NFL Power Rankings: The Eagles are among the biggest rookies after week one

The first week of the NFL is always a bit mixed: good teams lose to bad teams, high expectations are turned upside down, and all you can hope for is survival.

The Eagles managed to survive by outplaying the feisty Lions in Detroit and taking the first game of the season, a feat no small feat when pre-season darlings like the Packers, Broncos, Bengals and Rams were cut short.

And while there’s plenty to clean up, this win and a fair number of highlights from Sunday’s win are enough to make football analysts across the country fascinated as the Eagles head into a prime-time week two showdown.

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Let’s look at seven different national outlets to see what they have to say about birds after one game:

last week: 15th

this week: 10 (+5)

“This offense would be a problem for the teams. The Eagles rolled 455 yards at 10 possessions against the Lions in a 38-35 win, taking it to dear Hard Knoxes through the air and onto the ground in an entertaining penalty shootout at Ford Field. The new No. 1 wide receiver was AJ Brown maker Immediate Impact Games (10 grabs for 155 yards on 13 targets) as a tandem Jalen Hurts and Miles Sanders push behind a gritty attacking line that has the potential to turn Philly into a nightmare showdown for any opponent – not just a young and inexperienced defense like Detroit’s.Talent > Strength .”

last week: 10

this week: 6 (+4)

Philadelphia scored a league-high 159.7 yards per game in 2021, but no player totaled more than 800. On Sunday, the Eagles knocked out another 216 players, with four players running for TDs, including RB Miles. Sanders for the first time since 2020.”

last week: 15th

this week: 9 (+6)

Jordan Davis, seeded No. 13 in the Georgia pick, played 22 defensive shots (32%) against the Lions and took his maximum chances — scoring a pair of tackles, including stuff. The ground hits 181 yards on 28 chariots (6.5 average) but she She didn’t appear as weak when Davis was on the field controlling barricades and remaking the streak of scrimmage. Gaining more playing time moving forward, starting Monday night against the Vikings.”

last week: 11

this week: 10 (+1)

“The Eagles combined AJ Brown and planned their ground game well. While the defense – halfway on a spotty success rate – left little to be desired, the Lions are stronger than we give them credit for.”

* We are replacing PFF with Athletic for the rest of the season

last week: 10

this week: 6 (+4)

“What’s more important? Delivering the second best offensive performance of the week by the EPA per lead against a defense that finished 29th in the defensive DVOA in 2021, or giving up the third best offensive performance of the week against an attack that finished 29th in the offensive DVOA in In 2021, attacking is more important, so credit Jalen Hurts to scramble the Eagles for the win against the Lions’ defense that knocked him out in 45.5% of the dropouts and continued the connection with Brown he showed over the summer.

“But there are concerns very early on about the defense that has been promoted on paper in the off-season at every level, from first-round pick Jordan Davis (who has played the fifth most defensive tackles for the Eagles) and an expensive, accelerating pass Hasson Riddick to the emergence of defensive back James Bradbury (who got over a landing intercept) and Chauncey Gardner-Johnson. With Jefferson and the Vikings coming to Philadelphia for Monday’s football game, defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon is off his job.”

last week: 8

this week: 6 (+2)

“Don’t pay attention to the 38-35 score. The Eagles went 38-21 against a black team in the fourth quarter before they walked away from the gas. I’m confident in saying that Philadelphia is the best team in the NFC.”

last week: 12

this week: 6 (+6)

“Galen Hurts looked at early passes, but once he was running and throwing his new transfer weapon AJ Brown, the Eagles’ attack seemed balanced and unstoppable in Detroit. Philadelphia will need to keep scoring big goals because there are obvious new holes in their defense.”

JEEZ. That’s a slew of top 8 most respected birds after just one week. And the “best team in NFC” shouting? I wrote last week that the Eagles’ noise train was rolling. Now this may be the full hype of the Shinkansen.

There is, of course, an additional 17 weeks of that stuff and then the post-season. No team’s story has been written in one week. I don’t think the Eagles are currently the best team in NFC, and I’m somewhat concerned that the Vikings might expose the Eagles’ flaws on the national stage. But we’ll save the hand squeeze for later.

At the moment, the Eagles are not defeated and everyone seems to like them. Wild.

I will be tracking the average power ratings of the Eagles across these seven outlets throughout the season at the bottom of these posts.

All season tracker

Pre-season: 12.86 Philadelphia/eagles/nfl-preseason-power-rankings-eagles-dark-horse-super-bowl-team

Post season: 12.14 (+0.72) Philadelphia/eagles/nfl-power-rankings-eagles-hype-train-absolutely-rolling

Week 1: 7.57 (+4.57)

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