she takes us on a journey of mental health and self-preservation in Selena Gomez: My brain and me.

Want to learn more about these highlights and the rest of our awesome weekend lineup? Check out the rest of the new hit titles on air this weekend below:

What’s new in Prime Video November 4: policeman

In news that may surprise many, Harry Styles stars in more than just do not worry my love this year. his latest movies, policeman, in theaters, as well as arriving on Prime Video this week. Based on the 2012 novel of the same name, Styles played Tom Burgess, a policeman in Brighton, England, in the 1950s. Tom is gay, but he marries a woman because homosexuality is prohibited in England at the time, so he has to hide himself from his wife, Marion (Corin). Once Marion discovers that Tom has a secret lover named Patrick (David Dawson), Tom faces dire consequences, not only in his marriage, but with the law.

Stream policeman on Prime Video

New on Netflix November 4th: Enola Holmes 2

Millie Bobby Brown has proven herself to be Netflix’s best player over and over again, and this week, she’s back with Enola Holmes 2, the second film adapted from the series of youth books about Sherlock’s younger sister. Henry Cavill played Sherlock in the first film and returned for the sequel with Helena Bonham Carter playing Eodoria, the mother of the Holmes family. (Sam Claflin played Enola else My brother, Mycroft, is in the first movie, but he won’t be back this time.) In the new movie, Millie breaks the fourth wall again as Enola, as the teen opens her own detective agency and is hired to search for a missing little girl. David Thewlis and Sharon Duncan Brewster will also co-star in the movie, which will premiere on Friday, November 4.

Stream Enola Holmes 2 on Netflix

New on Apple TV + November 4th: Selena Gomez: My brain and me

Selena Gomez has worked steadily since childhood, and throughout that time in the spotlight, along with her lupus diagnosis a few years ago, ended up taking a heavy toll, both physically and mentally. The new Apple TV + Selena Gomez documentary: My Mind & Me has been directed by director Alec Kechichian, the man who previously introduced us to Madonna: Truth or Dare?Gomez talks about her struggles with mental health and her desire to find happiness for herself outside the show business.

Stream Selena Gomez: My brain and me On Apple TV +

A complete list of new movies and shows on streaming this weekend

The above options are only scratching the surface, so you know this weekend’s entire lineup will have amazing options for what to watch this weekend! For the full details of the best movies and shows streaming right now, or if you’re still hesitating about what’s going to air this weekend, check out the full list below:

New to Netflix – The Complete List

Released Thursday, November 3

Dragon Prince: Season 4 Netflix family
Panayiotis Baskut: Approx. – Netflix Comedy

Released Friday 4th November

Buy Beverly Hills – Netflix Series
lẹṣin ba: Knight of the King – Netflix movie
Enola Holmes 2 – Netflix movie
Lookism – Netflix anime
existing: Season 4, Part 1 – Netflix Series

Released Saturday 5th November

Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste A documentary about Netflix

New to Hulu – Full List

Released Thursday, November 3

Dream Walls (2022)

Released Friday 4th November

Bleach: The Thousand Years Blood War: Movie Premiere (dubbed)
All I Want For Christmas (2022)
Christmas Baby (2004)
Christmas in Repeat (2022)
Funny Thing About Love (2021)
Good neighbor (2022)
Minora in the middle (2022)
Christmas fiancé (2022)
Noel (2007)
The Passion of Christ (2004)
Santa James (2022)
Saving Christmas (2014)

New in Prime Video – Full List

Released Friday 4th November

El PresidenteCorruption game

New to Disney + – Full List

Released Thursday, November 3

Marvel Studios compilation: The Making of She-Hulk: Lawyer at Law

Released Friday 4th November

the gift
same ocean
Save Notre Dame
exit at night
Marvel Studios Legends (“King T’challa”, “Princess Shuri”, “The Dora Milaje”)

New to Apple TV + – Complete List

Released Thursday, November 3


Released Friday 4th November

Selena Gomez: My brain and me
Mosquito Coast (season two)

New on HBO Max – The Complete List

Released Thursday, November 3

Chris Reed: Why do I like this?Max Original Premier
Low Country: Mordue DynastyMax Original Premier
My friends on sesame streetMax Original Season 3 premiere
Sesame StreetSeason 53 premiere
titansMax Original, Season 4

Released Friday 4th November
Magnolia Table with Joanna Gainesseason seven,

Released Saturday 5th November
Bugs Bunny Buildersseason one b

New on Showtime – full list

Released Friday 4th November

Lincoln Project
(Series premiere on demand)

Released Sunday November 6

American Gigolo
Leave the right person

New to Starz – Full List

Released Sunday 30th October

Dangerous Connections (season 1 premiere)
step up
BMF Documentary: Blowing Money Fast (Episode 3)

What is the new broadcast in November 2022?

These are just some of the new movies and shows you can watch this month if you have more than one streaming service subscription. We update our guides to new releases on the most popular streaming platforms every month, so you can stay on top of the latest titles to watch. Here are the full lists, schedules, and reviews of everything aired:

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