“New Year Readings for 2023”

Whether you’re a student or a working professional, planning some New Year’s Eve readings is a great way to help you diversify your reading habits and make new choices. Here are 8 books to help you start over in 2023. Pick up one of these “New Year, New You” books, and get ready to start your journey. Whether you want a novel that will excite your soul or non-fiction to inspire your mind, literature is full of options to give a fresh start.

  1. Unborn Desire by Ananya Mukherjee

Ananya Mukherjee is indeed a custodian of fragile moments. Her book An Unborn Desire, a collection of 15 short stories, takes us on a multicultural cruise with diverse characters and themes, but with an intrinsic tale twist. Discover an ancient artist’s secret inspiration from abstract paintings in Paris and then join a Cape Town woman who takes a trip to Istanbul and Prague in hopes of self-discovery. Immerse yourself in the story of a woman who changed the face of Egyptian history forever by finding her way through a maze of intrigue, and a girl who, after centuries in India, inspires an entire community to act in the most unpredictable way possible. Acclaimed author Ananya Mukherjee creates a beautiful and poignant summary of human emotions in Unborn Desire. Human emotions, once restrained in strange circumstances can transform into something wonderful and this book was proof of that.

2. “The Waiting Room” by Chet Kamal Parkash

Chet Kamal Prakash, brings you a great read, “The Waiting Lounge” in the contemporary literary genre. The story begins with a young boy, Akash, on his exciting journey to college life and then entry into the corporate world. It is a beautiful story that wins many hearts. The events portrayed and the twists and turns will make you feel the real pain of life. The hero played a very important role at different times when needed. There is so much to explore, experience and delve into the world of contemporary fiction that tells us why some stories hold a special place in people’s hearts. The story ends on beautiful notes with the learning of life, its memories and adventures. The author spent his childhood in Bramallah. The story progresses through a town in the valley of Kashmir which is famous for flowers, dry fruits and various types of apples. It is one of those books that you can read and feel has covered every aspect of life. The author covered love, emotions, feelings, willingness to help, struggles, community issues, social stigma, the value of education, and the purpose of being on this earth.

3. “The City Sparrow and Its Tales” by Kankan Rakhi Surendra

Publicist and author, Kankan Rakhi Surendra’s collection of poetry “The City Sparrow and Its Tales” touches on some threads of city life through the eyes of the main protagonist of this work, Asfour! Why sparrow? Because the author Rakhi feels the sparrow is a commoner, just like any of us. It has been observed that in the past few years, finches have been on the verge of extinction. For the author, the friendly bird that can often be seen chirping on a windowsill is much more than just a bird. She feels the sparrow symbolizes simplicity, strength, creativity, community and empowerment. Sparrows are said to use their observations for their survival, and “A City Sparrow and Its Tales” by Kankan Rakhi Surendra is a compilation of such observations of urban life. All the poems in the book are accompanied by beautiful and meaningful illustrations by renowned artist from Gujarat, Prakashchandra Taylor.

4. “Sculpted in Fire” by Akshaya Saraf

Akshaya Saraf shared her life experiences from different timelines in an honest and unvarnished manner. The female version’s childhood incidents of Dennis the Menace and the antics of college life are sure to make one laugh and strike a chord with readers. Struggling through life’s ups and downs – whether family emergencies or life setbacks shapes one’s life and character. Some fall apart while a few rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

She shows that through sheer force, hard work, and support from loved ones, one can defy all the rural mores of society, defy life’s odds and prove one’s worth in a male-dominated society. Struggle, change, and pain are universal and life-altering situations, and they can have a profound impact on us. Chapter by chapter, we feel like we are cheering for her, crying for her, and even praying for her. This is the true strength of this book. He will stay with you! Life is about facing challenges, winning them, and coming back stronger. Well, Akshaya Saraf through her words in Carved By Fire has made that statement prove true.

5. “Hues in Ink” by Vaanee Tripathi

Author Vani Tripathi, 17, conceptualized the book “Hues in Ink” at the age of 14. And she’s been building it brick by brick, verse by verse ever since. “Hues in Ink” is a collection of 25 poems that traverse a wide range of subjects. Just as the visual world has many colors to embellish, beautify, and enhance our experiences, the emotional world has feelings, emotions, thoughts, opinions, and philosophies. This book offers you the culmination of an experience of both worlds. He associates colors with words and words with more than words can say. Hues in Ink is not just a book. It is a journey through the spectrum of emotions on the wheels of poetry. Is it one you’re willing to take? With this book you are foraying into published media, a journey you are really looking forward to. The book also ends with the promise of a new world that will arise like the Phoenix. The book is a short but effective read.

6. “Your Ally, Your Enemy” by Saurabh Dev

Saurabh Dev is a banker by profession and has always been fond of reading. As an ordinary person, he was fascinated by the lives of Indian diplomats. This also forms the background for his first novel, Your Ally, Your Enemy. The book is a very well written political thriller with interesting elements and great character development. This book is about Pollash Mukherjee, the current Indian Ambassador to the US, who is arrested by the Delhi Police on charges of espionage. A few days later, his daughter was arrested on similar charges in the United States. With a shocking turn of events, it has snowballed into an all-out crisis that engulfs the family. In desperate pursuit of clues and hints that could help him unravel the mystery, Barth, his son-in-law, must tread a path fraught with bereavement and deceit. In the end, they got much-needed legal relief. But it was too little, too late. The family has already paid a heavy emotional price. The author has created a wonderful story about the concept of poetic justice that is beautifully reflected towards the end.

7. “The Mask-Gen Chronicles” by Jayaraj V. Thoppil

Jayaraj.V. Thoppil’s book, The Mask-Gen Chronicles gives us a glimpse into the plague. A stunning thriller depicting the epidemic and panic intertwined with the story of Brahm who imagined his existence, a plot story that will have you uncovering clues and bits along with the story. His “The Mask-Gen Chronicles” is a bizarre detour as humans turn Earth into a graveyard! When everyone describes it as the unexpected start of an epidemic, young Brahm dreams of it as the expected arrival of a character called ‘Coronavirus’, here to clean the world from the chaos of current immoral practices. Brahm arrives in his hometown to pick up his parents, who have been visiting him and his newly married wife, Mary. Stuck in a small town, unable to return to his wife in the NCR, Brahma convinces his best friend, Ratna, an aspiring author, to write an epic about the mortal incarnation he envisions. However, as the saga progresses, he takes Ratna to a hidden crime file. As an entire generation gets stuck in mask mode over time, and turns into the so-called “Mask-Gen”.

8. “The Sun, the Moon, and the Love Between Them” by Faraz Kazi and Sahar Qawaz

The Sun, the Moon, and Love in Between is co-authored by Faraz Kazi and Sahar Qawaz. The authors bring a new story of love, friendship and hope in the form of a one-of-a-kind romantic thriller. The story is a very emotional rollercoaster that promises to make you smile, laugh and cry. The book introduces us to Azhar Siddiqui, who is the average not-so-good-looking but pure-at-heart guy who always believes that his true love is somewhere out there, waiting for him. But call it circumstance or plain old luck, Azhar’s experiences with women always lead to inevitable heartbreak. Depression and loneliness lead him to social networking sites, where he connects with the beautiful Zahraa. Without ever meeting physically, the two hit it off as if they were made for each other but Zahra has a secret. What will happen when Al-Azhar finds out about it? You need to read this beautiful tale to find out. The book will be a hit with young readers motivating them to hope and never give up on life in the face of trying circumstances.

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